Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 30

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“That’s enough, Nadia.”

We had moved past the place where we had defeated Lady Carina and the others.

I eventually told Nadia to open her eyes.

“Y-Yes… Ivan, are you okay?”

“Of course. I’m not such a weakling, you know?”

“Yes, I am aware of that—I understand, but I’m concerned about you…”

Nadia says this while repeatedly peering into my face and confirming my safety.

Her thoughtfulness and concern warmed my heart.

And I swear once more.

I will definitely save Nadia and make her happy.

And I know I have to be present to ensure her happiness.

“I need to find the right opportunity…”

“What did you say, Ivan?”

“N-No, it’s nothing.”

Nadia overhears my muttering and asks what I said, which I quickly deny.

I can’t tell her about my dream.

“Well, we don’t have to worry about food for the next month thanks to the food that Lady Carina and the others left us.”

“! It turned out to be a blessing in disguise!”

It’s only been a few days, so there’s still enough food for the three of them.

In any case, we now have the bare minimum of food to clear the labyrinth…

So, what policy will we pursue from here on out? There were two patterns in my dream.

Either we leave the crown prince and the lousy woman behind and progress to the lower levels, or we get rid of them to alleviate any remaining concerns.

I don’t know what I think about Aits and others, but I don’t want Nadia to witness any more deaths of people she knows.

Furthermore, each option has advantages and disadvantages.

If we go to the labyrinth after killing them, we’ll have more food, but it’ll take longer to clear the labyrinth, and Nadia will have to get her hands dirty.

On the other hand, ignoring them shortens the time it takes to clear the labyrinth, but we know we’ll be in trouble later because of them.

…Well, in both cases, it’s the same.

If this is the case

“Nadia, today we’ll look for the stairs to the next level. Then we’ll get Tithona and get out of here.”


Nadia cheerfully responded to my words.

Oh, Nadia… If you’re here, I’m willing to go to hell or become a devil.

At first, I had always hoped that only you would be saved.

For that, I was secondary, just as you were in your dream when you first fell into this labyrinth; I only wanted you to be saved.

But that is just self-gratification, which you do not want.

And I don’t want to lose your warmth…


Let us sort out the feelings that have remained at Imperial Academy and get out of this place together.


“Nadia, how are you doing? —Are you tired?”

I signal to Nadia, who is walking alongside me.

Nadia must be physically exhausted after walking for nearly half a day, even though I’m carrying all of the luggage.

“Fufu… Don’t worry, Ivan. Let’s move quickly.”

Nadia smiles at me as she says this.

I don’t want to put too much pressure on Nadia, but based on her complexion and steps, she doesn’t appear tired.

On the contrary, Nadia seems to be full of life.

… In that case, I’d better make the most of my time here.

“I understand. However, if you feel tired, please let me know—Pushing yourself too hard will make things more difficult for you later on.”


So we keep going, deeper into the labyrinth.

Hellhounds, lizardmen, and other demons appear along the way, but they are no match for us.


“? What’s the matter?”

As soon as we beat the slime hordes and start walking again, I ask Nadia why she is laughing.

“No… To be honest, I thought of myself as a plain, inconspicuous, and useless individual.”

“That is not true!! Nadia is the most amazing and beautiful woman I’ve ever met!!”

I couldn’t accept the words she was saying, so I denied them aloud.

“Fufu, listen to me. That was my self-evaluation… no, that’s what Donato kept telling me, and the other students didn’t even pay attention to me after I arrived at the academy.”


“But…When I first arrived at the academy, you were the only one who looked at me.”

Nadia looks at me with her clear indigo eyes as she says this.

“At the time, Ivan Escobal, the most wonderful person of all, saved me…”


No, Nadia…

I was the one who was rescued.

Even if it was only in a dream, you were willing to save me with your own body.

After that, whenever I saw you in my dreams, you were always caring and kind to me…

I would have been broken if I had continued to have the same nightmarish dream every day.

But… I couldn’t be me without you.

“…Fufu. I’m sorry, Ivan; don’t worry about it. This is just my selfish thought…”

Nadia smiles sadly as she turns to face forward.

I just smiled sadly back at her.

But a certain determination strikes me.

a determination to fulfill both her selfish and my selfish desires.

With our thoughts on each other, we move silently through the labyrinth.

Following that

“What a coincidence!”

Unexpectedly, we ran into each other.

I was the lousy woman and the last of the cronies.

—Sergio Diaz, the Imperial Knight Commander’s legitimate son.

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