Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 15

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“All right, here I come!”

The axe-wielder, Aguinda, raises his axe.

After that—

“Heavy Swing!”

He swings down at Nina while activating his skill.

” Evasion-rate [buff/modified].”

Ninya avoided it by shifting her body to the side with minimal movement.

“Not yet!”

Aguinda swung the axe repeatedly.

Ninya, on the other hand, avoided them all.

(It’s too slow…)

Ninya pondered.

Because the other party wields an axe, it’s only natural that he’s slow.

“Physical-attack-power [buff/modified].”

Ninya takes advantage of the situation by kicking him.


Aguinda’s body is lifted into the air and flung backwards.

” Hey, did she just blow away Aguinda with a kick?!”

“I thought the axe users should make him durable at all times.”

“But he was blown away by a simple kick?”

The adventurers watching the scene were taken aback.

“It’s too weak…”

Ninya says what she thinks.

I guess they are newbies after all.

“No, not yet!”

Aguinda leaps to his feet and roars.

“What… You’re still going for it. “

The difference is obvious, but he still wants to fight?

“I’ll show you what I’m made of! Berserker-Mode!”


In exchange for being able to attack harder, last longer, and move faster, he becomes more aggressive and will even slash his allies.

“Berserker-mode?! This is crazy! “

“The worst-case scenario is that the girl dies.”

“Someone needs to stop him!”

Observing adventurers begin to panic.

Berserk-mode is a skill that loses one’s sanity and continues to kill everyone around it.

Some adventurers flee, fearing they will be caught in the middle of it.


Aguinda’s eyes were bloodshot, and his entire body pulsated.

Then he lunged at Ninya with a swiftness not befitting an axe-wielder.

“Am I supposed to lose because you’re too slow and your movements are so predictable?”

Even in berserker mode, Ninya found it slow.

“Agility [buff/modified].”

Ninya vanishes from the scene the moment the axe swings at her.


Ninya then put her foot forward, appearing beside Aguinda .

” Ah…?”

His foot became entangled in Ninya’s forward foot, causing him to stumble face-first.

When Aguinda regained consciousness, he was eating dirt.

“This is not right…”

Someone mentions.

It was like a match between an adult and a little kid.

This isn’t even a game.

“Who is that girl?” Everyone was curious.

How come such a powerful adventurer was unknown until now?

“Hey, young lady. What’s your name?”

An adventurer standing nearby spoke to her.

“My name is Ninya.”

Ninya responds, and the adventurers around her murmur.

“Do you know anyone named Ninya?” That sort of thing.

“What is your rank, Ninya-chan?”

“I’m an F-rank.”

Ninya responded, and the adventurers began to make even more noise.

“Isn’t it strange that she’s F-ranked?!”

“You are right; they should update it right away.”

The adventurers started saying these things together.

The guild’s receptionist, who had been in the back of the room, then entered.

“Please excuse me, Ninya-san, but I need to update your rank.”

“Ah, yes…”

Ninya responded, rummaging through her pockets, wondering where her adventurer card had gone.

“So what’s her actual rank?”

“She defeated the C-rank Aguinda, so she must be B-rank or higher…”

“No, she has to be at least A-rank…”

“But, I doubt they’ll let you get an A-rank without any achievements.”

The adventurers were conversing once more.

Ninya suspected something strange was going on.

It’s as if she’s being misunderstood.

“Well, we certify Ninya-san as a D-rank based on the guild’s regulations.”

Ninya’s only accomplishments include defeating a man-eating-ogre,  giant ants, and a C-rank adventurer in a duel.

The details of the duel indicate that Ninya has a rank of C or higher, but the ranks are still managed according to regulations.

“Come on, she ought to be at least C-rank!”

“That’s right, that’s right!”

However, the adventurers who were watching the duel were dissatisfied with the decision.

“Well, even if you say so, the rules are the rules…”

The complaint embarrassed the receptionist, who had been informed of the decision. The receptionist’s authority was insufficient to handle the complaint.

” Um, excuse me.”

Ninya suddenly speaks up.

As Ninya speaks, the other adventurers fall silent.

Everyone is eager to hear what Ninya has to say.

“I’m saying this because there appears to be some misunderstanding.”

After a pause, Ninya took a breath and said,

“I’m not that powerful. It’s just that the person on the ground is too frail. I’m sure he’s a newbie.”

At that moment, everyone in the room thought the same thing.

I don’t think so!

Ninya, on the other hand, had a long history of being ridiculed as incompetent, so she didn’t believe she was strong at all.

“Wait a minute, Aguinda-san is still a C-rank adventurer.”

The receptionist tried to correct her.

“But, doesn’t C-rank mean you’re still a newbie?”

Everyone in the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] except Ninya, she recalls, was ranked B or higher.

That’s why C-rank feels like a newbie to her.

“No, being C-rank is a great accomplishment.”

“But he’s extremely frail.”


Aguinda, who had been told he was frail, was too embarrassed to stand.

“That’s because… Nina-san is powerful.”

“Fufufu, there’s no way I’m strong.”

Ninya says with a laugh.

“A-Anyway, I’ll handle your D-rank renewal, so please return later to pick up your adventurer’s card! “

The receptionist then dashed to the back of the room.

(She escaped.)

The adventurers watching the receptionist thought so, too.

“Ninya, you are truly incredible!”

Neneli approached her as soon as the receptionist left.

“Neneli-san is more amazing than me!”

“P-Please don’t do that, you’ll give everyone the wrong idea.”

She spoke while covering Ninya’s mouth.

“Hey, is Neneli really better than her?” She could already hear people talking behind her back.

“A-Anyway, I’m sure no one will object to the large number of demons we’ve hunted now, so let’s go get the reward money!”

The materials’ prices have most likely already been calculated.

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