[Short Story] Special family circumstances of the Lambert family – Part 1

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Maribel was eight years old when she received a small bird.

One of their father’s friends was an avid bird watcher, and one of his birds laid an egg and gave birth to a baby.

She had no intention of obtaining a bird. That day, all she wanted to do was look at the newborn chicks with her sister Milka.

The chicks were only a few days old, and their feathers and eyes had not yet developed. The feathers that had begun to grow from their raw, flesh-colored bodies looked grotesque, like needles stuck in their bodies.

Milka said it was disgusting and quickly turned away to look at the colorful birds from another country.

Maribel thought it was creepy as well.

But, when she saw them sleeping together and opening their mouths wide when she fed them, she thought they were very cute.

“I’ll give you one when their eyes open and their wings grow,” said the father’s friend. “Will you be able to look after them?”

He proposed, and Maribel furiously nodded. He then inquired as to how she would care for the birds and prepare for their arrival. “Which one do you want?” he asked, pointing at the chicks.

Maribel had no qualms about selecting the tiniest of the chicks.

Thus, Maribel’s life began with a cute little bird.

It’s been a little more than a week since she first met the little bird, and it’s finally come to her. It looks nothing like it did when she first saw it with all of its feathers.

The feathers on the head and tail are black, the back and wings are gray, the cheeks are white, and the breast and belly are mostly white with some gray feathers. The bird’s bill and legs are bright pink, and it appears to be an adult bird.

Maribel gave him the name Pi because that’s how he sounded the first time she heard him.

Maribel has been caring for Pi on her own since then. She prepared the chicks’ food, cleaned the cage, changed the water every day, and did everything else. It was only natural because she had promised to take good care of him.

The servants objected, saying it was not the marquise’s daughter’s place, but her father said, “Let her do what she wants,” and her mother said, “It’s good to love one thing deeply,” so Maribel was allowed to look after the little bird.

Every day, the small bird grows a little more. It began to sing beautifully. It can now consume the same foods that adults do.

When you call its name, it begins to respond.

Finally, it was able to fly a little.

She jumped onto Maribel’s shoulder when she opened the cage and called her name, and one by one, they began to spend time together every day.

Pi had been living at Maribel’s house for about six months.

“It’s not fair that you are the only one who is taking care of that small bird. Let me also take care of it, Sister. “

Milka said something like that at the dinner table.

Maribel was perplexed. Milka had just said to her, “It’s embarrassing that a marquis’s daughter has to look after a bird. And that bird is as plain as my sister. “

She can’t understand the inside of Milka’s head because of a sudden change of heart.

“Maribel owns that little bird.”

“I don’t think Milka is particularly fond of birds in the first place.”

Milka’s behavior had been on her father’s mind until yesterday, when he admonished her in an offended tone.

Milka glared at her father, as if his demeanor had irritated her.

“No, it isn’t. I adore little birds. I’d like to have a little bird as well. “

“You don’t look after little birds, do you?”

“You are being unfair to me!”

Her father and Milka began arguing, which frightened her.

Her mother says nothing, but her gaze is drawn ever more closely to Milka.

Maribel hopes her sister will give up before her mother becomes enraged. When she’s angry, she’s downright terrifying.

Milka, on the other hand, will not give up. She’s been like this for as long as she can remember.

“It’s not fair,” Milka would say whenever Maribel received a dress or an accessory.

When her father and mother complimented her, she retorted, “It’s not fair.” or “It’s not fair when she gets a new servant.”

Things are preceded by the phrase “not fair.”

It’s not that Maribel is favored, but Milka is lavished with dresses, praise, and servants.

Maribel, on the other hand, is smart enough not to argue about small matters and suggests that her dress be given to Milka.

Her father patiently reprimands her each time, sometimes gently appeasing her to determine the cause, but in the end, her mother becomes enraged because she is simply “not fair.”

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