Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Valla-chan, Falling│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

(How did this happen?)

Nell was alone in the twilight.

(A little while ago, I would have been fine with anyone’s death.)

It was the same when she assumed Ninya was dead.

She had been in a situation where she had to accept it, and her senses had become numb to it.

But after experiencing Ninya’s kindness, she felt miserable.


She lets out a sigh naturally.

(It would be harsh to continue working in the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] with such emotions in my heart. Then it is preferable to die. Besides, I still can’t forgive myself for what I did to Ninya.)

“Why are you here?”

Behind her, she hears a voice.

She looks around and notices a girl standing there with her reddish hair pulled back in a pigtail.


Age: 15

Skill: (Hidden)

Occupation: Astrologer

High Self-esteem

Thanks to the appraisal/modified skill, information about the girl flows into her head.

(I recalled her being one of the girls with Ninya.)

“Where I am is none of your business.”

Nell shows a disapproving attitude.

“This is my business. You were with Ninya. So why did you leave her?”

Valla inquires once more.

Nell was irritated, but she knew the girl would keep asking her even if she ignored her.

That’s why she gave a straightforward answer to the question.

“To die. This is the ideal place to pass away.”

“…It most certainly is.”

Nell’s current location.

The deepest section of the forest near the city.

Once there, you’ll notice a massive sinkhole.

The Gates of Hell.

That is the sinkhole’s name.

It’s so deep that even standing on the edge and looking down, all you can see is darkness.

Furthermore, it is believed that a powerful demon dwells in the pit’s depths, but no specifics are known.

This is due to the fact that no adventurer has ever returned after falling into the pit.

As a result, it was without a doubt the best place to die.

“Are you saying you got into an argument with Ninya?”

“…Something like that.”

Actually, no, but she felt that explaining it would be too much trouble, so she accepted it.

Is that why you’re so obsessed with death?Are you stupid?”

(Why do I need to be told this by someone I’ve just met?)

Nell was annoyed.

“It’s none of your business.”

“Speaking of which, what’s your name? I haven’t heard it yet.”


“By the way, Valla-chan’s name is Valla-chan.”

“I know.”

“Eh? How did you find out?”

(It’s because of my appraisal skills, but I’m not going to tell her that.)

“So, Nell, what makes you want to die? Please explain your reasoning in detail.”

(Why should I? But I think it’s a good idea to talk at least a little bit to sort through my emotions before I die.)

“I did something terrible to Ninya. That’s why I don’t deserve to live.”

“Hmph, is Ninya upset?”

“Not at all…she’s kind.”

“You don’t have to die then, do you?”

“…Are you trying to stop me from dying?”

Nell asked.

Valla paused for a moment before saying,

“Look, Valla-chan is a perfect girl. So, as a perfect woman, it is her responsibility to prevent someone from dying in front of her.


Nell reflected, (I don’t get this girl.)

“Besides, I would feel bad if you died in front of me, as if Valla-chan had left you for dead.”

“…It does not change the fact that I will die.”

“Oh, Valla-chan has got an idea.”

In a flash of inspiration, Valla claps her hands.

“If Nell falls down the hole, Valla-chan will also fall down.”

Smugly, Valla declared.

“You cannot fall.”

Nell reasoned.

(Is she insane? I’m not going to stop myself just because you said so.)

“So let’s go back to Ninya. You’ll wonder why you bothered with this nonsense after you’ve calmed down.”

But Nell had stopped paying attention to Valla’s words.

Nell approached the hole slowly.


Valla’s attempts to stop her were ignored.

“Tell Ninya ‘thank you’.”

At the same time she said this, Nell fell into the hole with a jerk.

(This is how I intend to die.)

Nell thinks this as if it were someone else’s problem, peering into the darkness at the bottom.

Nell closes her eyes and feels her body falling.


After that, she hears a scream.

When she looks up, she notices Valla falling with her.


Nell says it unintentionally.

“Why did you…?!”

“Because Valla-chan keeps her words!”

As she falls, Valla makes a smug face.

“But if things continue like this, Valla-chan will perish! What should I do?!”

Nell was internally questioning whether there were truly people who would fall as she had declared.

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