Reincarnated Witch’s Carefree Gourmet Journey – Chapter 122



Marie and her team head to the Immortal Mountain to overthrow Martha.

They travel through Horai Mountain by carriage.

Sitting in her chair, Marie gazes out the window with a wistful expression.

“I’m hungry.”

『You ate so much, and you’re still hungry?』

Ever since arriving at Horai Mountain, it’s been an endless feast of sweets.

At this rate, we’ll all get fat in no time.

“Using magic makes me hungry.”

“Understood! I’ll prepare some delicious sweets with the fruits of Horai Mountain right away!”

They’ve been getting heaps of sweets from the slaves who had been forcibly put to work on Horai Mountain.

Kaito plans to use that to make some treats.

“Wait. Right now. . . . . . I want something salty.”

“Something salty. . . . . .?”

“Yes. I’m getting tired of sweets. I want something salty and hearty for a change.”

Ose asks incredulously, 『Do you know what “food break” means?』

Marie answers proudly, chest puffed out.

“It means a break between meals, right? Don’t underestimate me.”

『Ah, you do know the meaning of the words. My apologies.』

“I take a break by eating something salty between sweets. It rests my palate.”

『Return my apology, damn it. . . . . .!』

In any case, Marie is hungry.

“Kaito. Food.”

『Are you a baby?』

“Babies don’t say they want food when they’re hungry.”

Marie smirks triumphantly.

Ose is completely flabbergasted.

“I’m sorry, Witch-sama. We’ve run out of meat. . . . . .”

“Then why not hunt some magical creatures?”

“That’s the thing. . . . . . I can’t sense any magical creatures nearby.”

Kaito has keen hearing.

If there were magical creatures nearby, he would know.

Yet he hears no voices of magical creatures.

『Kid, are you sure?』

“Yes. I tried focusing to hear as far as I could. . . . . . and still, I don’t hear any magical creatures.”

『That’s odd. . . . . . Isn’t it unnatural for there to be no magical creatures?』

When they first arrived, there were magical creatures as usual.

But for them to suddenly disappear is strange.

『Witch-sama, could Martha, be plotting something?』

It’s possible, but Marie couldn’t care less.

What matters most to her is. . . . . .

“I’m. . . . . . hungry!”

Marie is becoming increasingly grumpy.

She’s so hungry she can’t stand it.

Marie can’t wait to defeat some magical creatures already. . . . . .!

“No signs of any magical creatures nearby. . . . . . Ugh! Ose, any bright ideas?!”

『Hmm. . . . . . How about we go back for now? We can use the Teleportation Gate to return to the mortal realm. There should be plenty of magical creatures there, right?』

“Nice idea, Kaito!”

Marie pokes her head out of the window and says.

“I’ll quickly go knock down some magical creatures and come back. I’ll set the coordinates to this carriage, so you keep it moving.”

“Understood! You’re going to assist Princess Riara, right? Take care!”

It seems that Kaito misunderstood and thought Marie was going to help Riara in the mortal realm.

Well, it didn’t matter.

Marie opens the Teleportation Gate and heads back to the mortal world for a moment.

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