Story of a Country Girl Reincarnated as a Villainess Trying To Avoid a Bad End ~I Tried To Become Stronger Than the Last Boss Because I Don’t Want to Die~ – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Get closer to the hero

Walking on the school grounds, 

side by side.

“Could you not get too close to me?”

“Why? You and I are engaged, aren’t we?”

“We’re not engaged.”

“But we’re going to get married in the future, right? Then we’re engaged.”

That’s true, but not really.

I agreed to his proposal to ensure my own safety.

As long as he protects me, I will be his partner.

However, it’s not an absolute decision.

“My safety won’t be perfect unless the other condition is met, right? So, it’s not enough to call it an engagement.”

“Ah, that’s true. If we can’t retrieve it, I have only one option.”

“. . .”

He has a refreshing expression.

His mind is probably pitch black. . .or bright red.

What if he fails?

There’s no need to think about it.

Satan will undoubtedly kill Flare and the heroes.

He already knows the ending he will face.

His end will be destruction.

The way for him to avoid destruction is simple.

He Just needs to kill them before they gain power and unite. . .

I have experienced Satan’s strength firsthand.

Now, he can easily kill them.

He doesn’t do it because there is potential in them.

“How ironic. . .”

The heroes who defeated the Demon King and brought peace.

Now have their lives sustained by the power of the Demon King.

What would they think if they knew this fact?

No, it doesn’t matter.

I just want to live happily.

“I’ll start capturing Flare soon.”

“You’re really fired up. Do you have a plan?”

“Fortunately, luck is on my side.”


He probably doesn’t know, but I’ve already met Flare. 

It was different from the original. . .in a friendly way.

Let’s talk again.

I recall her smiling face as we parted ways.

Now, I should be able to become friends with her.

“First, we need to become closer. So, don’t interfere.”

“That’s harsh. We’re supposed to be cooperating, right?”

“It’s one-sided, isn’t it?”

“That’s not true. I’ll make sure to guarantee your safety.”

He smiles wryly.

I stare intently at his expression.

“What’s with that face?”

“. . .You don’t seem very Demon King-like right now.”

“Hmm? oh when I get excited like during battles, Satan’s traits become more prominent. In my usual state, Belfist’s personality is more dominant.”

“I see. That makes sense. . .”

“By the way, which one do you prefer?”

He stands in front of me, blocking me 

and asking with a mischievous look on his face.

“I don’t like either of them.”

“Wow, that’s harsh! You’re talking to your future husband, you know.”

“He’s someone who could kill me. I can’t like him yet.”

“I see. Then I’ll do my best to make you like me.”


After parting with Belfist, I wandered around the school building alone.

Of course, I was looking for her.

It’s still the third day.

She should be taking general courses; I am almost certain.

The problem is that she’s clumsy and has no sense of direction.

“I wonder if she’s lost again.”

Using magic to search would be the quickest way, but using magic carelessly in school can result in punishment.

So yesterday, I set up a barrier to avoid being noticed.

That intense battle didn’t reach outside the barrier.

No one knows that I fought against the Demon King.

The school is peaceful today as well.



Whose voice was that just now. . .?

I turn around.

Today, I might be lucky.

I never expected her to find me first

“Good morning!”

“Good morning, Flare-san.”

The person I was looking for runs over and stands next to me.

Thanks to her, I didn’t have to search anymore.

I expressed gratitude in my heart for her finding me.

“We have class now, right? What class are you taking?”

“I haven’t decided yet. How about you?”

“I’m taking a general subject, umm. . .”

“. . .You’re lost, aren’t you?”

“Hehehe. . .”

Flare laughs innocently.

This natural demeanor is one of her charms.

Her smile and words are pure and without malice.

She speaks her mind honestly.

That’s why she sometimes makes mistakes, but she is trusted by those around her.

I also admired her a little while reading the book. . .

“Is something wrong?”

“It’s nothing. If it’s that lecture, it’s this way.”

Once again, I find myself reflecting on the fact that Flare is standing right in front of me.

I guided her to the classroom.

“It’s here.”

“Thank you!”

She thanked me cheerfully.

It was a refreshing thank you, full of goodwill and kindness.

My heart was at ease.

“Um, Slayer-san. . .”

And then, she looked at me expectantly.

“Well, it’s time, so let’s take the class together.”

“Really! Yes!”

Just by taking the same class together, she was so happy.

I felt embarrassed seeing her innocent smile.

At the same time, I felt guilty.

Even though it was for a purpose, she was not at fault.

Using her like that. . .I couldn’t shake off the feeling of guilt.

“Oh! That seat is empty.”


I sat in the seat next to her.

The problem was how to ask for her cooperation.

I couldn’t just blurt out the truth.

I had to guide her well and have her solve the problems of the heroes.

Just enough to not make her feel any affection. . .

It wasn’t just difficult, it was daunting.

Once again, I had taken on something troublesome.

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