The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 15

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It has been exactly one month since His Majesty the King announced that I and Marguerite are engaged.

For quite some time, I’ve been pacing back and forth in the room.

“… Your Highness Dietrich, why don’t you calm down a little?”

“Well… I’m afraid I can’t…”

Hanna, my chambermaid, reminds me and offers me a cup of tea. But I’m not particularly nervous.

I’m just wondering if Marguerite will be able to stay in this royal palace with peace of mind…

“Everything will be fine. For the past month, His Highness has been working tirelessly on behalf of Marguerite-sama.”

“…I’m hoping so.”

Hanna is right; I have done everything I can to make Marguerite feel welcome.

I also took advantage of Oscar’s maid, Linda’s weakness, to control and restrain him in case something went wrong, and I brought in Nora to take care of Marguerite’s personal needs and keep my mother, the first queen, from doing anything excessive.

I also learned about Marguerite’s tastes from Hanna of the Friedenreichs, and I customized everything for her, including her room, meals, and decorations.

Then there was…

“…The engagement party for me and Marguerite in a week from now, the guests, the day’s venue, the food, everything is planned.”

…In a week, Marguerite will be the center of attention at the party.

I asked the stylist who usually makes her dresses to make her the best dress possible for this occasion.

In this way, Marguerite’s habit of shopping at the best designer store in the kingdom was a good thing.

“…But do you also have to buy a dress for both me and Nora?”

“What exactly do you mean? As maids-of-honor, you must always be near Marguerite and me. Then you have to wear the finest gowns as well.”

Yes, they must be of the highest quality so that Marguerite is not underestimated by the rest of the audience.

Well, the two of them are ideal for maids-of-honor, and Hanna is a fantastic shadow.

“…He’s such an oddball.”

“? Did you say anything?”


…Hannah has a habit of talking to herself, so I can’t hear her.

If she has a problem, she needs to tell me right away because it will affect Marguerite…

“A-Anyway, it’s pointless to be here. I’m making my way to the front door. Tell Nora to meet me at the front door as well.”

“…I understand.”

Hanna takes a light breath at my words and follows me to the front door.

Is it just my imagination, but I’ve been feeling unusually relaxed lately…It doesn’t really matter.

Then there was…

“Where are you going, Elder Brother?”

Oscar, who was accompanied by Linda, approached me with a smile on his face.

“…it doesn’t matter.”

“Really? You’ve been moving around a lot lately, haven’t you?”

Oscar’s people are probably sniffing around to see how I’m doing.

I thought I told Hanna to get rid of any nearby servants who were spying on me after dinner the other night.

“I let them go because I didn’t want them to find out anything about me.”

Hannah murmured softly behind me, and I nodded silently.

That’s how it is, I see.

“But Oscar, are you sure you want to waste your time here talking to me?”

“…What exactly do you mean?”

Oscar’s expression is soft, but the way he looks at me is sharp.

I’m angry at myself for being oblivious to my surroundings in the past.

In particular, Oscar was openly hostile toward me.

However, he is only thirteen years old, so he could simply be naive.

“…I overheard the servants conversing… don’t you have an important guest in the waiting?”

“…I’m sorry, but I must depart.”

He gave me a brief look as we passed each other, then walked away with Linda.

“…Good grief.”

I shook my head and shrugged as I looked at Oscar’s back.

“So, Oscar is meeting with Count Reinmayer, the leader of the First Queen’s Order today?”

“Yes. “Nominally”, he is here to speak with His Highness Oscar about palace security.”


However, given how the nobles of the First Queen’s faction are being taken down one after another, there may not be many trusted nobles on the First Queen’s side left…

The Dukes of Wallenstein are the first queen’s only hope.

“What should we do, Your Highness?”

“…Of course, I can’t afford to be sluggish. I need to form my own faction that is not affiliated with either the first queen or the second prince.”

… In this noble-centered Kingdom of Estline, the nobles who support them are the power.

At the moment, only Marguerite’s family, the Marquises of Friedenreich, and Nora’s family, the Viscounts of Riche, support me.

Because of this.

“…The key is the engagement announcement party in a week…”


Hanna and I nodded at each other.

“For the time being, we’re focusing on welcoming Marguerite. If we can avoid it, I don’t want her to see the dirty side…”


We hurried to the front door.


“…There you are.”

A carriage passed through the palace gate and came to a stop in front of the palace door.

I stood in front of the carriage and knelt.

“Your Majesty Dietrich…”

“Welcome to the royal palace, Marguerite-dono.”

I took Marguerite’s hand in mine and gently drew her out of the carriage.

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