Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 36

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Aria Moreno was an outcast at the Imperial Academy from the start.

To begin with, she was an unfortunate child who was a victim of a common aristocratic game as a dastard child of Baron Moreno. That is the general impression.

However, after her mother’s death, Aria joins the Moreno family and soon finds herself at the heart of the Moreno family.

Baron Moreno, who had previously abandoned her, accepted her into the family and began to care for her as if he had never abandoned her, even setting aside his legal children and his own wife.

Naturally, his wife and children were enraged and began to relentlessly bully Aria.

The bullying, however, came to an end one day.

Aria had been at the Moreno household for six months.

When the carriage in which the wife and children were riding was involved in an accident, they were killed.

Furthermore, one of the carriage’s wheels came off while it was moving, and several of Baron Moreno’s favorite swords, which were inside the carriage, flew out of their sheaths and pierced their bodies.

Aria was now Baron Moreno’s only family member, and she became more adored than ever.

According to residents of Baron Moreno’s domain, the two are so close that they are more like lovers than father and daughter.

The Crown Prince and other sons of influential aristocrats in this country fell in love with her when she entered the Imperial Academy.

Objectively speaking, Aria is a pretty girl, but not a stunningly beautiful one.

So, the other students at the academy didn’t understand why the Crown Prince and the other students liked her so much.

Looking back, I can’t help but tilt my head, knowing that I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

She goes out of her way to talk to and flirt with the children of powerful aristocrats, even if they are already engaged.

And I, who love Nadia more than anyone else, cannot comprehend Aria’s actions.

And Aria is always sheltered by the noble sons in my dreams, and when one dies, she becomes a parasite for the next man.

That’s how she was supposed to get through this labyrinth.

Despite this

“You lucky d*stard, you should have died quietly.”

This is the first time this woman has decided to take matters into her own hands.

“…What’s the matter with you? You’ve always been the one who has been shielded by other men.”

“That was correct, because I never got my hands dirty — really, they’re all useless.”

The lousy woman spoke those words as if she was about to vomit.

“Why did you do this after Nadia let you go? Besides, do you know what will happen to you after this?”

“Yes, I know. But more than that, you guys are in my way.”

“In your way?”

What is she on about?

Sure, I want to kill this b*tch, but we let her go once, so she doesn’t have to come all the way here to die.

And yet, she’s here.

She isn’t very good at what she does.

“Yes, you are getting in my way—you’re making it impossible for me to survive in this maze.”

“…You’ll never survive in the first place.”

Because that is exactly what happened in my dream, I said coldly to the lousy woman with strange expectations.

“No, the truth is that I survived—Sergio murders you, I murder Sergio at the bottom of the labyrinth, and I obtain the “Tithona.””


I gasped, not understanding what she was saying.

“Well, you won’t understand even if I tell you. Because I am the only one who knows, who dreams about it every night!”


I lost control of myself as I exclaimed out loud the outrageous words coming from the lousy woman’s mouth.

She dreamed about it? every night?!

It’s just like me!

“In the first place, you never make it down to that lower level in my dreams— so? Will you perish here?”

“Hm?! Nadia!”

“Y-Yes! 【Amon】”

Nadia summoned a beast while I was hiding behind my back.

“That is not right—in my dream, you were supposed to be trembling, unable to do anything, but in reality you’re using such a summoning art… Why is this the case?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about! You’re mixing up dreams and reality… Why don’t you wake up?!”

“Huh? My dreams are one-of-a-kind! Things will happen if I act like I do in my dreams!”

… After all, is this woman the same as me?

Just like me, if I do the same thing in my dreams, it will happen in real life.

“Through this, I was safely picked up by Baron Moreno. I got rid of his wife and child, and Emilio and the others. When I was nice to them, ufufu… They wagged their tails easily, so it was really, really easy~”


“…However, things have taken an unusual turn since the engagement was called off. If it had been true, you would have immediately burst into tears and watched the engagement fall apart like everyone else. And yet, here you are together. “

The lousy woman frowns and shakes her head.

“And then… I felt a disconnect between my dreams and reality.”

I see… I finally understand.

Was she the one who made Sergio, who should never have appeared in that location, appear?

“I tried to get Sergio and Donato to kill you, but you got them easily, didn’t you? Sigh, they’re completely useless.”

“…I see.”

“So I made the decision to kill you myself. So… could you please die?”

The lousy woman… Aria Moreno’s mouth hangs open like a crescent moon.

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