Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Martina and the Dragonmancer 19

“…This is a good one!”

With the exception of the time it takes to take out the “Great Axe of the Great Warrior,” this old man can fire daybreak as many times as he wants.

He can also make every sword attack a “Daybreak.”

Then this old man’s attack power in a real fight will increase dramatically.

The power of the “daybreak” move is quite impressive.

“Are you still hiding your hand?!”

“It’s a mutual feeling! You’ve tried every trick in the book! But that’s all you have! “

“End this, Ash!”


This old man charges with the “Greatsword of Black Dragon Scales” in one hand.

The other hand is used to load and unload the “Great Axe of the Great Warrior” into the item box.

Dormina’s sword flashes, but it is stopped and crushed by a series of “Daybreaks.”

―She’s in range! I can reach her now!

“Damn it! Don’t come near meeeeeeeee!”

“Just give me Tina back; I no longer want to be around you!”


The most ferocious clash of swords can be heard.

―Dormina recoiled and collapsed on her back.





The “Greatsword of Black Dragon Scales” shattered into pieces.

“Kyahahahaha! In the end, the weapon itself determines the outcome! This mistress had some good fortune! “

Dormina was victorious and charged at this old man with all her might.

But a huge shadow was blocking this old man’s view at that moment!


Dormina’s thrust pierced Barvel’s body, and the sword blade protruded from his back.


“You! Why go to such lengths to annoy this mistress…?! “

“I dislike you…! That’s it!”

And Barvel grabs Dormina’s hand and holds it tightly.

“You’re not going to get away with this, Dormina! Come on, Ash! I’ve made my move!”

“I’m in your debt!”

Needless to say, this old man is already on the move.

He takes the “Magic Stone Pairing” from the item box and grips it tightly in his hand.

Take Dormina’s free left hand and place the ring on her finger.

“OK… Tina—! Please accept it…!”

“Stop… Don’t touch me!”

She resists, but I eventually get her to put it on.

The ring sparkles brilliantly.

B―ut not just yet.

“Kukukuku… I’m not sure what it is, but get off of me!

This old man pulls the ring from the rampaging Dormina and keeps his distance.

Barvel can’t hold back anymore as Dormina struggles.

“Is that your trump card?! It looks like the target was a dud!”

“No, this is only the beginning!”

That was just to determine who had “Magic Stone Pairing,” which is marked as belonging to this old man and Tina.

“Come on, Tina!”

The “Magic Stone Pairing” was kept in the item box by this old man.

The effect of the stored “Magic Stone Pairing” is as follows―

[Magic Stone Pairing]

Storage Status Bonus:

Arm Strength+30(Upper Limit:500)

Physical Strength +30(Upper Limit:500)

Agility+30(Upper Limit:500)

Magic Power+30(Upper Limit:500)

Spirit+30(Upper Limit:500)

When stored, the owners can use the property for “One Life”

“One Life” is a property that allows you to share the effects of your strength and weaknesses with a linked partner.

“One Life” would not have been activated if Tina had already given up on this old man.

However, the “Monocle of Memories” in Tina’s private quarters.

And how she acted just before Dormina knocked her out.

If you look at it, you’ll see this coming.

Usage Rate: 100/100%

Item List:

Martial Arts Pendant: 1

Mithril Sword: 1

Rapier of the Silver Knight: 1

Shield of the Golden Knight: 1

Great Axe of the Great Warrior: 1

Pearl of Life: 1

Flaming Jewel Staff: 1

Ice Jewel Staff: 1

Sage Staff: 1

White Silver Chain Shirt: 1

Magic Stone Pairing: 1

Mutated Mithril Battle Shard: 1

Other list:

Holy Sword Wave: 3

Curse of the Corpse Dragon: 3

Status Bonus:

Arm thickness: 480

Physical Strength:480

Mobility: 430.

Magic Power: 430

Spirit: 430

Additional Specialization :


Sonic boom

Barrage Thrusting

Extreme Guard


Presence Detection

Weapon Transformation

Additional Magic :

Fire Arrow

Freeze bullet


Additional features:

All skills Increased x1,3

Automatic recovery (small)

One Life (Ash & Martina)

This old man and Tina are the targets of “One Life.”

And the power of the “Pearl of Life” has rejuvenated this old man to the age of ten.

Tina, too, will receive that kind of enhancement effect!


Tina’s body is enveloped in a seven-colored light.

Tina’s appearance changed to that of a young, noble, and beautiful Tina in her prime, around 17 or 18 years old.

For some reason, she appears to be older than this old man, but it’s a success!

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    Cause of course the author isn’t gunna make the heroin look 10 years old. Hopefully they at least let Ash look 15 or something.

    Thank you for these translations as well 🙂

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