The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 14

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“Huh? Elder Brother? Who is that person?”

A person our age appeared at the end of the aisle, as if on cue.

Based on his words, he must be the second Prince Oscar, the younger brother of Prince Dietrich.

But even from his greeting, I could tell he wasn’t like His Highness Dietrich.

While His Highness Dietrich was very respectful toward me, His Highness Oscar was not.

Above all, His Highness Oscar’s eyes, despite his expression, gave me the uneasy feeling that he was clinging to me in a sticky way. I was extremely uneasy.

To use an analogy, it’s more like a snake staring at me.

And, based on their conversation, they didn’t seem to get along.

It could have something to do with the succession to the throne.

But, more importantly, I couldn’t stop thinking about what His Highness said when he apologized.

“That is… I interrupted you and announced to Oscar that you were my fiance.”

…Is His Highness Dietrich unwilling to marry me?

Indeed, it appeared as if the King had told him about his engagement for the first time in that reception room.

If that’s the case, it’s possible he’s uninterested in the engagement itself.

Fufu…only it’s natural for him to believe that because I forced Otosama to arrange this engagement.

With a self-mocking smile, His Highness Dietrich took me to a fountain… It was the fountain of that day…

However, daisies have taken the place of marigolds.

I sat down at the table prepared for me by His Highness.

We didn’t say anything to each other, and time flew by.


“Your Highness, Dietrich.”

I straighten my back and turn to face His Highness Dietrich.

“What is it, Marguerite-dono?”

“…I-I am aware that His Highness is dissatisfied with this engagement. I’m also aware that I have a number of flaws…”

With a shaky voice and a gloomy expression on my face, I said this.

This is a political marriage that wishes to maintain close ties with the royal family.

Maybe that’s what His Highness thinks…

Even if I told him I wanted this, he would not believe me.


“It’s natural to be perplexed by such unexpected and sudden news…”

I continue to the befuddled Highness.

“But, if your highness permits, would you please give me the opportunity to become your fiancee?”

—with one’s whole heart and soul

Then… His Majesty Dietrich replied with an unexpected remark.

His Highness assumed that I was the one who did not wish to get engaged to him.

He bit his lower lip, looked sad, and explained why. He reasoned for my sake.

And then…

“Marguerite-dono, I’m looking for an honest answer. If you do not want to be engaged to me, I will do everything in my power to end this relationship…”


“… But if you still want to be engaged to me despite my flaws, I will do everything in my power to make you happy. I swear to you that I will serve you for the rest of my life. If you want, I’ll give you a genuine smile, despite the fact that I’ve never smiled before…”

I’m struck with awe as I hear these words.

His Highness Dietrich was willing to go to such lengths to secure his engagement to me.

His Highness’s unnecessary concern for me was so excruciatingly painful that it nearly tore my heart out…



“Why do you say such a thing?! I want so much to be your fiancée. I want to be next to you!”

I screamed my feelings to His Highness Dietrich in a voice that sounded as if it was trying to be squeezed out of me.

At the same time, tears welled up in my eyes as if a dam had burst.

Seeing me in that light, His Highness…

“Y-Yeah…thank you so much…”

I was very happy.


After a while, Prince Dietrich and I finally regained our composure.

But… The more I got to know His Highness Dietrich, the more I found myself falling in love with him.

He’s a truly… sincere, kind, clumsy, lovely person.

And yet, His Highness Dietrich surprised me even more.

“…I would like to make you happy. I reaffirm what I said earlier.”

His Highness walked slowly to the central fountain after saying these words.

“Oh Goddess Dahlia… Please hear my vow that Dietrich to Estline will make Marguerite Friedenreich happy for the rest of her life.”

His Highness Dietrich joined his hands in prayer after tearing off the gold button and throwing it into the fountain!!

Exactly like that day!

“S-So Your Highness, Remember…”

I mumbled, trembling with joy.

I can’t keep quiet any longer! I’m afraid not… I can’t control my emotions any longer!

“Your Highness, Dietrich! Please accept my apologies for my rudeness! But… I’m overjoyed. I can’t help but be happy! “

When His Highness Dietrich looks back at me, I just stand there in tears of joy that he remembered me.

His Majesty gently hugged me, tears also streaming down his cheeks.


“Fufufu… what happened that day is like a dream, no matter how many times I think about it…”

I mutter to myself as I sit in a chair next to the bed, my mouth loosening.

But, from now on, as his fiancée, as his future wife, as his queen, I must support him for the rest of my life.

My frivolous mind will come to an end today.

I need to be strong for him.

“Ufufu… Your beloved Prince Dietrich won’t like you if you look like that, won’t he?”


Okasama got up from the bed, teasingly laughed, and pinched my cheek.

Okasama’s health has miraculously recovered since that day of prayer.

However, the disease has not been completely cured, and she still lies in bed on occasion, such as today…

“But… Fufufu… I’m able to see you like this because—thanks to His Highness Dietrich’s prayer to the goddess Dahlia-sama.”

“Y-Yes…really did…”

Fufufu. Other people would not believe me if they heard this story, believing it to be a myth.

But I believe Okasama is still alive today as a result of that prayer.

“It’s about time, Marguerite.”

“Ah, yes, Otosama.”

Otosama entered the room and called for me.

“Listen, Marguerite, you’re a clumsy girl, but you have to be honest with His Highness Dietrich, okay?”

“A-Already! I know!”

“Fufufu… Look at your face; it’s stiffening up again.”


Okasama chuckled as she pointed me out, and I patted my cheek despite myself.

“All right, you should leave now.”

“Marguerite… Please take care…”


Okasama’s smiling face watched me leave the room.

Your Highness Dietrich… My love.

I’ll make sure to support you, I promise.

And we will be happy together…

With these wishes, I clutch the fragment of the pendant that broke during my second meeting with His Highness Dietrich and pray to the Goddess Dahlia-sama.

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