Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Hot Springs Village and the Legendary Castle 5

In a nutshell, it’s a stone giant.

However, it is more than just a large humanoid. It has a thick horn on its forehead, and the fangs of its well-developed mandible protrude from its mouth.

Its face clearly does not resemble that of a man. It is both vicious and fierce. His eyes were bright red.

It is clad in stone armor and has a stone helmet. But it’s so intricately designed that you’d never guess that it’s made of stone.

A large, yellowish, translucent ore sits on the brow.

I’m curious if it’s amber.

“What on earth is this thing?!”

It appears to be an ogre… some sort of giant who once served the demon lord.”

“What exactly is that stone statue doing here?”

“I’m not sure. An ogre, on the other hand, is a servant of the Demon King. Perhaps someone is manipulating The Castle Knights to do evil.”

“Are you talking about another one of the eight demon generals?”

“It’s possible. Because the Castle Knight is where the venerable hero once lived.”

Donna, on the other hand, disagrees with both this old man and Tina’s guess.

“No, it’s not being manipulated! On the contrary, it is under the control of the Castle Knight! It’s not some noble or respectable hero! It’s a dreadful castle!”


The red gleam in the stone giant’s eyes has intensified.

Following that,

“Hello you! You think there’s no one around, and you’re gossiping about me behind my back! Aaaah?! You sl*t with a cute face!”

It started speaking in a terrible, gruff tone.

“Huh…?! Tina, did you hear that? It’s speaking…!”

“Yes, I heard it as well. I guess I’m not hearing things in my ears because I’m old.”

“…In fact, this old man had the same thought. Then it’s certain.”

“Isn’t it true that the feeling is mutual? A couple who has a strong bond will think alike~!”

She pulls this old man’s face against her chest.

“Well, the contents themselves aren’t particularly appealing.”

After all, it is a story about old age and hearing loss.

Tina is happy, but Donna is terrified at the sound of the giant’s voice.

“Ehh…?! Is that The Castle Knight itself?!”

“This boy has no trouble projecting his consciousness! I’m going to punish you for being a two-faced b*tch! I’ll have your whipped body serve my insides…! Geheheheh! I’ll make you thoroughly clean my insides for a month!”


“… surprisingly tidy punishment…”

I was expecting something more sexual, but…

“However, you can’t deny the feeling of shame when it comes to whether it’s worthy of being the Legendary Castle of a Legendary Hero. It appears to have been brought up in the wrong place.”

“Indeed, It’s not very well-mannered. “



It takes a big step in this direction and leans in closer to us.

“Hey, Hey, Hey! Didn’t your parents teach you to be careful what you say to each other?!”

“…I’m afraid my parents are no longer alive.”

“This old man is exactly the same.”

He may appear to be a child, but on the inside he is an elderly man well past his prime.

His parents died a long time ago.

“Then I can teach you a lesson. I’ll trample kids like you to death. See? Isn’t it terrifying? Cry, cry, cry!”

“Children are the world’s treasure, and they have enormous potential. Would you trample these earth’s treasures? This does not appear to be the castle of a valiant hero. And to use a stone ogre statue… Are you out of your mind?”

Tina is not at all intimidated. She’s ignoring the giant’s threats.

In this way, she retains the dignity that befits a former queen.

“Kek! This statue is just a fool from the Demon Lord’s army, turned to stone by the power of a hero during a long-ago war. He had been inside me for so long that my power had entered him and he had turned into a puppet. That’s exactly what I am! I am perfectly normal! There are no more heroes with the skills of a “castle lord”! I can do whatever I want now that I’m free!”

“Neither I nor Ash will tolerate lawlessness in this land! Isn’t it your fault that the inn’s hot springs have stopped bubbling? We won’t hold you accountable if you leave the area now and restore the hot springs…”

“Huuuuuuh?! Hello, sweetie! Are you trying to tell me what to do?! You have a lot of guts! Even if you cry, I will not forgive you! I’ll put you to work along with that midget!”

In a fit of rage, the stone giant is about to attack Tina.

Its fists, which are larger than these elderly folks’ bodies, are raised in a mighty clash!

“W-Watch out, Martina-chan!”

“It’s okay. You stay back, Donna. I need to brush up on my instincts every now and then.”


The giant’s fist screamed.

But before it can reach Tina,


The massive blade of the “Greatsword of Black Dragon Scales” hit the stone giants from the side.


The body of the stone giant was too large to be severed, but

I pushed it out of the way before knocking it down and dragging it away from the guild’s building.

This was, of course, an attack by this old man.


“I sorry, Tina. I just couldn’t stop myself.”

“It doesn’t matter! Were you concerned about me?! I’m so happy to be loved by Ash~!”

In fact, that is true, but I was somewhat embarrassed and wanted to deny it.

Perhaps it’s because Tina is overly direct.

“No… All I wanted was to look good in front of Tina.”

“Of course, that’s perfectly fine.”

That seemed to please her as well.

“And anyway, I’ve only just pushed it out! Come on, Tina!”

“All right, Ash!”

This old man and the others exit the guild building and walk outside.

“You sh*thead…! Now you’ve done it!”

Though the marks of the sword flash are still visible, the stone giant in which The Castle Knight’s will resides is still alive and well.

Its piercing eyes lock on to this old man.



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Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work

Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work

外れスキル【収納】、熟練度9999 ~苦節60年で覚醒した最強チート。アイテムを【収納】するだけで無限に強くなる~
Score 6.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
In a world where skills manifest at the age of 15. Ash, who wants to become an adventurer, and Martina, a childhood friend, are baptized. But his skill is [Storage], which is considered a great disappointment. Martina, on the other hand, has the S-rank skill [Holy Warrior]. They go on adventures together, but the distance between them is growing. Finally, Ash promised to catch up with Martina and they parted ways. After that, Ash’s situation remained unchanged, and Martina rose to become the queen of the nation. Time has passed and 60 years later—Ash’s [Storage] skill, which has reached proficiency 9999, awakens.


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