Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 31

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Sergio Diaz

As the oldest son of Count Diaz, the current commander of the Imperial Knights of Astoria, he is well-known even in neighboring countries. In the future, he is expected to be the most powerful Knight Commander in history.

Even though Sergio Diaz is only 18 years old, his swordsmanship has advanced to the level of a master, and it goes without saying that Donato Hymes is nowhere near him… he is literally the strongest in the academy… No, the empire’s strongest.

You’d think a man with such a bright future would think twice about denouncing his own fiancée and jeopardizing his own reputation.

However, Sergio acted the same way as the Crown Prince.

He was devoted to Aria Moreno, ignored his fiancée, Laura Pedrosa, and was rude to the other students.

He is a man with no equal in swordsmanship, and no one dared to raise their opinion of him.

That is the entirety of this man’s behavior at the Imperial Academy.

“What are you doing here?”

“Of course, I’m trying to navigate the labyrinth. We have to get the Tithona or we’ll be stuck here forever.”

Sergio responds with a smile and a shrug of his shoulders.

But my thoughts were racing about this unexpected situation.

because this had never happened in my dreams before.

Of course, a dream is a dream, and it is not the same as reality.

However, the events leading up to the breakup of the engagement—the fact that we were thrown into the labyrinth—the layout of the labyrinth’s passageways, ceilings, walls, and floors—Donato’s attack—Lady Liliana’s attempted poisoning—our encounter with Hernan, Chico, Lady Carina, and the others—all of these things were almost identical to the events in the dreams.

I can’t believe there’s a new development here that I’ve never seen before…

“By the way, I’ve been keeping an eye on the others, and I’m amazed you guys have survived all this time.”


Emilio smiles at me, and I remain silent.

I see… Did he arrive ahead of us after seeing that?

“So, here’s my proposal… How about you join us and assist us in navigating the labyrinth until we find Tithona? I recognize your abilities.”

“Eh?! Sergio, what are you talking about?!”

Sergio’s words prompted the lousy woman who had been silently listening next to him to raise her voice.

Apparently, she had not heard about this matter.

I felt the same way.

“…What if I refuse?”

“Then everything is fine. I’ll give up and we’ll figure it out on our own.”

Sergio shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.


Nadia gave me a worried look as we exchanged a few words.

“It’s all right, Nadia… So don’t worry.”


I smiled as I squeezed her small hand.

But… What should I do, though?

At least, in my dreams, this man has never offered collaboration with me.

Given that, this offer could be a ruse to catch us off guard.

…all right.

I made a decision and looked at Sergio.

This is when



We hear a groan from further down the corridor, and Nadia and I turn to look.

It was…


Emilio was swallowed whole by a slime that was one or two times his size, with only his face poking out.

…It appears Emilio has been preyed upon.

This is the end of the former Astoria Empire crown prince…

In the end, however, he sowed his own seed.

Nadia would not be in this situation if this man had not done what he did.

I look at Emilio with mixed feelings of pity and contempt.

“Aaaaaaahhh…. Sergio… Sergio… Why did you…”


Sergio’s name was unexpectedly spoken, and I looked at him involuntarily.


Sergio, on the other hand, simply stared at Emilio without changing his expression.

“Sergioo~oh…. Sergio~oh…”

Emilio keeps calling Sergio’s name instead of Aria’s…

It’s dangerous, but let’s give it a shot.


I raised my right hand and fired a single fireball at Slime’s lower body.

Slime writhes in agony as the 20-centimeter-wide fireball strikes him.

Following that


I pulled Emilio from Slime’s burned body, which had shrunk to its original size.


But Emilio, who has already been digested inside the slime’s body, will not be able to survive.

“Emilio… Why are you being swallowed up by a mere slime? How could you have let such a monster get you?”

I spoke softly to him.


Emilio slowly pointed shakenly at Sergio with his right hand and quickly ran out of strength. Finally, he died.

Sergio’s mouth hung open in amusement at that moment.

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