My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 9

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“I’m not mishearing you, am I? Leanhardt-sama wants to get engaged to me again?”

I couldn’t believe what Leanhardt-sama had said a few seconds ago, so I couldn’t help but ask him back.

After all, it hadn’t even been a month since he broke off his engagement with me and became engaged to my sister Miri.

How can you say that when you’ve been talking so much about Miri, calling her beautiful, saying she’s the one, saying it’s your duty to marry her and be happy?

“That’s what I said. Congratulations! You’re the perfect wife for me, the next Duke. I must admit, you’re well-educated, smart, and, most of all, decent. Miri is a far cry from what you are.”

Congratulations, not.

A man who makes such a big deal out of it and then decides to dump Mirim so easily is too scary, whether he’s the next Duke or not.

In the first place, I thought it was insane that he broke off his engagement with me and got engaged to my sister…

No matter how you look at it, it sounds like a bad joke, but Leanhardt-sama brushes his brown hair, which is characteristic of his habitual hair, and stares straight at me with obsidian eyes.

His expression was serious, but I found his seriousness frightening.

“Leanhardt-sama, did my sister Miri do something wrong? I’m sorry about that, but you can’t get engaged to me again. Because—”

If you want to leave Miri so soon, there must be some reason.

Most likely, she had done something to offend Leanhardt-sama.

Anyway, I cannot be Mr. Leanhardt’s fiancée because I am already engaged to His Royal Highness Alfredo, the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Albinia.

I tried to explain it to him—.

“Ah! It’s fine, it’s fine! You don’t have to care about it at all! I guess it’s true that beautiful women become boring in three days. I just realized I have more fun with you. Well, you can’t rely on love at first sight. I was wondering why none of the royals had asked Miri to marry them. So that’s what this is about.”

Of course, I care.

To put it simply, you’re tired of Miri, aren’t you?

You say this with a cheerful smile, but that’s a lousy reason…

She may not be a character to be praised, but I didn’t want you to treat my sister badly for that reason.

Talk about being drunk on romantic lines,

You say that you shouldn’t rely on love at first sight, but you made a big deal about Miri being your significant other, connected to you by a thread of fate.

“No, I am concerned about Miri, but not that…”

“You mean my father and mother? That’s not a problem either. On the contrary, my parents were very fond of Charlotte. They thought you’d make a good duchess.”

Again, Leanhardt-sama interrupted me and began to speak.

It’s impossible for me to get engaged to you again.

When I’m talking to Miri, she sometimes interrupts me, and I can’t have a conversation with her.

Leanhardt-sama seems to have the same habit.

“U-Um, Leanhar—”

“What do you want with my fiancé? You seem to be annoying her.”


I was about to say something when—

A tall man suddenly appeared on the terrace of the courtyard. Standing there with his long blond hair flowing in the air, he had a beautiful, neutral face.

There is no doubt about this man. He is the crown prince of the neighboring country, His Highness Prince Alfred.

“I asked the people at home and they said you were here. I’m sorry. I wanted to see you as soon as possible, so I arrived earlier than expected.”

I didn’t expect His Highness Alfred to show up at this moment.

What to do now? We should finish the story of Leanhardt-sama first—.

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