Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 34

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Ninya, whom Nell had assumed was dead, is standing right in front of her.

For a brief moment, she wonders if she has unexpectedly encountered a ghost.

But then she realized she wasn’t seeing a ghost in front of her.

“N-Ninya… how?”

The question was out of her mouth.


Age: 14

Skill: buff/modified, Cognitive Disability

Talent: None


She sees Ninya’s information at the same time.

“… Nell-chan.”

Ninya was perplexed as well.

There were girls on either side of Nina that she didn’t know.

And Ninya’s status had shifted from [headache] to [Happy].

Nell guesses that Ninya now has friends and is having a good time.

That’s why Nell shouldn’t have come out in front of Ninya; she was the one who was going to ruin her happiness.


Unconsciously, Nell was running away as fast as she could.

(I need to leave…)

She thought.


“Was that your friend, Ninya?”

” Y-Yes.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be going after her?”

“I’m not sure…”

She yelled “Wait!” but she wasn’t sure if she should pursue the person who had fled so quickly.

“If you’re concerned, it means you want to pursue her. You shouldn’t have bothered in the first place if you didn’t care about her.”

“That’s right. I’m not sure what your reasons are, but shouldn’t you go if you’re friends?”

The two of them back her.

“Yes, you’re right. Thank you both!”

Ninya takes a step forward.

(Let’s think about what we’ll talk about after we meet.)

“Quick-Feet [buff/modified]!”

Ninya stomps on the ground.


This world is harsh for Nell.

To survive, she must be tough.

It’s been like this since the orphanage.

They will take away your food if you are weak. So Nell focused on growing stronger and grabbing food.

And that’s what she did after she joined the [Gray-Brigade-Clan].

The weak were all killed.

And Nell was able to survive because she was strong.

Ninya is a weak person in Nell’s opinion.

As a result, the adults exploited her and weakened her.

And Nell will continue to live in a harsh world, watching the weak perish before the strong.

It’s like a wedge for Nell that will last until she dies.

(I had the option of escaping the harsh world.)

When she saw Ninya’s current state, Nell realized it for the first time.

For Nell, the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] was something she would have to live with for the rest of her life, and she didn’t see any way out.

In fact, the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] will not let you leave, and if you do, they will punish you severely.



When she turned around, she saw Ninya.

(No way, I didn’t think she’d come after me.)


Nell uses her scouting ability.

You’ll never catch up to her with acceleration unless you’re also a scout.

“Wait, Nell-chan!”


Ninya was running next to her.

(This is crazy. I’m supposed to be running quickly.)

” Acceleration…!”

(Maybe I didn’t activate my skill properly.)

She ponders this, then employs her skill once more.

Then her speed increased even more.

“Nell-chan, you’re so fast!”


(How is Ninya catching up to me?!)

Ninya, for starters, lacked the ability to run fast.

Normally, she should be able to overtake Ninya in the blink of an eye.

(Something’s wrong.)

“A-Acceleration… What?!”

She quickened her pace even more.

Following that,

“Don’t run away from me, Nell-chan! I just need to speak with you for a moment!”

She just can’t seem to get away from Ninya.

Before she knows it, they’re out of the city and running through the woods.


Nell was perplexed.

It’s impossible for Ninya to catch up with her.

(How can she possibly be following me?)


By the time Nell realized it, her strength had reached its limit.

Her legs wobbled and she collapsed to the ground.

Her legs didn’t appear to be moving any longer.

“Nell-chan, you’re so fast that I couldn’t keep up with you…”

Ninya was standing nearby.

She’s breathing heavily but appears to be fine.

“Pursuing me… Are you here to exact vengeance?”

Nell responds quickly, unable to think of another reason for Ninya to pursue her.

“Eh? Why would I do something like that?”

Ninya tilted her head.

“Because I did something terrible to you.”

“D-Did you…?”

Ninya looks distracted.

“You don’t recall?”

“Is there such a thing?”

“I suppose you forgot.”

“Wait a minute, yes, I’ll remember now!”

Ninya puts her fingers to her temples and moans. “Hm~~~~~”

She was desperately trying to recall something.


Ninya then falls silent.

She appears to have given up trying to remember.

The following moment, Ninya smiled as she clapped her hands.

She appears to have had a good idea.

“Intelligence [buff/modified]!”

Ninya buffed her head at these words.

Nell had no idea what she was doing.

“Thinking… I’ve got it!”

Ninya turned around to face Nell.

“Did you remember?”

“Yes, I remember now. But not everything. However, I remembered what Nell-chan did to me.”

“So you know I was awful to Ninya?”

“N-No, I don’t believe so…”

“Why? I was the first to administer her restorative potions.”

“But Nell-chan only gave it to me for the first month, after which the others continued to give it to me. And I know Nell-chan kept the restorative potion a secret from everyone…”

“…But I let you die.”

“Garga was the one who kicked me out. After all, no one can stand up to Garga.”


“Besides, I was the one who begged Nell-chan. I asked her to kill me. And didn’t Nell-chan fulfill that request?”

“But, I never considered saving you!”

“In any case, I was so weak at the time that I was doomed to die.”

“But I took advantage of your death…”

“You did?”

“…yes, I’m the worst.”

“But Nell-chan had her own ideas, didn’t she?”

“Why are you protecting me so much?!”

“Because I know Nell-chan is kind.”

“I’m not!”


She was so taken aback by herself that she burst out shouting.

“I… I’m not kind…”

She wanted to deny it with all her heart.

(Yes, I’m far from being kind.)

“But you are. Because Nell-chan was extremely helpful to me.”

Ninya gently hugs Nell.

“I should thank Nell-chan for everything.”

“I don’t recall doing anything that is worth thanking…”

“I know Nell-chan was watching over us behind our backs.”

“I-I have no knowledge of that…”

“Nell-chan was the first of the children from the orphanage to become strong, and she gave the adults a hard time.”

“…It didn’t mean much.”

“But because Nell-chan was leading the way, we had hope. We all worked hard with Nell-chan as our goal.”

“But, I did not attempt to save everyone.

“I know. I understand how difficult Nell-chan’s situation was, and how she tried to gain acceptance by being strong, despite the fact that she was discriminated against because she was an orphan.”

” B-But.”

“Nell-chan has also saved my life numerous times.”


“When I was being forced to fight a demon, I realized that Nell-chan was secretly helping me.”

“Hehehe,” Ninya chuckles.

“And for that, I can’t thank Nell-chan enough.”

Ninya looked very dazzling.

That dazzle nearly engulfs Nell.

Something changed inside Nell after that.

“…Ninya, I’m sorry.”

Her words revealed her true feelings.

“There is nothing to apologize for with Nel-chan.”

Nell was expecting Ninya to say that.

because Ninya is a nice person.

(That is why I should not rely on such kindness.)

Nell made her decision quietly.

Even if Ninya does not accuse her, the fact that Nell committed a sin remains.

Yes, sin requires punishment.


Ninya lets a word slip out.

In the next moment, Ninya is lying on the floor.

In Nell’s hand was a sleeping bag.

Nell then sprinkles Ninya with a powder made from a plant called dachura, which emits a smell that demons do not like.

This would prevent her from being attacked by demons while she slept.

Nell then trudges forward.

Looking for a place to die.

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