The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 19

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“Marguerite. Today is your first day, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself, okay?”

“Fufu… Dietrich-sama, this is the third time you know?”

It is the second morning after Marguerite’s arrival at the palace.

Marguerite giggled at me as we ate breakfast together.

But what concerns me is what concerns me, and I must tell her three or four times if necessary.

Above all, because Marguerite is clumsy, she prefers to keep things to herself.

I did not support her enough in my previous life, but I will not make that mistake again this time.

“Aside from me, what does Dietrich-sama have planned for today?”

“Hmm… As usual, I have language and geography classes, as well as sword fighting training.”

Aside from swordsmanship, which requires a lot of practice, I have already learned several languages and the history of this country… No, I already know everything there is to know about studying, so there is no need for me to take any classes.

“I understand Dietrich-sama. Please don’t push yourself too hard.”

“That’s my line. Take things slowly, Marguerite.”

“Fufu… I had no idea Dietrich-sama was so protective.”


But I can’t help myself. You mean more to me than anything else in the world.

“It’s time to go, Marguerite-sama.”

“As well as Your Highness Dietrich.”

Hannah and Nora lean in close beside us, whispering softly.

…The good times appear to be over.

“Marguerite, I have only half-told you about the guidance of Queen Teresa. Well, I’m sure you’ll understand after a few words.”

“…That’s too much to say, Dietrich-sama.”

“However, please keep in mind what I said.”

I don’t think Marguerite will be influenced by the First Queen, but I still have to tell her just in case…

“Then I’ll be on my way.”

Yes. Let’s go out to lunch together.”


Marguerite cheerfully replied and proceeded to the room where the first queen was waiting.


“…Are you listening, Your Highness Dietrich?”

Perhaps as a result of my demeanor, the language teacher addressed me directly and without equivocation.

We’d only been talking for a few minutes, but I was still trying to learn something I already knew—there’s no point in learning something that’s only a little above rudimentary.

Aside from that… I’m concerned about Marguerite.

I doubt she’ll do anything out of the ordinary on Marguerite’s first day… but this is the first queen we’re talking about… I can’t rule out the possibility that she will make unreasonable demands on Marguerite in order to exact revenge on the second queen.

…No, that’s not all.

If she is subjected to the same discipline that I am, then…

“…I’m sorry, but that’s it for today’s lesson.”

“What!? Is Prince Dietrich aware of his position as first prince?!”

You have the audacity to speak to me like that as a tutor who can’t teach me anything useful?

Well… That’s how much I’m underestimated.

“Your lessons aren’t worth a second of my time. (In the Foreign Language)

“W-what are you saying?”

You can’t even communicate in a simple foreign language… As a teacher, you are worthless.

“Don’t say anything else. Let’s go, Hannah.”


I go to the room where Marguerite and the first queen are, with Hanna waiting in the corner…

“Ah! Your Highness Dietrich!”

Nora comes toward us from the other side, looking tense.

“Nora, don’t tell me?!”

“Y-Yes…it’s a pretty bad situation.”

“Thank you for informing me!”

I made my way to the front of the room, accompanied by Nora, who had joined us.

Then there was…

“Listen! You are Dietrich’s shadow! Don’t try to come across as arrogant!”


What I heard from within was a barrage of abuse aimed at Marguerite that was far from instructive.

Then I realized…

The days in my previous life when Marguerite was following me, still clumsy.

Despite this, Marguerite made an effort to be nice to me.

I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Your Majesty Teresa.”

“Huh! I’m in the middle of teaching Marguerite how to be a queen! Get back!”

Naturally, the First Queen tried to get rid of me when I unexpectedly entered the room.

But I’m not going to back down either!

“I’ve heard about the Queen’s unconventional teaching method from outside the room. Unfortunately, I cannot allow my preciou… Fiancee Marguerite accepts such things.”

“Who are you talking to?!”

The First Queen yelled angrily at my first act of defiance.

“Hanna, Nora, return Marguerite to her room.”

“Yes, come this way, Marguerite-sama.”

“B-But, His Highness is…!”

Marguerite is concerned about me and wishes to stay.

But I gave the two chamberlains a stern look and ordered them to leave.

“…you…you need to be re-educated!”

The first queen gave me a reproachful look before picking up the whip from the table.

“Quick! Take your clothes off! Take them off!”


I removed my outerwear as instructed.

“You! You should be ashamed of yourself!”

The first queen mercilessly whipped me while hurling abusive epithets at me.


several times over.

I’m in a lot of pain in my body, but I’m going to keep quiet about it.

Nonetheless, I was satisfied.

I had rescued her.

I was able to save Marguerite before she suffered such a fate.


The sound of a whip in the room gave me a sense of accomplishment.

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