Story of a Country Girl Reincarnated as a Villainess Trying To Avoid a Bad End ~I Tried To Become Stronger Than the Last Boss Because I Don’t Want to Die~ – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Unexpected Encounter

The next day,

I woke up as usual and headed to the academy.

At the Renoir Academy, there are no regular classes.

There are general subjects, martial arts subjects, magic subjects, special subjects, and so on.

Each subject is available, and apart from the mandatory subjects, students can choose the subjects they need and attend classes.

There are grades, but apparently, students from different grades can take the same class.

“Apparently” because it’s knowledge I’ve only seen in books.

In my past life, I lived an ordinary life and never attended an academy or experienced taking classes.

So, I was a little excited.

I can now experience the school life that I could only see in books.

The general subjects are mandatory for everyone, but the rest are optional.

“Now, what should I do?”

This morning, I managed to reach the academy without running into Flare or Alma.

So far, so good.

As long as I don’t make a mistake choosing my next class.

“I think it was a general subject.”

Flare took it first; coincidentally, that’s where the main characters, like Alma, gathered.

It’s like the first event where they interact with each other again.

Normally, I, as Slayer, would participate there as well.

But of course, I won’t act the same as Slayer.

“Anything other than general is fine.”

If I’m in the same space as them, I’ll inevitably get caught up in the event.

I already stood out during the entrance exam.

At least until they become friends, I’ll keep quiet.

And so after thinking it over, I chose to attend the magic subject class.

I participated in the class to learn the basics.

When I entered the room, several students were already seated.

It was the first class of the new school year and semester.

The seniors had probably already taken the basics, and most of the new students were taking general subjects.

In other words, it was a place where I could spend time safely without getting involved with anyone.

At first glance, they were all people whose faces and names I didn’t know.

Most of them were upperclassmen who probably missed taking the class last year.

There’s about five minutes until the teacher arrives.

Let’s relax and wait.

Just as I thought, a major event occurred.

“——Can I sit next to you?”

Someone spoke to me.

Even though there were plenty of empty seats, there was no reason for him to sit next to me.

I thought that, but there was no reason to refuse either.

I replied absentmindedly without even looking at his face.

“Feel free.”

“Thanks. Excuse me then.”

A man sat in the seat next to me.

I caught a glimpse of his left arm up to his shoulder.

The pattern on his uniform was different from mine.

He was probably an upperclassman.

“You’re Slayer Raeburn, right?”


How did this upperclassman know my name?

As a new student, I shouldn’t be surprised.

Because of the examination, many people should know my name now.

But I’ve never interacted with upperclassmen before

I turned around instinctively and looked at his face.

In an instant, I had a bad feeling about this.

This appearance, with dark purple hair and a teardrop-shaped black mole under his left eye

No way——

“Nice to meet you. I’m Seika Renoir, a second-year student.”

The grandson of the academy’s top leader and one of the five heroes.

The only upperclassman among the five, he’s like a reliable older brother figure to everyone.

This is the worst.

Of all people, I had to encounter one of the heroes.

That’s right, I forgot.

Seika Renoir’s name doesn’t come up in Flare’s interactions and classes.

He will be involved with Flare and the others a little later.

In other words, until then, he will be acting in a different place from Flare and the others.

Among the five heroes, he is the most unpredictable in his actions.

I should have been cautious.

No, rather, it’s too unexpected.

He is an upperclassman with top grades in the school.

Why would someone like him, an honour student, be in such a basic class?

“I just came to review casually, but I never thought I would meet the rumoured new student so soon. I guess I’m lucky.”

He said that with a smile.

It seems luck was not on my side.

Not only did we meet, but he already knew about me. . .

I can’t continue attending this class as it is.

I made the decision and stood up.

But it was a little too late.

The teacher in charge of the class entered the room as if it was timed perfectly.

“The teacher is here. We should take our seats.”


Leaving here would be too unnatural and draw too much attention.

It would strongly imprint my existence on Seika.

So, I quietly sat down.

The class began.

It was monotonous, and I didn’t need to listen to the content I already knew well.

So, I whispered to him.

“…Why do you know me?”

“I told you, you’re the rumoured new student. They say you showed surprising results in the physical examination.”

“Do you know the results of the new students’ examination?”

“It caused such a big commotion. Many students were curious and asked about it. Of course, we were not given detailed information.”

His opinion was reasonable.

Especially since he is the grandson of the academy’s top leader, he holds a certain level of power within the school.

It was easy for him to ask teachers and students for information.

I was careless…no, it was impossible.

Who could have predicted such a turn of events?

Anyway, I have to get through this situation now.

“Hey, why did you enroll in this school?”


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