Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 37

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Nell was falling into a deep hole called the Gates of Hell.

“Hey, Nell! You must help me!”

For some reason, Valla had fallen into the hole with Nell.

“It’s impossible. There’s nothing I can do!”

Nell is adamantly opposed.

In fact, Nell can’t think of any way to fall from this height and survive.

“Well, first we have to get over the fact that we can’t see anything!”

Valla stated before casting her skill.


Valla’s celestial globe shone with a brilliant light.

With this, the hole, which had been dark, became visible.

Nell remembers that Valla is an astrologer as the results of her appraisal.

“Nell, hold my hand!”

Valla extends her hand.

Nell unintentionally takes her hand.

“Fufu, you held my hand!”

Valla laughed.

“Did you think Valla-chan would have jumped in without thinking?!”

Nell’s eyes widened.

(Did she really have a plan?)

“Gravity manipulation!”

At that moment, their falling speed drops sharply.

“Valla-chan is an absolute genius! She made it through the fall from such a great height!”

Valla was proud of herself.

(I’ve been set up.)

Nell pondered.

She had no idea Valla had such a skill.

“Was that a ruse?”

Because earlier, Valla was yelling, “What should I do?!”

But if she had such skill, there was no need for her to be in a hurry.

“Half of it was a ruse.”

Valla looks down.

“However, it is true that I want you to help, because this is where it all begins.”

In the pit’s depths, a shadow was stirring.

At the bottom of the Gates of Hell, there is a powerful demon.

(Now that I think about it, there was a story like that.)

“You will help Valla-chan live. She will not take no for an answer!”

“I sincerely wish to be killed by a demon.”

“Are you going to let me die?!”

Nell is unable to answer, because she has recently come to regret her decision.

“I don’t have a choice. I’ll help.”

Nell simply nods.

“Then let’s get out of here alive!”

Valla staggered to the ground upon landing.

Nell also landed on the ground with her.


In front of them was a demon figure screaming.

Earth Dragon


A massive dragon with rock-like skin.

The strength of the SS-rank is so great that more than 10 S-rank adventurers are needed to manage to get even

It is too powerful for Nell and Valla to handle alone.

“What can you do?”

“Valla-chan has the ability to heal and disable the enemy!”

“Alright. Then I’ll be the tank that draws the demon away from you, while you protect me from behind.”

A tank who takes on the enemy’s attacks is typically played by a durable shield, axe, or greatsword wielder.

When Nell was hunting monsters with the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] members, she frequently took on the role of a tank despite being a scout with low durability.

This is because Nell’s low durability is balanced by her high evasion skill, which lets her do her job as a tank.

In addition, an evasion shield is someone who takes over the tank by using his or her evasion ability.


Nell approaches with skill, holding twin swords in both hands.

The Earth-Dragon is a dragon with no limbs.

It shifts its torso and collides with Nell.

Nell, on the other hand, can avoid it.

Nell takes a sidestep, avoids the Earth-Dragon’s attack, and draws her twin swords.


Nell uses her most offensive ability.


There is only a crackling sound.

(It doesn’t work at all!)

This was to be expected.

The earth-dragon’s skin is as hard as a rock. Then it must have a certain durability.

But it’s difficult to bear when your attacks fail completely.

(Is there such a thing as a weak spot?)

Every demon has a weakness.

As an example, consider the eyes, joints, and so on.

The Earth-Dragon, on the other hand, lacks an eye-like feature. It has no limbs, so its joints are unlikely to be weak.

The inside of its mouth is the only other possibility.


Valla’s voice can be heard.

Immediately, a surge of electricity runs through the Earth-Dragon’s body.

“Huh? It does not appear to be working!”

The Earth-Dragon appears to stop moving for a brief moment before restarting.

It seems to have noticed Valla and turned its attention away from Nell and toward Valla.

Valla will be attacked if this continues.


Nell charges at the Earth-Dragon.

The Earth-Dragon, on the other hand, seems unconcerned about Nell’s approach, as if it knows Nell’s attack will be ineffective.

(Then I will attack as I please.)


She swings down on the Earth-Dragon’s mouth, even if it bites her and she loses both arms.


As predicted, the Earth-Dragon collapses to the ground, coughing up blood.


“It doesn’t matter.”

When the arms are pulled out of the Earth Dragon’s mouth, they are covered in blood because its teeth are caught in them.

“I’ll fix you right now.”

“We don’t have time for that!”

Nell screams.

The Earth-Dragon was about to launch another attack.

It had done some damage, but it was far from fatal.

Nell questioned whether the two of them could truly defeat it.


“What is Ninya doing sleeping here?”

both at the same time.

Ninya had been discovered sleeping in the woods by Neneli.

She held a celestial globe, the same copy of the globe that Valla possessed.

The Danger-Prediction skill has informed Valla and Neneli that Ninya and Nell are in danger. However, they discover that they are in different locations while searching for them, so Valla and Neneli decide to split up and search for them separately.

So Neneli borrows a spare celestial globe and goes in search of Ninya.

Ninya was sleeping in the forest when she came across her.

She didn’t have to worry about demons attacking her because the area around her was sprinkled with dachura powder.

“Ninya, wake up.” Neneli pinched Ninya on the cheek.

She doesn’t appear to be waking.


Nyanya was peacefully breathing in her sleep.

She pokes Ninya on the cheek.

(It’s soft.)

“Yes, just a little bit is fine…”

While making some incomprehensible excuse, Neneli was enjoying Ninya’s cheeks.


Neneli smiles a sloppy smile that she would never show to anyone.

“But isn’t it a fairly complicated structure?”

Neneli looks up at the celestial globe.

The celestial globe was floating in mid-air, spinning in various directions.

Before borrowing it, Valla had taught Neneli how to look at the celestial globe.

(If I recall correctly, when this round thing spins, it is in a dangerous state.)

It was spinning very fast.

Ninya, on the other hand, does not appear to be in danger as far as Neneli can tell.

(So the dark blue girl is in a more perilous situation.)

“Let’s move on for now.”

Neneli rose to her feet and took Ninya in her arms.

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