Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: The End of a Lousy Woman│Read translated stories and daily updates at:


“Fufu… So what now that you can’t summon the spirits of the dead?”

Nadia smiled at the lousy woman who had lost her voice.

But as expected, the beasts Nadia summons are of exceptional quality.

One of them, 【Nebiros】, is a major general of hell and the leader of all the spirits of the dead.

In the presence of 【Nebiros】, mortal users lose all abilities, and the spirits of the dead who were supposed to be their servants are devoured and transformed into spirits of the dead.

This time, it appears that only the lowest woman’s abilities were blocked, but Nadia could have turned her into a dead spirit if she had wanted to.

“Nadia… You’re an amazing woman after all.”

“Fufu, thank you very much. But only because you put me on the right path. My value… My potential.”

Nadia smiled broadly at me.


“Aaah! N-No, no! I didn’t mean it that way; I was just trying to be mean to you; I never intended to hurt you!”

The lousy woman abruptly turns around and makes one inconsistent excuse after another in a loud voice.

In some ways, it’s amazing how quickly she changes after all those declarations…

But at the same time, she’s trying to get out of here, gradually closing the distance from the room’s exit while we keep our eyes on her.

We won’t miss it, for sure.

“【Mill Unit】.”


The lousy woman collapses to her knees the moment I block the doorway with the 【Mill Unit】.

She can no longer summon the spirits of the dead… Now, she’s nothing more than an insect waiting to die… but first, I have a question for her.



The lousy woman lets out a slight shriek and backs away as soon as I call out to her.

“You told me earlier that you’ve been dreaming every night.”

“Y-Yes, that’s right, but…”

“Tell me more about your dreams.”


The lousy woman explained the details of her nightmare, her face twitching with fear.

She had had the same dream every day since Baron Moreno took her in.

She moved on to the next dream after completing her goal in the previous one.

From the day she entered the Imperial Academy, her dreams turned from a broken engagement to falling into a labyrinth.

“…S-So, in the dream, I discovered that I had the ability to summon dead spirits, and when I tried it, I was able to summon them normally. Besides, you see, I was a genius with boundless magical power.”

“That’s not important. So how did your dream end?”

“Y-Yes! Except for Sergio, everyone on the first level has been killed, and we’ve reached the bottom! Then, while attacking the second level, we ran into some other guys… I-I mean, criminals who have been sentenced to “Labyrinth Prison,” and we’re going to clear it together!”

“Who are these criminals?”

“A-A man by the name of Carlos and his men…”

Aria said, fearfully watching my reaction.

Carlos is the leader of the “Briganti Bandits” and a well-known figure in the Astoria Empire.

The empire has caught him and his men and put them in the dungeon.

He also appears in my dreams and is relentless in his pursuit of Nadia…

“Is there anything else?”


Then Aria told me about the people who kept appearing in her dreams.

They were all the same people who had appeared in my dream.

“T-That’s all…”


I close my mouth and think about Aria’s dream after hearing it.

I’ve been dreaming since I was eight years old. How did this woman see it as well…?

And while I was daydreaming about it, she was daydreaming about it in stages…

…Perhaps there are others who dream in the same way that I and this woman do.

But how in the world does this happen?

It’s impossible for just me to have a predictive dream, but maybe there’s another… no, I’m sure there’s another profound reason…

The next thing we know, that lousy woman has left us and is running for the exit of this room.

“Huh?! Ivan, she’s running away!”

“Well, leave her be.”

I had gotten all the information I needed from the lousy woman.

—I don’t need her anymore.

And then

“Fuhahahaha! You moron! My abilities are only restricted in that room, but I can use them once I leave!”

“…Don’t do it.”

“What do you mean? Are you stupid?! I’m not going to stop! I’ll die if I let you go down to the lower levels, and you’ll pay for everything you’ve done to me!”

I warn her in hushed tones, but she just keeps going.

…I warned her, didn’t I?

“Fuhahaha! You’re a real pain in the ass. And you still don’t get it, do you?!”

“Don’t get what?”

“Can you imagine what would happen if my skeleton dragons attacked the entire room?”

Aria’s mouth was raised in a grin.

“I’ll tell you right to your faces! Skeleton dragons! It’s coming out…eh?!”


With a single explosion, Aria Moreno was blown away from the waist up.

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