Rockwall Lou – V6 Chapter 6

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔


Since the appearance of a large horde of demon beasts from the “wilderness”, the gates surrounding the city of Arche have essentially remained closed.

Those who lived “outside the walls” were accommodated “inside the walls”. Demon beast hunters and dismantlers were given lodging facilities as a priority, as they were vital for self-sufficiency. Others have been living in tents brought into parks and streets.

The “Star Guardian” group was also in a privileged position, but they moved inside the walls.

Luo added various rooms, a meeting place, storage sheds, and stables next to his house. Since they could open holes directly in the walls to move their belongings, the move was done discreetly and smoothly. The place was equipped with water and drainage, and even a bath. It was more comfortable than living in tents, which pleased the “Star Guardian” group. However, there were concerns about the stone beds due to the group consisting mostly of elderly people.

The nature of their jobs changed dramatically.

Lookouts were on the city walls, the transport team was near the north gate, organ handlers were at the wilderness guild, and demon beast hunters were in the “wilderness”.

Everyone was assigned their respective places, and there was a coordinated operation across the different groups.

Food and supplies were rationed.

The future remains uncertain, but somehow, they are managing to survive.

On the bulletin board of the city of Arche, an edict was posted in the name of the chief magistrate.

『To defeat the “Blue Demon Beast” that instigates hordes of demon beasts exceeding ten thousand and to restore the kingdom’s peace, “Saint” Princess Tweney and the Hero Squad will soon arrive in the city of Arche. All citizens of Arche are to gather on the main street in front of the south gate to grandly welcome the princess.』

When this news was delivered, there was an immense shock among the “Star Guardian”.

Everyone knelt in front of the statue of the goddess, shedding tears.

“The hardships we have endured were not in vain. To think that the “Star Princess” was still alive.”

Forty years since they were driven out of the royal capital. At Bekios of the transport team’s words, everyone was at a loss for words, choked with emotion.

However, the problem hadn’t been resolved. Theresa, the representative of the “Star Guardian”, took a firm stance and admonished them.

“We should cry after fulfilling our duty. The “Star Princess” might not stay in this city for long. We must somehow meet her during that time and convey our situation.”

“Why not contact the magistrate?”

The suggestion came from Maasa.

Norancho, the magistrate of Arche, was so obese that he couldn’t move without a palanquin, but he was a competent individual.

Since the emergence of the horde of demon beasts, he had been calling for information on this phenomenon, assuring that even illegal residents wouldn’t be punished. Maasa believed he was probably referring to Theresa, who had blocked the parade of Commander of the Royal Knights Boskin and Norancho.

If Norancho understood and agreed, things could progress quickly.

However, the situation changed.

The Hero Squad, who came as the princess’s escort, turned out to be wizards wearing black collars.

Black Neck Squad. They were enemies of the Mail Cult. In the “Fanatics’ Rebellion” that happened ten years ago, all the remaining members of the cult in the royal capital were annihilated. Trusting such folks was impossible.

“In that case, we have no choice but to do something with our power, right?”

Theresa relied on Luo’s power.

“Hey Luo. I have something to talk about. Can you listen to a humble request from an old granny like me?”

The magical power of Luo far exceeded Theresa’s predictions.

When a horde of demon beasts appeared from the wilderness, Luo managed to repair the destroyed aqueduct bridge in just one night. The bridge has arches of the same shape connected in succession. There were plenty of rubble materials scattered, and he just reconstructed the same structure. The boy nonchalantly stated what he did, leaving everyone astounded.

“Granny, something’s odd.”

Towards Theresa, who was pleading in a sweet voice, Luo clearly showed his distrust.

“There’s nothing odd about it.”

Theresa, with an unaccustomed smile, carefully chose her words while trying to win over the innocent boy.

The princess who came to this city has been captured and imprisoned by evil wizards. We want to save the poor princess in some way.

“Help the princess?”

“Yes, exactly. With your magic, Luo, it will be a piece of cake. We know where the princess is. When night falls, we’ll sneak in.”

“Wait a minute.”

Crozet interrupted the conversation.

She understands the desire to fulfill the long-standing wish of the “Star Guardian” spanning forty years. However, it doesn’t mean they can expose Luo to danger.

“There were five first-grade wizards there. Sneaking into such a place, it’s impossible to come out unharmed. If we’re to get the princess out, it should be just us.”

“Do you think you can?”

At the pointed remark, Crozet fell silent.

If they can’t get Luo’s cooperation, there’s little chance of success. Probably, all intruders will be killed.

Thinking of her precious “family” being in danger. . . . . .

Luo looked at the distressed and pale-faced Crozet with curiosity.

Theresa sighed.

“Luo, I beg you in my lifetime. Please help us, the “Star Guardian”.”

Luo pondered.

If it had been when he first came to this city, he would have accepted without hesitation. But maybe due to Maasa’s teachings, Luo started to think not only about his feelings but also about the other party.

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

“Really? Then. . . . . .”

“If that girl agrees.”


Luo added a perfectly reasonable condition.

He will create a miniature of the facility where the princess is staying and plan the invasion route. Luo, who was scouting the facility from the outer wall, identified a room where someone resembling the princess seemed to be. She seemed to be looking at the courtyard’s view through open curtains.

The ones who will infiltrate are Gangi, Bekios, Chara, Bon, Totom—the transport team of five—and only Luo. To comfort the young princess, Crozet insisted that she should go, but Gangi declined.

The plan will be executed at night when the moon is hidden by clouds. They will penetrate the wall, create an external staircase, and directly invade the room.

Then, they will persuade the princess and ask her to come along.

“Gangi-san, are you really okay?”

Maasa, concerned, received a determined response from Gangi with a spirited bearded face.

“Don’t worry. If we show our gratitude, the princess should understand.”

Maasa became even more worried.

“Children don’t get convinced by words alone. They judge by one’s appearance and aura. Since you, Gangi-san, have a large physique, initially maintain a distance where the other person feels safe, and avoid sudden movements as much as possible.”


“Also, be careful with the volume of your voice. And don’t forget to smile.”

“Like this?”

To anyone’s eyes, he wasn’t up to the mark.

Afterwards, Gangi, the persuader, practiced his smile, and then the operation to rescue the princess was carried out.

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