Reincarnated Witch’s Carefree Gourmet Journey – Chapter 85



The Sorcerer King’s mother has resurrected.

And then, several days passed, and one day.

“. . . . . .”

『Hey, you awake, Witch-sama?』

Ose the black cat was peering at her.

Marie sighed.

“I’m hungry.”

『The first thing you say is that? . . . . . .Jeez, you’re as predictable as ever.』

When Marie sat up, a pleasant aroma filled the air.

“Is this. . . . . . vinegar?”

『Yeah. While you were sleeping, we got everything sorted. The kid is now preparing sushi.』


That was the reason Marie had come to the Far East.

She had crossed the ocean to taste something incredibly delicious known as sushi.


“Witch-sama! Over here!”

Kaito appeared, holding a tub of vinegared rice.

Marie drooled as she waited for the sushi to be prepared.

“Glad to see you’re okay!”

“Yes, sushi quickly.”

“We were worried since you fainted and didn’t wake up for days. . . . . .”

“Yes, sushi quickly.”

Kaito quickly prepared the sushi.

“This is. . . . . . sushi! A Far Eastern delicacy!!!!”

Rice topped with colorful pieces of fish.

“The Sorcerer King lifted the curse. We have lots of rice and fish now! Go ahead, eat!”

Without any hesitation, Marie ate the sushi made by Kaito.

She took a bite of the bright red piece, looking like a ruby.


A flavor she had never tasted before filled her mouth.

The harmony of sweet and sour rice and fresh seafood.

“The reformed Sorcerer King is putting all his efforts into reconstructing the Far East.”

The more she chewed, the more flavor emerged, bringing her to tears.

Seeing her, Kaito was touched.

“So you’re so happy that the people of the Far East can live in peace, you’re crying!”

『I doubt that’s the reason.』

She didn’t care what happened here.

She was just thankful to be eating the most delicious meal of her life.

“Ah. . . . . . this is so good. . . . . . It was worth all the effort. . . . . .”

Marie nodded deeply as she ate her sushi.

Food you work hard to eat is exceptional, she thought.

She quickly finished the sushi.

But then, new pieces were added.

“We’ve received a ton of ingredients from the people of the Far East! I’ll make sushi until you’re stuffed!”

She thanked Kaito for making delicious sushi.

“Thank you, Kaito. . . . . . .I look forward to your continued support.”

Kaito’s face turned red as he smiled brightly and nodded.

“Yes! I look forward to it too!”

And so, Marie was able to safely eat sushi in the Far East.

As a bonus, she also ended up saving the Far East.

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