Reincarnated Witch’s Carefree Gourmet Journey – Chapter 22



Onboard the ship, Marie was tasked with defeating a sea monster while en route to the Far East.

She successfully captured the Kraken, the lord of the nearby sea, by creating a whirlpool.

“Now, time for some giant takoyaki. . . . . .Itadakimasu!”

『This gluttonous witch. . . . . .she’s already defeated and eaten the octopus. . . . . .』

In front of the ship is a massive octopus.

Its name is Kraken.

It’s larger than this big ship by a size.

Eight tentacles, each moving like a large tree, undulate individually.

Menacingly, Kraken looks down at them.

It seems to possess intelligence and is giving Marie a glare of anger.

“Yikes! That’s the lord of the nearby sea that’s sunk many large ships! Even veteran adventurers have failed to defeat it!”

While the crew is completely demoralized, Marie gives an inappropriate smile and activates her magic with her right hand.

“【Hurricane Vacuum Blade】!”

It’s Marie’s signature wind magic.

A massive tornado forms on the sea.

Inside the swirling wind are countless vacuum blades.

“There it is! Witch-sama’s finishing move! Hurricane Vacuum Blade! The opponent will be shattered to death. . . . . .!”

『Huh? Wait! Something’s off, Witch-sama!』

Marie also notices. Even after taking the wind magic. . . . . .


“What?! It’s. . . . . .it’s still alive?!”

Kaito, the animal-eared chef, is surprised.

He’s been watching Marie’s magic up close for a long time.

Her wind blades have dismembered every magical creature so far.

However, this Kraken is still completely intact (though whether that term is appropriate for an octopus is unclear).

“How. . . . . .Why?!”

“Its body is soft. So, the blade can’t cut through.”

Kraken is virtually impervious to adventurers’ weapon attacks.

Why is that?

Kraken’s body is soft, so blades can’t cut through. Before the blades can sever the flesh, the body changes shape to prevent the cut.

『Hey hey, Witch-sama, what are you going to do? You’ve one-shotted every enemy until now, but finally met a formidable foe?』


Kraken spews a large amount of acid from its mouth.

“That’s dangerous, Witch-sama! I’ve heard that acid can dissolve anything!”

“No problem.”

Marie thrusts her right hand forward.

She activates a barrier spell. It directly blocks Kraken’s acid.

『Ha! Stupid octopus! This is a sturdy barrier that won’t dissolve even from the acid of a demon like me! Your petty octopus acid won’t work!』

“Amazing! Witch-sama! But why does Ose-san look so smug?”

Marie blocks the acid.

『So, what now?』

“No problem.”

Kraken, maybe in anger, raises its gigantic tentacles. . . . . .

And just before hitting the ship, it freezes.

『What?! It. . . . . .the octopus has stopped attacking? No! It’s wrong! It’s frozen!』

As Ose shouts, the octopus’ body gradually hardens.

“It’s freezing! The whole large octopus!”

『That’s right! If it’s too soft to be cut, then hardening it will make it susceptible to blades!』

“Great thinking! As expected of Witch-sama!”

Marie, as usual, activates her Hurricane Vacuum Blade and slices Kraken into pieces, sinking it into the sea.

Marie elegantly turns around.

The crew and the captain, who have been watching, kneel and say,

“Thank you, Witch-sama!”

“You’ve defeated the monster that has long tormented us seafolk! Thank you!”

Marie, while casually flipping her hair, coolly says,

“It’s not like I did it for you, you know.”

It was for her own appetite. However. . . . . .

“””Wow! What a tsundere!”””

『Do these guys really appreciate it. . . . . .? Sounds like they’re mocking her.』

Either way, it was a matter of no concern to Marie.

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