Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 42

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After some of the ore had been mined, Neneli, who was preparing for the transfer, said this.

“We’ll be moving on now.”

Ninya and Valla insisted that they wanted to do more mining because there was still a lot of ore buried in the walls.

Neneli brushed them off, saying that they could come back and dig again later. In fact, it was unlikely that other adventurers would come to the bottom of the sinkhole and snatch them away, so they could just mine slowly at a later date.

After storing the Earth-Dragon’s carcass and the mined ores in the item box, Neneli activated her skill.


As soon as a magic circle appeared, they were immediately taken to the opening at the top of the pit.

“Wouldn’t it be simpler if we could just teleport to the city?!”

Valla protested.

“It’s not that kind of simple magic. Don’t be so selfish!”

Neneli countered.

Transition is an advanced magic spell, and there are various restrictions.

After that, they walked back to the city on foot.



After returning to the city, they went to a restaurant to celebrate.

Nell was undoubtedly with them.

“Wow, everything is delicious! Can I order more?”

“Ninya can place as many orders as she likes! After all, Valla-chan and her pals are now extremely wealthy!

“Excuse me, you two. This is a fancy restaurant; you need to be a little quieter.”


The four of them had come to the priciest eatery in the city after successfully mining a huge quantity of ore.

“What are you going to do now, Nell?”

Neneli asked. They had almost reached the end of their meal.

Valla, who was sitting next to Nell, suddenly spoke,

“Why don’t you join our party?!”

(Join this party? That’s impossible. Ninya would oppose it…)

But Ninya said

“Our party will be more enjoyable if Nell-chan comes along!”

Nell found it strange that Ninya concurs, for whatever reason.

“Valla-chan believes that since Nell and she survived death together, they would make the ideal partners.”

“Well, I don’t mind at all if you two agree.”

“Then, Valla-chan is all for it!”

“I’m with you, too!”

Then, in agreement with one another, Valla and Ninya rose up, joined their hands, and said, “Yay!”

Nell had the impression that the outer moat was naturally filling in.


Nell quickly got to her feet.

The tension was most likely brought on by Nell’s enigmatic expression.

“I cannot work with you.”

She initially flatly rejects it.

“Why not?”

Ninya casts a dejected glance Nell’s way.

(Why would Ninya make such a face, of all people?)

“Have Ninya forgotten what I did to her?”

“Oh, I remember. But that was then.”

“That’s right. Ninya said so. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Valla claims as much, but Valla has no idea what their past was.

Besides, there is another reason why Nell can’t work with them.

The 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】  will not allow their people to leave.

She will undoubtedly come under attack if she secretly leaves the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 and begins working with other adventurers.

“…Can I talk to them about it, Ninya?”


After a brief moment of astonishment, Ninya nodded and replied, “Yes, sure.”

“…I want to share something with you. About mine and Nina’s past.

If she told them, they would despise her. But Nell thought it was okay.

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