Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 18

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“At long last, I found you!”

Donato appeared, holding an oversized longsword in his hand. His face twisted into a hideous grin as he looked at us.

Apparently, this is where we encounter him in real life.

“…What can we do for you, Donato-sama?”

Nadia asks Donato in hushed tones, not bothering to conceal her disgust.

“Hmph! Don’t you get it? Give me the food you have if you don’t want to die!”

Despite Donato’s arrogant remarks, Nadia and I frown.

As ever, this man doesn’t declare his folly.

“What are you on about? Why should we sacrifice our valuable food for you?”

“Why?! It’s self-evident! I am Donato Hymes, heir to the Hymes family! I will command the empire’s armies, and my life is more valuable than yours!”

Donato said this as if to say, (How come you don’t understand such a simple thing?)

I almost burst out laughing because the dialogue is exactly the same as in the dream.

More than that, he did bring his belongings with him.

“By the way, let me ask you a question: Where is that Lady Aria you so adore?”

Even though I’m aware of it, I asked Donato about it. Hahaha. The idiot is gnashing his teeth in frustration.

“From what I can tell, Lady Aria appears to have chosen someone else instead of you.”

“Sh-Shut up!”

Donato raises his voice when I hit the target.

Yes, that’s right. After all, the lousy woman you’ve been pining for chose him.

It’s that man, not you, who is one of the best in the Imperial Academy at the combat necessary to survive in this labyrinth.

“Haha, so you’re going to steal our food and use it to catch that lousy woman? —Congratulations, I suppose.”

“I told you to shut up!”

Donato, perhaps unable to stand my words, rushes forward with a long sword slung over his shoulder.


When I saw this, I grabbed Nadia in my arms and flew to the side.

“…it’s hideous—It’s truly unfortunate that such a man was my ex-fiance…”

“You can’t do anything about it. You were a child at the time, and you had no right to choose your fiancée…”

“But, Ivan, people grow up, and this person hasn’t changed since he was ten.”

Nadia continues to lash out at Donato.

That’s how much she’s held back in her heart.

“I’ll tell you something, Donato. We’ll let you go if you just leave without doing anything. But if you keep attacking us, I will have no mercy. Make amends with death in that case!”

“What a load of nonsense! Have you forgotten how I humiliated you?!”

…Was he referring to that time?

I was only willing to be beaten up on purpose so that Nadia’s heart would completely drift away from you.


I can’t help but laugh when I think about it.

“You! What’s so amusing!”

“Of course it’s amusing—You’re no better than that man because you’re still stuck in the past.


Donato looks at me, his face flushed and blue streaks on his brow, as if my words have offended him.

But… Your rage pales in comparison to mine.

You’ve never said a kind word to Nadia in the eight years you’ve been her fiancé, instead treating her roughly and trampling on her heart.


“Nadia—this person appears to have no intention of backing down. Even though it was not what you wanted, I will now take the life of the man to whom you were once betrothed. So, could you please take your gaze away for a moment?”

Despite the fact that it is Donato, Nadia does not want to see her ex-fiancé die so tragically. No, I don’t want her to witness me murdering people.

The real me is an unsightly man who would go to any length to win Nadia.


“…No, I’m going to print everything Ivan does and has done in my eyes and heart. Let me share everything.”

Nadia smiles as she places her hand gently on her chest.

Her indigo eyes are filled with resolve and determination.

‘Sigh’… even in reality, you’re still the same.

I can’t believe you chose to spend eternity in hell with me…

“Hmph! You’re going to kill me?! That’s a big one! I’m going to crush you both like insects!”

As before, Donato rushes forward with his long sword on his shoulder.

This time, however, he also intends to side-swipe Nadia.


“Huh!? Gee… (Boom!) Gaaaa!”

After a moment of surprise and a scream, Donato’s right half of his body suddenly explodes with a loud roar.

Yes, I know Donato rushes forward through a predetermined spot.

So I began by casting a spell on the floor.

—Synthetic magic,【Landmine】

I placed fire magic in a circular thin container 30 cm in diameter, created by earth magic, and placed it on the floor, concealing it with water magic.

The power is not great, but it is sufficient to kill a human being.

“Ah, ah, ah…. Ahhhhhhh…”

Donato, covered in blood, rolls on the floor and screams muffledly.

The smell of human blood, which I couldn’t detect in my dream, smells strongly of iron.

Haha… I’ve done this hundreds of times and should be used to it, but…

“Ah, Nadia…”

“…Ivan…this isn’t just your transgression. I’ll bear it with you. I’ll bear it with you.”

She wraps her arms around me and repeats those words over and over.

That’s right… That’s something you’ve always done for me, even in my dreams.

Unlike previous dreams in which I was simply completing a task, I now feel her kindness… her warmth has saved my heart.

“It hurts… It hurts… It… hurts…it…”

Donato groaned as he crawled across the floor like a caterpillar, covered in blood, tears, and sand.

His voice, on the other hand, gets quieter and quieter over time, until he only moves his mouth without saying anything.

Following that


Donato takes his final breath.

“… Let’s go. “


After witnessing Donato’s final moments as the one who had killed him, I put the food from his pack into my own, and left the place with Nadia.

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