My Presumed Fiancé, Who I Thought Was Around 120 Years Old and Whose Face I Didn’t Know, Turned Out To Be a Transcendent Beauty – Chapter 23

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐𝟑

“Anyway, did you come here with something to talk about?”

“Oh, right. It’s actually about Wiski.”

“Wiski? The neighboring country?”

“Yeah. Have you heard about their recent military buildup?”

Hearing Row’s words, Eugene placed his fist against his mouth.

Despite being a shut-in for many years, he had gathered some information through his familiar. He had also heard suspicious rumors about Wiski, and considering the recent increase in weapon imports and military construction, it was certain that they would start a war soon.

“There are rumors that Shadow is involved.”


Eugene’s eyes beneath his mask narrowed slightly.

Shadow was the name of an Archetype.

Mages were classified into different archetypes, such as Eugene being classified as “Anima” and Row as “Trickster.”

However, there was only one mage for each archetype.

Shadow was one of them, and both Eugene and Row had never met this mage before.

“Is it acceptable for mages to be involved in national politics?”

“Well, it depends on the extent. I have a treaty with Izumi, and I believe Silicis Chast has a consulting contract with Hita.”

Mages with immense power were generally not encouraged to strongly support a single nation. 

However, as they had to live in this world, it was necessary for them to secure friendly recognition from certain countries. While Eugene hadn’t entered into any specific agreements, he had received some assistance from the Eakes Kingdom.

“But participating in acts of destruction is not allowed, right?”

“That’s the problem. I wonder what happened to Shadow…”

If mages were to use magic seriously, they could easily obliterate an entire country. Therefore, acts such as invading other countries or starting wars were considered inappropriate. These were the teachings of the previous generation of mages, called Masters.

While Eugene pondered, Row finished drinking the remaining tea in his cup and placed it back on the table. He moved his fingers to grab a second piece of pastry.

“So, I was wondering what we should do.”

“What do you mean, what should we do?”

“Well, if Wiski were to start waging wars on the neighboring kingdoms, this Eakes Kingdom would be the first target, right? Are we going to defend it, or are we going to flee? And if Shadow is on their side, Eugene, you won’t get away unscathed.”

“That’s true, but…”

“After all, we used to be close friends. I’m just worried about you.”

Seeing Row’s smile, Eugene let out a deep sigh.

“There’s no need for you to worry about me. If the war reaches that point, I’ll just run away.”

“Oh, you’re not going to fight?”

“Why should I?”

“Well, it’s your beloved wife’s country.”

Eugene let out an even deeper sigh than before.

“That’s why I’m asking why we’re even having this conversation. Whether we’re married or not, I have no reason or obligation to protect this country. If something troublesome happens, I’ll run away, that’s all.”

After Eugene’s words, a soft knock followed by the sound of the door opening resonated. It was Mabel, pushing the wagon once again.

“Um, would you like a refill of tea?”

“Oh, perfect timing. Can I have some?”

The heavy atmosphere from earlier instantly dissipated by Row’s delighted voice.

As Mabel poured fresh cups of tea for them, Row seemed to have thought that the previous conversation was not appropriate and brought up a completely different topic.

“By the way, it’s about time. The new moon.”

“Oh, right. It’s already that time.”

“I hope we can get through it smoothly this time.”

Mabel swiftly replaced their cups with new ones and cleared away the old dishes. Like a discerning servant, she tidied up in the corner of the room, seemingly oblivious to the conversation.

“What were you doing these past few years?”

“Nothing much. Just in my room. Doing research.”

“Well, I guess that’s how it is. Man, I feel lonely since I haven’t slept with a girl in a while.”

While looking at Row’s cheerful expression, Eugene thought to himself, “How long is this guy going to stay here?” and took a sip of hot tea with a hint of irritation.

Pushing the wagon covered in a white cloth, Mabel walked silently through the corridor.

Eventually, she stopped and looked up at the clear sky through the window glass. There, a very thin crescent moon faintly floated under the sunlight.

‘The new moon…’

When she went to pour new tea, she heard the words “New moon” being mentioned. Since it was mages talking, it undoubtedly involved matters deeply related to them. 

‘I wonder if something will happen on the night of the new moon.’

That mage who introduced himself as Row also said, “It would be good if we can cross it smoothly.”

Perhaps it was something related to their secret. It could also become Eugene’s weakness.

‘Maybe it’s a chance.’

Mabel suppressed her slightly accelerated heartbeat and took a deep breath. 

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