Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Ninya-chan, Surprised│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

“We need to figure out a way to get out of this hole.”

“Then we can use the transition-traction you used to get here.”

Neneli’s comments were met with a suggestion from Nell.


“The fact that Neneli can utilize such sophisticated magic genuinely surprises Valla-chan.”

Valla expressed her admiration.

“No, I just learned it.”

“What are you saying?”

“Neneli-chan is wonderful! With the help of a magic book, she recently discovered how to teleport far away from here in an instant.

“Yes, that’s right…”

For some reason, Neneli was smiling bitterly.

“Ah, so it’s Ninya’s work.”

Valla had no doubts.

Nell surmised that Ninya had aided her in quickly learning Transition-Traction. Although she is unsure of the specifics, she wouldn’t be shocked if Ninya was able to accomplish it.

“Anyway, I’ll need some time to learn how to operate the Transition-Traction, so kindly be patient. I’ll return this to Valla as well.”

” Oh, Valla-chan’s celestial globe!”

(A spare celestial globe, perhaps.)

When Valla receives it, it folds into small pieces and she puts it away.

“Thanks to this celestial globe, we were able to locate you and successfully teleport to your location.”

“Therefore, Valla-chan is smart!”

“Valla-chan, you’re the best!”

“Fufufu, you can worship me more!”

“Valla-chan is awesome!”

Nell wondered what she was seeing.

“Don’t be so silly— “

“What do you mean, “silly”?!”

“We have time to collect the materials.”

“Ah, the Earth-Dragon’s materials. They’re worth a lot of money, aren’t they?!”

“No, that’s not all.”

“How? What else is there?”

“I didn’t think Valla was not aware of this.”

Neneli then advances toward the sinkhole’s wall.

“Wow, beautiful.”

Ninya muttered.

Yes, there are a lot of shiny ores buried in the wall.

“Wait, maybe there’s gold in there too! And this one, isn’t that orichalcum ore?!”

“Perhaps the Earth-Dragon has a penchant for gathering ores.”

“It’s extremely beautiful. I want to turn it into a piece of jewelry or something.”

“It’s not even an accessory, Ninya!”

“Eh, Really?”

“You can buy a house.”

“House!? Can you purchase something similar?!”

“Even a mansion.”

“A mansion?!”

“But we can’t carry all this stuff.”

Nell blurts out a thought.

“Ufufu, Nell. We have a secret weapon here.”

Valla proudly boasts.

“Right, there’s an item box!”

Ninya’s ring takes the shape of a box.

(Is that…an item box?)

Nell can’t believe Ninya has such an expensive item.

“Then, Ninya. Let’s see which one can get more!”

“I won’t lose, even if it’s against Valla-chan!”

With that, Valla and Ninya start digging with their swords.

“They really can’t get enough of it, don’t you think?”

Neneli muttered from a distance.

“Come on, Nell, help us!”

Valla is waving at Nell.


Confounded, Nell gets to her feet.

Nell would then toil diligently to mine the ore.

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