Reincarnated Witch’s Carefree Gourmet Journey – Chapter 95



Marie initially sets out for the Forbidden Library.

Unaware that she is held in high regard (or rather, uninterested), she proceeds.

“Hey, you.”

“Is it, is it me you’re talking to. . . . . .?”

Marie says to Keel.

“Yes, you. Hey, where and how did the fruit that was growing from your body come from? I can’t seem to find any around here.”

What Marie is after is the sweet, sweet fruit that exists on Horai Mountain.

Keel had been planted with fruit seeds.

However, the same kind of fruit is nowhere to be found in the surrounding area.

“Uh. . . . . .I don’t really remember. . . . . .But I think it’s not around here.”

“On what basis?”

Marie was getting hungry and increasingly irritated.

“When we entered, I’m sure there were flowers blooming all over the place. But there are no flowers to be found around here.”

『Maybe Horai Mountain is divided into areas? Like a fruit zone and a forest zone.』

“Tch. . . . . .”

A forest is useless.

After all, you can’t eat it.

Marie was hungry. Very hungry.

She wanted to eat a meal as soon as possible.

And then, that moment came.

That moment came.

Rustle rustle…!

“! Is it an enemy?”

The ground began to swell slowly.

As everyone trembled in fear, Marie grinned.

“Perfect, become my sustenance.”

Marie casually eats magical creatures.

In this era, in this world, eating magical creatures is considered taboo, but Marie couldn’t care less.

If a magical creature has appeared, then it’s perfect.

She thought she’d eat it. . . . . .however.


“. . . . . .A Human-faced tree.”

What appeared was a gigantic human-faced tree.

A wooden magical creature with a face on its trunk.

. . . . . .Well, naturally.

“I can’t eat this after all!”

Marie was furious.

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