Story of a Country Girl Reincarnated as a Villainess Trying To Avoid a Bad End ~I Tried To Become Stronger Than the Last Boss Because I Don’t Want to Die~ – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Mysteries not in the original


“No, I’m certain. I saw your memories and was convinced.”

“What do you mean? Just because you know the original story? That makes it even more unlikely.”

“No, in the original story, I realized it. That a part of my power resided within the heroes. And. . .by becoming close to the protagonist, the gaps in their hearts were filled. Once filled, they lost their place, and my power was unleashed.”

Satan continued to explain.

The released fragments of power were drawn to the most suitable places.

And nearby, the original body was present.

Therefore, the power returned to Satan himself.

Upon learning that the power had returned to him through the protagonist and the heroes coming together. . .

“He tried to get the protagonist to collect all the power?”

“Most likely. That is the true goal of Satan, which was not depicted in the original story! Whether it is world domination or finding a bride, the recovery of power is a shared desire. That’s what I would do.”

Satan asserts.

Although it is a development in the story, it is convincing because he is saying it himself.

And ultimately, the Demon King became completely opposed to Flare and the others.

In the end, he was defeated by Flare and disappeared completely from the world.

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be the protagonist. The gaps in their hearts. . .if the problems they have are solved, they will be filled.”

“Then I don’t need to do anything.”

Flare is in this world.

She will surely deepen her friendship with the heroes.

The heroes’ problems will be solved by her.

In the final story, everyone confronts the Demon King together in the grand finale.

By that time, their problems had already been resolved.

“If Flare is here, it’s enough even if I don’t do anything.”

“. . .Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.”

“Why not?”

“That girl can only save one person’s heart.”

“That’s not true. In the last story. . .”

“The problem was resolved. However, my power was not returned. There is evidence. The power I showed was. . .too incomplete.”

“Incomplete. . .?”

The description of the final battle was intense.

Even though it was just words, the scene was vividly conveyed, with the terrifying power of the Demon King and the feelings of Flare and the heroes running through their entire bodies.

Not just me, but many readers must have been moved.

“I am not at that level now that I have fully recovered. I’m telling you, there’s no way I’m wrong.”

“. . .”

If I were told that by the person themselves, I would probably agree.

Certainly, there wasn’t much difference in strength between the Satan fought in individual routes and the Satan in the final battle.

There was no such description.

“Why? If you solve the problem, shouldn’t the gap in your heart be filled?”

“That’s right. Then the reason is simple. It means that a new gap has been created.”

“A new gap. . .does that mean. . .”



“The regret of not being able to obtain the protagonist, Flare, became a new hole.”

Such a reason. . .?

I knew the problems they were facing.

They were all sad, heavy, and painful problems.

They were all gradually resolved by spending time with Flare.

At Satan’s unexpected words, I was amazed.

Is the pain of not being able to win over Flare the same as that sadness?

“Can jealousy be the reason?”

“You underestimate it. Everyone has desires. If you lose someone you desired so much, the gap in your heart will only grow larger. Humans suffer more from losing people than losing things.”

Satan said that with a distant look in his eyes.

Perhaps it was also a personal attachment.

Or maybe Belfist, who possessed him, had a past of losing someone.

I don’t know, but he looked sad.

“. . .then it’s not good.”

“That’s right. This can’t go on like this.”

Flare has met them.

They are already attracted to Flare.

Although to varying degrees, if they continue to be involved with Flare, it is clear that they will fall in love.

If they fall in love and seriously seek Flare. . .

“The gap in their hearts will no longer be filled and my powers will never return.”

“. . .what if you kill them?”

“Heh, are you asking me that?”

“Just tell me.”

Satan chuckled softly.

“It cannot be recovered. If they die while fused with their hearts, my powers will vanish along with them.”

“. . .I see.”

Forcibly taking it back is not an option.

Satan’s power cannot be recovered unless it is through a method that fills the gap in their hearts.

“It’s troublesome.”

“That’s right. That’s why I need your cooperation too. No matter how hard I try, I cannot fill their gaps. I am, after all, just. . .a friend.”

“You say that so easily.”

Despite being the most important character in that story as the vessel of Demon King Satan.

he’s right.

He can’t fill the gaps in the hearts of the heroes, who are only friends with Seika.

If it was possible, only the protagonist, Flare, could do it.

As for me. . .it’s impossible.

“Slayer is Flare’s enemy. I can’t fill the gap in their hearts either.”

“Then there’s only one way, right?”

“. . .You can’t be serious.”

“You catch on quickly.”

There was only one method that came to mind.

The only one who could fill the gap in their hearts in this world was the protagonist of the story, Flare.

So the only option was to ally with her.

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