My Presumed Fiancé, Who I Thought Was Around 120 Years Old and Whose Face I Didn’t Know, Turned Out To Be a Transcendent Beauty – Chapter 22

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐𝟐

“What brings you here?”

“Well, hello, Eugene. It’s been about twelve years, hasn’t it?”

Upon hearing that a guest had arrived, Eugene went to the reception room and saw Row sitting calmly on the sofa. As Eugene turned to leave, Row hurriedly called out to him.

“Hey, wait a minute. It’s been a while, so why not have a little chat?”

“It feels like a waste of time.”

“Well, our life is very long. Even having a chat for a mortal’s lifetime is considered killing some time, don’t you think?”

Seeing Row’s smile, Eugene let out a deep sigh. Giving up, he walked over to the opposite sofa and sat down, trying to look impatient. Soon, Row also took a seat on the opposite sofa.

“But I was surprised, Eugene. You’re getting married.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, Wimmie-chan is your fiancée’s maid, right?”

“Seems like it.”

“If the personal maid is here taking care of things, it means the wedding is just around the corner.”

Row whistled lightly, and Eugene glared at him with a look of disgust.

“I never said I was getting married. She just came and started living here on her own.”

“Oh, really? But she’s a princess, right?”

“I can’t imagine marrying someone I’ve never even met.”

Just then, a light knock was heard. Along with the words “Excuse me,” Mabel pushed a wagon with a tea set into the room. Skillfully making tea, she placed cups and pastries in front of Row and Eugene. 

“Thank you, Wimmie-chan.”

“You’re welcome. I’m not sure if it will suit your taste.”

Mabel smiled and quickly left the reception room with the wagon. Eugene picked up his cup and took a sip.

“Anyway, it’s not like I invited her personally. And I don’t like the idea of just sending a maid to observe.”

“Well, that’s how it is with royalty.”

There’s probably something behind it, thought Row as he took a bite of the pastry.

“Well, maybe. If you want me to do something, I can tell her to come herself.”

“Even if she comes, I won’t cooperate.”

Hearing that, Row laughed. Then, while sipping tea, he suddenly remembered something.

“By the way, about Wimmie-chan.”

“What about her?”

“Is she someone you’re protecting?”


Row tilted his head in confusion.

“Well, actually, I showed my face before coming here.”

“Huh? You showed your face?”

“Yeah. But she wasn’t captivated, so I was a bit surprised.”

Eugene was astonished.

“You, don’t go showing your face to everyone without discretion.”

“Hahaha, sorry, sorry. I only show it to cute girls, you know? Of course, I erase their memories when we part ways.”

Unlike Eugene, Row has a bad habit of exposing his true self and making women fall for him quickly when he finds a woman to his liking. 

Of course, with his perfectly symmetrical face and natural charm, women always fall for him without fail. 

However, even after seeing his face, Wimmie wasn’t captivated.

“I didn’t do anything.”

“Yeah, I know. But this has never happened before. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.”

As Row still had a questioning look on his face, Eugene recalled his own experiences.

‘I thought it was just because she had a high resistance to my magic…’

Row and Eugene had different archetypes. In fact, Row had a high level of attainment with charm spells. Eugene pondered for a while but decided it was unnecessary to say anything and swallowed his words. 

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