Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Hot Springs Village and the Legendary Castle 6


The stone giant bends down and thrusts its fist into the ground.

I’m not sure what it’ll do yet, but there’s one strange thing.

His fist was stuck in the ground, and there was no roar or thud as there should have been.


The stone giant extracts a massive chunk of boulder from the ground.


“Oh no! There are a lot of structures behind us! We can’t let it throw that thing…!”

Donna exclaimed as she followed me.

“Come on! Eat this!”

He swung his arm and hurled a chunk of rock at us.

The rage grows stronger.

If we avoid it, the building behind us will be in danger.



This old man steps into the path of the chunk of rock and lightly extends his hand.


The boulder is “stored” in this old man’s item box and vanishes without a trace.

82/100% usage rate

This represents only a 1% increase over the original 81%. There is still no issue.

“Uhhh?! What in the world did you do…?!”

The stone giant is taken aback.

“…! The large rock simply vanished! That’s fantastic, Ash-kun…!”

“That’s nothing to Ash!”

Tina was proudly flexing her chest out as far as she could on behalf of this old man.

Her ample breasts swaying with the gesture would be more impressive than if this old man had done it.

“And you’re a hell of a guy…! If you can absorb any attack, it’s invincible…!”

In reality, it’s not possible due to the Item Box’s capacity, but it’s best not to say that in front of the stone giant that The Castle Knight’s consciousness resides in.

Tina was well aware of this, so she only smirked at Donna.

“Fufufu, I don’t mind if my Ash gets compliments, you know? But if you touch him, I’m going to kill you. Please keep that in mind, okay?”

“N-No, I’m not going to. I wouldn’t seduce a young boy in that way.”

This old man approaches the stone giant after hearing these voices behind him.

“You’re not even old enough to wake up with your skills yet, but your power…are you really human?”

“Of course I’m human… but not as old as I appear. But, as Tina suggested, can’t you turn the hot springs back on right now? I don’t want to damage the legendary hero’s castle.”

The legendary hero’s castle has incalculable historical value.

I don’t want to destroy history’s romance with my own hands.

I’d prefer to keep things as civil as possible.

“F*** you! I couldn’t care less! I’m not so old that I’m a historical relic! I’d just defeated the Demon King, and I was about to make all the good women in the world my servants and have a debauched banquet inside me every night and not work! But he buried me in the earth. Do you understand how I feel?! I’m going to enjoy my past glory to the fullest from now on! I’m going to reclaim my lost youth!”

“…Hmm… Perhaps that’s why Hero-sama sealed you.”

“Maybe Ash is right.”

“Shut the f*ck up! You little b*tches! Have some respect for Hero-sama’s legendary castle!”

“You just told us you don’t give a damn…”

“You’re a pain in the ass. I might have done the same thing Hero-sama did.”


Something suddenly grabbed this old man’s body.


As he looked, a stone giant’s hand appeared silently at this old man’s feet.

The stone giant was making a violent motion with his arms buried in the ground.



“Fuhahaha! Play with your brain! Captured successfully by posing as a scum!”

The child body of this old man is light and can easily be suspended upside down in the air.

“Hey, hey, hey! If you don’t want to be slammed to the ground and have your brains cracked open, cry and apologize to me for all of your disrespect!”

“I don’t think it’s acting, I think it’s just the way it is…”

“Don’t be so f*cking coy! Do you know what situation you’re in now?!”

“I do. There appears to be no particular issue.”

This old man already had some plans in his head.

So there was nothing to be concerned about.

“Haaaa?! Don’t push it…! You’re really going to perish!”

“Why don’t you give it a try?”

“Give it a try?! Okay, I’ll give it a tryyy! HaaaaaaaaaーHuh?!”

Halfway through, the stone giant’s scream becomes a shout.

The giant’s body contorts and vanishes at the same time.

When he is released, this old man performs a somersault and lands safely on the ground.

“Ash! Are you all right?!”

“Oh Tina, don’t worry about it.”

“Ash-kun…! What did you just do?! The Stone Giant that the Castle Knight was controlling just vanished?!”

“It’s like a stone. So I stored it. “

This is the information that came to this old man’s mind at the time.

[Ogre’s Fossil]

Storage Status Bonus:

Arm Strength+100(Upper Limit: 750)

Physical Strength +100(Upper Limit: 750)

When stored, the “Earth Escape” skill can be used.

In other words, you can store the whole opponent you’ve captured in reverse―.

This turns out to be the case.

Because the Castle Knight is controlling the huge fossil, I’ve stored the fossil’s body as an item.

The use of the item box has increased by 5%, totaling 87%.

The usage rate tends to increase when you store attack energies like flames or shockwaves, but not so much when you [store] ordinary items.

5% is probably quite high for a single item.

But with this enormous mass, perhaps that’s inevitable.

There is, however, an additional skill called “Earth Escape.”

Will it be able to handle moves like putting a hand in the ground and pulling it out from somewhere else, which caught this old man earlier? I’ll try it later.

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