Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Ninya-chan’s Cat Ears!│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

“Here’s a tassel, Ninya!”


“Come over here!”


“It really is this way!”

“Don’t tease me, Nyan!”

“S-So adorable…! I’ve decided to keep Ninya for the rest of my life!”

Neneli was nuzzling Ninya, who was wearing cat ears.

“W-What are you guys up to?”

Valla was perplexed by the situation at hand.

“What do you mean? Ninya said she wanted to buy new equipment, remember?”

Neneli looks at Valla with a “What are you asking the obvious?” tone.

Yes, Ninya mentioned that she needed to replace her equipment, so the three of them went to the equipment store today.

“I know that, but…”

Valla is baffled as to why this is happening while they are looking for equipment. Valla is embarrassed because people are staring at them.

“Do you not think this equipment is cute, Valla-chan?”

Ninya rose to her feet and cocked her head.

Ninya was dressed entirely in cat attire.

She wore a hood with cat ears, paw-pad gloves, and even a tail. Valla can’t help but be impressed that she found such equipment.

“Well, Ninya is the cutest thing Valla-chan has ever seen, aside from Valla-chan.”

Ninya’s cat ears were adorable.

She’s particularly drawn to her cat ears. She also wants to pet her all over her body as much as possible.

But Valla suppressed such desires.

“Yay, Valla-chan complimented me!”

Ninya starts jumping around.

Valla thought to herself as she saw her like that,

(I can see why Neneli likes Ninya so much.)

“What’s that in Neneli’s hand?”

“It’s a toy with a harpoon.”

Neneli said this while moving the toy in her hand.

Then Ninya yells, “Nyan!” and leaps on it.

Valla feared that if Ninya chose to wear this equipment, she would be forced to look at it every time they went out.

“Ninya! Valla-chan, who has good taste, will select better equipment for you!”

“Are you criticizing my sense of style?”

Neneli casts a stern look at Valla.

Yes, that’s what happens when you let Neneli choose her own gear.

Then let Valla decide.

“Wow, I want Valla-chan to pick my own equipment as well.”

Ninya leapt to her feet.


30 minutes later.

“Kukuku. How’s that? My rebirth… what was it again, Valla-chan?”

“Say like this…”

“Kukuku. What do you think of my reborn form? I don’t have to ask. It seems that I am so dazzling that I could steal your gaze.”

Ninya finished her lines, though she struggled in the second half.

Ninya was dressed completely in black.

She also wore a cross as an accessory, as well as a black eye patch, the purpose of which was unknown.

It had to have been a style known as “gothic lolita”.

“All right, there we have it!”

Neneli gave her approval.

Valla’s concept impressed Neneli.

“This is a great way to boost Ninya’s cuteness.”

“Wow, Neneli-chan, praise me! Eh, what was it again? It’s very kind of you to compliment me. Valla-chan! What else should I say?!”

“This is what you’re going to say…”

Valla whispered to Ninya.

“You are very wise t-to compliment me!”

Finally, Ninya says


The stuttering feeling became even cuter, and Neneli almost got a nosebleed.

“H-How did you get these clothes?”

“Fufufu, Valla-chan is the only one who can find this!”

Valla puffed her chest out.

“However, you did a good job with these clothes.”

Neneli takes Ninya’s clothes.

You can see the detailed embroidery if you look closely, which is a different kind of fun.

“Does Valla like these clothes?”

“There’s no way that could happen!”

For some reason, Valla was denying it with a red face.

Perhaps she remembered something from the past.

“Um, in these clothes, I can’t fight…”

Ninya was right.


“So you decided on that outfit after all.”

Ninya puts on the cat ears (hood with cat ears) and walks out of the equipment store.

She did not, however, purchase gloves with paws or a tail. Neither will be needed for the fight.

“Ninya, you look cute.”

Neneli compliments.

“Hehehe~, thank you nyan.”

“You don’t have to add ‘nyan’ to the end of your words just because you wear cat ears.”

“You’re right, that’s true. I mean, yes, that’s right.”

(Valla-chan was right; there was no need to include the word “nyan” at the end. I mean, I’m not even sure why I wore it…)

“It would be cuter if you added a “nyan” sound at the end.”

In frustration, Neneli cracks a joke.

“No, it’s not appropriate to speak like that in public…”

Valla scolds calmly.

“On that note, why did you change your equipment, Ninya? You could have kept your old gray hood. “

Valla suddenly says something like that.


Ninya was at a loss for words.

To be honest, she had wanted to upgrade her equipment for quite some time.

She was finally able to fulfill her wish with the money she had saved after hunting demons for a long time.

She wanted to change her equipment because…

The gray hood represents [Gray-Brigade-Clan].

She disliked wearing such clothes.

“I’ve had that outfit on for a long time, and it’s pretty worn out.”

“Hmm, it certainly appeared that way when you said it.”

Valla concurred.

Ninya is relieved that she was able to persuade Valla to believe the lie she told on the spur of the moment.

Ninya wonders what their reaction would be if she told them about the [Gray-Brigade-Clan].

(They’re both lovely people, and I’m sure they feel bad for me…But I don’t want to tell them.)

Ninya didn’t want to bring the dark past into the joyous present.

“Um, may I take your hand?”

“I’m always glad to take your hand!”

Neneli then firmly grasps Ninya’s hand.

“Can I also hold Valla-chan’s hand?”

“Well, I don’t mind…”

Valla shyly holds her hand.

The three of them then walked down the street while holding hands.

People passing them on the street smiled at them.

Ninya was a little embarrassed, but she increased the pressure on her hands.

Ninya will be very happy if this warm relationship can last forever.

“N-Ninya… How?”

A girl in a gray hood stood in front of them.

Her hair was a bright navy blue, and her eyes were black.

Yes, her name was—


Ninya softly murmurs.

It was a chance encounter after a long time.

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