Reincarnated Witch’s Carefree Gourmet Journey – Chapter 121



Meanwhile, as for Marie and her group. . . . . .

“Well, let’s get going soon.”

Marie, who had thoroughly enjoyed the fruit tart.

The Princess Riara and the adventurers who were once slaves are nowhere to be found.

They were all sent back to the mortal realm.

The only ones left are the usual crew: Marie, Kaito, and Ose.

『So what are we going to do now? We’ve freed all the slaves trapped in Horai Mountain.』

Including the imperial soldiers who were subordinates of Riara, all the enslaved individuals have been set free.

The only remaining mission is just one.

“We’re heading to Immortal Mountain.”

Marie points to Immortal Mountain, located in the center of Horai Mountain.

The Witch Martha resides there.

“Finally. . . . . . We’re going to defeat Martha!”

Kaito looks on with sparkling eyes.

But Ose notices something.

Drool is trickling from the corner of Marie’s mouth.

『Hey Witch-sama, why are you going to Immortal Mountain?』

『To claim a castle made of sweets!』

『What?! What’s this about a castle made of sweets?』

Marie explains to Ose.

“I heard it from the slaves. Martha is building a castle on Immortal Mountain. And that castle is entirely made of sweets!”

As Marie explains, her eyes sparkle like a child’s in front of a snack.

Ose knows this look all too well.

『So what you’re saying is. . . . . . you’re going there to eat Martha’s castle?』

『Exactly. At first, I thought of learning candy transformation magic from Martha, but I’ve already mastered it.』

Marie has already reverted the cookie figurines back to their original forms.

Having lifted the curse, she understood its structure and made it her own.

『So if you hadn’t heard about the candy castle, were you planning to leave?』

“? Of course.”

『That was really close then. . . . . .』

If she had found out a little later that Martha was living in a candy castle, Marie would have retreated from Horai Mountain.

Martha’s reign would have continued.

“A castle made of sweets. . . . . . it sounds like a dream! I wonder what it’s like. . . . . . I really want to taste it. . . . . . drool.”

Marie drools uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, Ose asks,

『What will you do if Martha refuses to give up the castle?』

『I’ll take it by force!』

『You’re not a witch anymore, you’re a barbarian. . . . . .』

Her idea was indeed barbaric.

Marie’s motive for defeating Martha had apparently shifted from magic to a castle made of sweets.

『Well, as long as you’re motivated, that’s what matters. If we leave the Witch alone, the human world will be in serious trouble.』

“You’re pretty reasonable for a demon.”

『That’s because you guys are so unreasonable!』

Marie and Kaito were the weird ones, making Ose seem relatively good in comparison.

『Let’s go, to Immortal Mountain.』

“Yes, let’s go!”


And so, Marie and her group set off toward Martha.

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