The Chronicle of the Dungeon Master of Slaughter – A Reclusive Beautiful Girl Became a Dungeon Master, So She Pursues the Path of a Hikikomori – Chapter 113.1

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟏𝟑.𝟏: 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐨 𝐕𝐒 𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝟏

A young man, standing at ease, swings his sword towards me.

To anyone with even a bit of combat knowledge, his stance is full of openings.

Perhaps the Demon God has no martial arts experience.

But in exchange, the Demon God has this.

“《Veil of Darkness》.”

A dark magic invoked by the Demon God.

A thin barrier, like a veil, blocks my sword.

I know that the [Hero’s Holy Sword] is not only effective against monsters themselves but also against the magic they cast.

I realized it when it neutralized the magic of the Demon Lord and saved me from instant death in the capital of the Wolfeus kingdom.

Despite this, the Holy Sword of Exorcism can’t even slice through this thin darkness.

The reason is simple.

This magic contains an enormous amount of magic power, enough to override any compatibility difference, despite its thinness.

An overwhelming magic power that makes even that Demon Lord look dim.

Truly the power of a god.

But I still have to win.

The Demon God’s purpose is the collapse of the world.

If I can’t defeat him, there’s no future.

I will defeat him and fulfill my mission as a hero!

So far, I’ve moved forward, sacrificing important people and abandoning my comrades.

I won’t let those sacrifices be in vain!

I refuse to accept that!

“《Photon Blade》!”

With that thought, I clad Excalibur with the power of holy magic and forcibly tear through the Veil of Darkness.

I close the distance and slash at the Demon God.



Demon God easily stopped my attack with his bare hand.

Just like the Demon Lord when we first met.

And I had no choice but to feel the huge difference in power between the Demon God and me.

There’s a power gap between me and the Demon God, the same or even more than there was between me and the Demon Lord at that time.

I’ve realized it.

“Ouch… As expected, the hero’s attack hurts a bit. It’s indeed the power of another world. Even in desperation, the goddess did well to summon you.

I’ve been made to taste bitterness by the hero many times before.

Considering that, let’s get a bit serious.”

Saying so, the Demon God grabs Excalibur with one hand and points the other at me.

An intense chill runs through my body.

Following that sensation, I let go of Excalibur in an instant and leap diagonally forward.

“《Judgment of the Dark God》.”

A super high output wave of darkness was released from the Demon God’s palm.

The dragon’s breath that destroyed the Wolfeus Kingdom’s capital, and the magic of the Demon Lord that almost killed me even though I defended with Excalibur.

The power is incomparable to them.

The attack destroyed everything in its path and even wiped out the horizon.


But I’m still alive.

I survived thanks to my immediate leap diagonally forward to escape from the palm aimed at me.

If I had run sideways or backwards, I would have been killed instantly.

Compared to that, the fact that my right half was blown away because I couldn’t completely dodge it is a trifle.

The injuries also quickly recovered due to the effect of the true equipment [Angel’s Smile] of Miranda-san, one of the twelve apostles…


It’s not recovering.


could it be because of the attack just now?!

“Oh? You managed to dodge. You’re pretty good for a human. As expected of the hero.”

“Demon God announces this with a casual voice.

The attack was avoided because Demon God’s actions were crude and his aim was transparent.

Yet, even such careless attacks resulted in the deaths of many.

Additionally, I, the most powerful one in this scenario, am severely wounded, and Miranda-san, who was essential for healing, has died in battle.

In haste, I cast healing magic on myself, but the recovery rate is too slow compared to [Angel’s Smile].

To make matters worse, I also let go of Excalibur, our only hope.

Demon God crushes that Excalibur with one hand.


True equipment can be redeployed even if destroyed.

However, that takes some time.

Moreover, just healing my wounds will take a few minutes.

During that time, I certainly can’t fight.

Is this…the end of everything?

“《Turtle Press》!”

“Oh dear.”

When I had such negative thoughts, a giant turtle attacked the Demon God in front of me.

It was a stepping attack with its huge legs.

At this distance, I will also be involved.

“《Bound Whip》!”


As I was thinking, a whip flew in from somewhere, wrapping around my body and rescuing me from the range of the turtle’s attack.

Looking at the user of the whip, I see a vampire lord, one of the Demon Lord’s executives.

Could it be, he saved me?

Before my surprised eyes, the turtle’s stepping attack exploded.

However, the attack was caught with one hand by the Demon God.

Still, against the momentarily immobile Demon God, the executives of the Demon Lord’s army launched a simultaneous attack.

At the same time, the vampire lord began to speak to me.

“Hero. Indeed, it’s regrettable, but without Demon Lord-sama, we can’t beat him.

If there’s a chance to defeat him here, it’s only you.

So, heal your wounds quickly.

We’ll buy you that much time.”

Having said that, the Vampire Lord also charges towards the Demon God.

“We’ll defeat the Demon God! Charge!”


Then, the people of the Twelve Apostles, the holy knights and soldiers who joined from the defense wall, and even the horde of demons who should have been fighting them, all bared their fangs at the Demon God simultaneously.

Originally, the city’s evacuation guidance was almost complete for this decisive battle.

They must have judged that there is no meaning in protecting the defensive wall now that the Demon God has been resurrected, so they decided to join us.

Still, I never thought that even unintelligent demons would turn against Demon God.

Perhaps they instinctively understand the threat of Demon God.

Thus, what is likely a historical first, a human-demon coalition was completed here.

The enemy is Demon God, the root of all evil.

To defeat it, humans and demons have temporarily joined hands.

Then, I will do what I can do.

I left the fight to them and devoted myself to healing my wounds.

Believing that this is the best action to take.

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