Rockwall Lou – V6 Chapter 7

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟕


While being led by the hand, I raced through the night streets. I didn’t know where I was being taken, yet strangely, I wasn’t afraid.

On the contrary, my heart felt light, as if I had grown wings.

“Luo, there’s a lot I want to discuss with you.”

“Okay, I understand.”

The place we arrived at after turning several corners was surrounded by a massive stone wall. Surprisingly, it seemed like a house built within the city walls.

“It’s dark, so be careful.”

I climbed the stairs and entered what looked like the living room on the second floor.

“I’m back.”

“Ah, Luo-kun! I’m glad you’re safe.”

The woman in the living room expressed her joy. She looked to be in her late teens. Her expression was so bright it was dazzling. She rushed to hug Luo, but stopped when she noticed Tweney beside him.

“Ah, um. . . . . .are you the “Star Princess”?”

Tweney wasn’t sure how to respond.

In the living room, there were several other people. One of them, the oldest-looking petite old woman, stepped forward. The others hurriedly rose from their chairs and sofas, gathering around.

“Allow me to introduce ourselves. Welcome, “Star Princess.” We are. . . . . .”

Just then, men in black cloaks rushed up the stairs.

“Phew, phew.”

“Finally, we caught up.”

“Ahh, I can’t beat the years.”

“Can someone get me some water?”

In the not-so-large living room, more than ten adults surrounded them.

The oldest old woman opened her eyes wide in astonishment.

“Everyone, quiet! We are in the presence of the “Star Princess”!”

Startled by the old woman’s loud voice, I instinctively grabbed onto Luo’s arm.

The young woman from earlier flailed her hands in distress.

“Ah, um, sorry. She’s not that scary. She just has a.. . . . . .loud voice.”

“What about my voice?”

“Theresa-sama, in the presence of the “Star Princess”. . . . . .”

“Oh my, such a lovely princess.”

Three old women approached with smiles.

“Perhaps around Luo-chan’s age?”

“My, they do look good together.”

The elderly men in black cloaks also crowded closer.

“Luo-boy, what’s going on? It seems you and the “Star Princess” are close.”

“I’m just glad we made it. We couldn’t settle things with Gangi.”

“My apologies.”

“More importantly, the battle with the Black Neck Squad. To think you’d overpower four of them alone. I’m truly amazed!”

“Can someone get me water?”

Amid the chaotic atmosphere, Luo, perhaps thinking it wasn’t the best place to talk, took my hand.

“Let’s go to my room.”

Leaving everyone behind, he led me to a small room on a higher floor.

“Sit here. I’ll bring a light.”

The room had only a cabinet and a stiff sofa. Upon closer inspection, the sofa I was sitting on was a bed made of stone. There was a folded blanket at one end. I wondered how one could sleep here without getting hurt.

After a while, Luo returned and placed a candle lamp on the shelf.

“I’m back.”

Luo prodded the peculiar doll displayed on the shelf. Suddenly, it radiated a rainbow glow and began to dance whimsically.

While being taken aback, Luo, with a mischievous smile, jumped onto the bed. He landed in a cross-legged position. Thinking he would hurt his rear, the stone-made bed shone in rainbow colors, cushioning the boy as if he landed on a plush pillow.


The shockwave passed through, making our bodies momentarily levitate before landing softly. The boy laughed joyfully. I had experienced this phenomenon in Akkare Castle before. The boy referred to it as the “blessing of Ishigami-sama”, but was it different from magic?

“Granny said so. The princess is being deceived by an evil wizard, and she asked for help.”

“You’re here to save me?”


It was the same at Akkare Castle.

For the sake of himself, who wanted to save a fallen chick from its nest, Luo had rushed over immediately.

“Why are you helping me, Luo?”

Surprised, Luo responded after widening his eyes.

“Because I’ve been helped a lot too.”

In his birth village, Luo’s father was attacked and killed by a demon beast. His disheartened mother also passed away from a pandemic. It was the people in the village, including “Aniki”, who saved Luo at that time. He couldn’t repay them while in the village. Hence, Luo decided that he would help anyone in distress whenever he found them.

Luo is kind.

Surely, he would support anyone through anything.

Before She knew it, Tweney had poured out about her upbringing, past events, and inner feelings.

Being called the “Child of Misfortune”, facing disdain, and enduring so much pain. After arriving at the royal capital, she was hailed as a “saint”, carrying the weight of everyone’s expectations, which was even more challenging. She felt sad when she was denied an audience with her father. During her journey of trials, she felt both fear and anger towards the wizard Ozma, who tried to control her mind. She desperately wanted to see Luo and joined a parade in the city of Arche.

Before she realized, she became emotional and cried.

Luo seemed unsure of how to comfort her, but tried his best to encourage her.

“I’m sorry. I just don’t know what to do.”

“Take your time to think.”

“Take my time?”


After losing his parents, Luo also felt lost. But over time, he decided to defeat the Rock King Eagle, the very beast responsible for his father’s death and the cause of his mother’s grief.

“You can stay here as long as you want. If you prefer being alone, I can arrange a room for you. I’ll bring you food. Oh, but, is Peppoko being chased by an evil wizard? Maybe it’s better to move to another place.”

Leaning against the wall, Luo pondered.

Luo was supposed to be working as a dismantler in this city. He seemed ready to give up his job and home without a second thought.

What if they both ran away and started living somewhere else? A quiet place abundant in nature would be nice. A place where no one knows them, forever.

As she thought this, the girl realized.

The current situation was not as simple. The nearby village was destroyed by demon beasts. If they ran now, she would surely regret it. Plus, there were things she needed to know.

But before that. . . . . .

“I’m sorry, Luo.”

The girl approached the boy nervously and confessed.

“I’m not Peppoko.”

She had never had the opportunity to correct the lie she had blurted out when they first met. Despite everything Luo had done for her, she felt it was a terrible betrayal. The only thing she could do was apologize sincerely and hope for forgiveness.

“Back then, I was panicking. Rayza had told me to use a pseudonym when talking to strangers. The first name that came to mind was Peppoko. You saved Peppoko back then. Ah, Peppoko is the name of a baby bird. I couldn’t bring myself to tell you. My real name is. . . . . .”

While she was frantically trying to explain, suddenly, the boy leaned towards her.

She quickly supported him.

Although he was just talking moments ago, the boy had fallen asleep.

It was already past midnight.

A lot had happened today. After much worry and physical exertion, she finally felt relieved.

As she pondered what to do next, her consciousness began to blur.

After a while. . . . . .

When Crozet, ordered by Theresa to check on them, brought tea, the boy and girl were sound asleep, leaning on each other’s shoulders.

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