Story of a Country Girl Reincarnated as a Villainess Trying To Avoid a Bad End ~I Tried To Become Stronger Than the Last Boss Because I Don’t Want to Die~ – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: let’s be honest

Slayer, who enrolled in the academy, had her fiancée stolen by the protagonist, Flare.

As a result, she takes action to bring Flare down.

She used her power to bully her and schemed to prove that she was superior to her.

However, all her plans backfired, and she contributed to the increase in intimacy between Flare and the others.

And at the end of the prologue. . .

Slayer was used by the Demon King and betrayed, then killed.

The elapsed time within the story was about half a year.

She needed to stay away from the main characters for at least half a year and live peacefully without getting involved with the Demon King.

The first hurdle for that was. . .

“Not getting involved with Flare.”

When I returned home, I organized the situation again.

I confirmed the existence of Flare and other characters.

I also broke off the engagement with Alma before he could say anything.

That felt good.

He deserved punishment for cheating.

Although, in this world, he probably hasn’t cheated yet.

“Well then…”

It’s almost time for dinner.

As I stood up from my chair, there was a knock on the door.

“Ojou-sama, dinner is ready.”

“I’m coming.”

“Yes. The master and mistress are already waiting for you.”

I left my room and headed to the dining room, where they were waiting for me.

Along the way, I thought about various things.

I should not only be careful inside the school.

I also need to think carefully about my actions inside the mansion.

When I arrived at the dining room, I met my smiling parents.

“Now, Slayer, please sit down.”

“It’s okay to eat while we talk about school.”


While eating, I briefly told the two of them about the situation at school.

Slayer is one of the main characters, but she plays the role of an antagonist.

The story is mainly told from the perspective of the protagonist.

Therefore, scenes where the protagonist is not present, leave us unaware of what Slayer and the other characters are doing.

Their actions, thoughts, and emotions were not described.

Especially Slayer, who only appeared at times when she was harassing Flare, her personal life was not depicted.

“Were you able to make friends?”

“Yes. They were all very kind.”

“I see; I’m glad to hear that.”

The two of them seemed delighted.

Although the conversation was peaceful, I was always thinking ahead.

Actions in scenes unrelated to Flare could significantly impact the story.

I am just someone who was reincarnated as Slayer.

It is impossible for me to truly play her character.

“Come to think of it, Alma-kun was supposed to have enrolled in the academy, too, right?”


“Are you getting along with him? I haven’t seen both of you together lately.”

“. . .”

I had anticipated it, but now it has been confirmed.

I hesitated for a moment.

Both of them noticed the change in my expression and looked at me with confusion.

“Is something wrong?”

Now, I need to think carefully.

Breaking off my engagement with him is an important point that is closely related to the story.

In the original work, there was no depiction of the interaction between the parents.

There were only portrayals of Slayer’s anger, sadness, and emotional actions.

The two of them did not appear in the main story.

They doted on me.

Depending on how it’s said, there is a possibility that they will try to get involved with me in the future.

That would be troublesome.

If I deviate too much from the flow of the story, I won’t be able to predict the actions of Flare and the others.

What is the correct answer to give. . .

“…Actually, my engagement with him has been dissolved.”

“――! Dissolved? You broke off the engagement?”

“Yes. I requested it myself.”

“Why? Slayer.”

The two of them showed a worried expression rather than doubt. 

After thinking about it, I decided that being honest was the best option.

With the current relationship, I have with them.

“Alma-sama is a good person, and I don’t dislike him either.”

Of course, I mixed in some appropriate lies.

“But still, there was no romantic interest between us. We continued our relationship because we didn’t have anyone else. However, it seemed like Alma-sama had found his destined partner. He didn’t say it, but I could tell from his expression.”

“Did Alma-kun…fall in love with another woman?”

“Not so explicitly. I just thought it was a good opportunity. If Alma-sama has found someone like that, I want to support him. An engagement should be done between two people who love each other. Seeing my Father and Mother made me think that way. 

The two of them were like me, engaged to someone their families chose.

While it was an arranged match, the two of them were childhood friends and liked each other; they would have gotten married even without an engagement.

After they got married, I saw that they were still close to each other even after I was born.

Their marriage must have been built on true love.

It wasn’t just book knowledge.

Based on Slayer’s memories and my experiences up until today, I thought so.

I shouldn’t be mistaken. 

Both of them were looking at each other’s faces, shy to confirm it.

“I see. If that’s what you have decided, we won’t say anything.”

“Yes, your happiness is our top priority.”

“Thank you very much.”

They easily agreed to it.

This is the trust I have built up as Slayer over the past year.

Both of them believe in me from the bottom of their hearts.

That’s why they don’t interfere with my words or actions.

I mustn’t add unnecessary complications to future developments.

“Does Alma-kun have someone he likes? Oh, by any chance, did Slayer find someone too?”


“Oh my, is that so? I’d love to meet them.”

“That’s not the case.”

I shook my head at their hasty assumptions.

Although I denied it, I was worried because both of them were prone to misunderstandings.

I don’t have anyone like that.

At least until I survive, romance is out of the question.

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