Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Aria the Necromancer (2)│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

“I’m going to crush you right here!”

Nadia laughs, and the corners of her mouth tighten into a grin.

“Fufu, what can a plain, boring woman like you do?! A useless woman like you, who can only hide behind a country count and be protected!”

“Take back what you just said!”

I couldn’t help but yell in response to the woman’s laughter.

You know nothing about Nadia!

“Fufu, don’t worry, Ivan…”


“You know everything about me… You’re the only person who recognizes me for who I truly am. That’s why her words have no meaning for me.”

Nadia just stared at the lousy woman as she said this.

“Aria-san, you can only summon three types of demons? Isn’t your limitless magical power kind of a waste?”

“…Well, you’re right. Your summon appears to be reasonably powerful, but… it’s still neck and neck with the Skeleton Dragon at best!”

When the lousy woman lifts the edge of her mouth, she forms a large black magic circle with her hands.

A skeleton dragon emerges from it and its huge body scrapes the ceiling.

This is the guardian’s room, even though the ceiling is more than ten meters high.

” Fufufu, how do you like it?! Isn’t she lovely? And she’s a dragon, so she’s made of dragon bones.”

The lousy woman stroked the skeleton dragon’s body, and showed an entranced expression on her face.

But I don’t think I have anything admirable to say about her…

“I’m not interested —Better let’s get started.”

“Fufufu, all right.”

The skeleton dragon and Nadia’s summon, 【Amon】, clash as if on cue.

“Go! 【Amon】! “

“Dragon skeleton!—Destroy her!”

First, the skeleton dragon used its massive size to stomp down on the ground with its massive feet.


With a ground-shaking sound, footprints appear where【Amon】was.


“Huh…?! I didn’t think you’d catch it!”

“Fufu. Amon is up to the task.”

Nadia smiles and pumps her chest slightly against the wide-eyed, lousy woman.

It may seem inappropriate to think her gesture was cute at this time, but… it was just so precious and adorable.

“Oh, I forgot… 【Battering Ram】.”

I kill the lich behind the skeleton soldiers who are still coming at me and casting magic.

But since the skeleton soldiers come out of the black magic circle like water when she commands the Skeleton Dragon, it looks like they are automatically called from the circle.

if this is the case

“I’ll put a stop to it! 【Mill Unit】.”

The black magic circle is surrounded by a thin iron plate created by earth magic and hardened with a large amount of soil between the thin iron plates.

It is a simple composite magic that can be completed by applying water magic to the soil.

But when it comes to defense, nothing is easier or more effective than this.

… The skeleton soldiers and the lich are now trapped. They will destroy themselves under their own pressure if they try to come out.

“Huh?! I simply need to create more magical circles!”

When the lousy woman realized what I was up to, she began to deploy black magic circles one after the other.

I block them with the 【Mill Unit】…. Huh?!

All of the black magic circles she cast seemed to belong to skeleton dragons!

I guess【Mill Unit】 can’t ward it off against such a huge number of skeleton dragons…

“Fufuhaahahaha! What are your plans now?! Because of your unnecessary actions, this room will be filled with skeleton dragons!”

The lousy woman triumphantly declared.

I’m sure I’ll cause Nadia problems, as she put it.


“Fufu… Regardless of how many of these skeleton dragons appear, the outcome will be the same. So I guess it’s time to call it a day.”

Nadia quickly draws a magic circle with her right index finger, lifting the edge of her mouth.

Does this mean…Is she finally going to summon it?

The Six Pillars of the Great Kingdom, the most powerful summons.

“Come on, 【Nebiros】!”

The magic circle is engulfed in flames the moment she announces the name.

A pale-faced man in military uniform slowly emerges from the circle.

“Did you summon me, Lord?”

“Would you please remove the skeleton dragons in front of you, as well as the magical circle through which they are exiting this room?”

“That’s not a problem. SNAP!”

【Nebiros】bows reverently, then snaps his fingers at the skeleton dragons in front of him.

At that moment

“Huh!? How?!”

The skeleton dragons and the black magic circle that called the spirits of the dead are no longer there.

“My Lord, it appears that she has linked this location directly to Hell. I’ve sealed it up so it won’t be connected again.

“Thank you very much, 【Nebiros】.”

“What a waste of words.”

With a bow to Nadia, Neviros completed his task and exited the room.


“Fufu… So what now that you can’t summon the spirits of the dead?”

Nadia smiled at the lousy woman who had lost her voice.

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