Reincarnated Witch’s Carefree Gourmet Journey – Chapter 86



In the continent to the west, six large nations exist.

Among them, the Madukas Empire is currently facing an unprecedented crisis.

“Damn it! This is bad! Another horde of monsters is coming!”

In the capital city of Gēta・Nyīga, a swarm of magical creatures gathers outside the city walls.

They are orcs, magical creatures with the appearance of humanoid pigs.


“Are you serious. . . . . .”

“Not again. . . . . .”

“Give us a break. . . . . .”

These are the murmurs of the soldiers belonging to the Empire.

Fatigue is clearly visible on their faces.

Understandably so, as the Madukas Empire has recently been plagued by frequent monster outbreaks.

The imperial army is exhausted from continuously dealing with these threats.

“Everyone, keep fighting!”

“Riara-sama. . . . . .!”

Riara・De・Madukas, the imperial princess and one of the squad leaders, speaks out.

With flowing silver hair, a military uniform, and golden eyes, she encourages her subordinates.

“Our defeat means exposing the people of the Empire to danger! This is the moment to hold our ground! Everyone, fight on!”

As Riara speaks forcefully, a glimmer of determination can be seen on the soldiers’ faces.

“Riara-sama, please rest. You haven’t had proper sleep in three days.”

The adjutant standing next to Riara says this to her.

“Everyone else is fighting through the night, I can’t possibly sleep!”

“Riara-sama. . . . . .”

The soldiers nod in agreement.

Riara is of royal blood; she is not meant to be on the front lines.

But she takes up a gun and confronts the enemy herself.

Inspired by her actions, the soldiers rise again.

“Let’s go, everyone!”


Taking the lead, Riara gallops on her horse.

In her hand is a loaded gun.

“Squeal!” “Screech!” “Squeal!”

The orcs are getting closer.

Without showing any fear, Riara readies her bayonet.

The soldiers follow her lead.


Bang! Bang bang!

Bullets blow the orcs’ heads off.

Compared to the era when magic was prevalent, the power of guns has significantly improved.

This is due to the decline of magic, which reduced the options for long-range attacks.

The advancement of technology has compensated for the lack of magic.

“It’s working! Keep firing! Fire! Fire!”

While maneuvering her horse, Riara continues to blow the orcs’ heads off.

Encouraged by her, the soldiers fight with all their might.

However, their momentum gradually slows.

Click! Clink!

“Damn it! We’re out of bullets!”

The greatest drawback of guns is the limited ammunition.

While magic allows attacks as long as there’s magical power, guns have limitations.

“Riara-sama! Please fall back!”

Without her gun, the princess is just a vulnerable woman.

But Riara doesn’t flee. She draws her saber and bravely charges at the orcs.

“Follow Riara-sama!” “Charge!”

The imperial soldiers continue to fight valiantly, but their momentum gradually slows down.

Orcs keep coming, one after another.

They charge without showing any fear, changing the color of their eyes as they rush forward.

“Why are these things so relentless!”

“What is driving these orcs?!”

Monsters sometimes engage in a phenomenon called “Monster Parade.”

When they run out of food, they come down to human settlements in groups.

While this explains the situation, there are still incomprehensible aspects.

The monster attacks have been continuous.

Furthermore, different species keep appearing one after another.

And what they all have in common is that they attack humans while changing the color of their eyes.

The orcs and the magical creatures that attacked the other day all have bloodshot red eyes.



Princess Riara falls off her horse.

Then, the orcs swarm in.

Rushing to be the first to kill this frail human who has fallen.

“Damn! Is this the end. . . . . .?”

Just then.


Suddenly, a massive tornado appears.

It’s unbelievable.

The sky was clear just a moment ago.

Yet now, a tornado of incredible scale has formed.

“W, What is this? What’s happening. . . . . .?”

Just then, Princess Riara spots something strange in the sky.

“A woman. . . . . . on a broomstick?”

A pointy triangular hat, dressed in black.

Flowing black hair, eyes like black pearls.

“Hurricane Vacuum.”

The witch utters an unfamiliar phrase.

The next moment, another tornado forms and wipes out the orcs in an instant.

“W, Wow. . . . . .” “She defeated the orcs we struggled with, just like that. . . . . .” “It’s a miracle!”

The woman lands gently.

And with a wave of her hand, the fallen orcs vanish instantly.

“A miracle. . . . . . magic. . . . . . can it be?”

As she starts to leave, Princess Riara grabs her hand.


“Thank you for your help, Lady Witch!”

Yes, she’s been the talk of the town lately.

A magician with black hair who wanders around, helping people.

“You must be the Witch who will save the world. . . . . . Witch Marie!”

Marie, the witch thus named, makes a disgusted face and says,

“No, you’re mistaken. I’m not traveling to save the world or anything.”

Princess Riara nods as if understanding.

“I see. . . . . . you’re just being modest!”


She must’ve said it like that to not owe us any favors.

“As expected, Lady Witch!”

“Sigh. . . . . . I get treated like this here too, huh.”

Just then.


A dragon carriage approaches.

A red-haired beastman boy sits at the coachman’s seat.

And a black cat is perched on his head.


The witch, who was unfriendly until now, goes to the beastman with a smile.

“Kaito! I’ve got some orc meat! Cook it right away!”

“Understood! What would you like?”

“Something quick and filling!”

What are they talking about?

“Um, Lady Witch, about my gratitude—”

“Quiet. I’m hungry and irritated.”

“In that case! Come to the imperial capital! Let’s have a thank-you meal. . . . . .”

The witch’s eyes sparkle.

“Fine. I’ll let you thank me. Kaito, we’ll have the meat dish next time.”


And so, Witch Marie, the beastman Kaito, and the demon Ose were invited to the Madukas Empire.

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