My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 8

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“According to this letter, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alfredo will be arriving here tomorrow. Please do not be rude to him.”

My father hands me a letter with the Albanian coat of arms and tells me that His Royal Highness Prince Alfredo will arrive tomorrow.

Since the letter arrived yesterday, he must have left in a great hurry.

I feel as if I rushed him, and I am sorry for that.

However, my heart was filled with excitement when I heard that he was coming to pick me up early.

“Eee! Charlotte-onesama, are you leaving for the neighboring country tomorrow?

“I won’t be leaving tomorrow, not right away. Alfred-sama would stay here for a while… Didn’t you hear?

“Ufufu, Onesama. Don’t get mad at me because you’re not as happy as Miri.”

When I complained that Miri wasn’t listening to me at all, she said that I was jealous or something selfish like that.

For a long time, she has always been a slow learner, but she plays the victim so fast that it’s often difficult to have a proper conversation with her.

She has a troubling personality, but no amount of rebuking can make her go away, and I’ve gotten used to it.

“Miri, I don’t think you’ve been behaving this way with Leanhardt-sama, have you? If you do, he’ll get tired of you.”

“Leanhardt-sama and I are in love. He won’t get tired of me. Onesama can’t keep up with her fantasies.”

Apparently, things are going well with Leanhardt-sama.

With such a confident attitude, she must be a little more focused and firm in front of him.

I was worried because she often didn’t listen to what I was saying when she was talking to me.

“Charlotte, that’s enough… I know you want to complain about Miri’s engagement, but you should be more worried about your own engagement than your sister’s.”

“I understand. Father…”

When I complained about Miri’s attitude, my father condemned it.

He seems to think that I’m still holding on to the fact that she ruined my engagement to Leanhardt-sama.

That’s a wicked guess, but I’ve stopped making meaningless objections.

“Fufu, Onesama is getting upset.”

“Miri, I’m worried about you—”

“I said that’s enough.”

Mirim laughs at me, and when I try to reprimand her for her behavior, my father stops me.

Miri cries easily, and I’m wondering if it’s too much trouble not to scold her for it…

That’s why she grew up so much…

“Master, Charlotte-sama, Leanhardt-sama wanted to apologize to you, but—”


At that moment, Mary, the servant, told us that Leanhardt-sama had come to visit.

It’s too late to apologize to me.

There were plenty of times when he could have apologized, but he took so long… I can’t believe it.

“Ehh! He didn’t come to see Miri?”

“Well, I suppose Leanhardt-dono felt that he had to settle things properly. Charlotte, forgive him. You’ll never be happy if you hold a grudge forever.”

At my father’s urging, I went to the courtyard terrace to talk to Leanhardt-sama.

That’s right. It’s not so much that I’m holding on to it, but I think a proper apology would help me forget about it and concentrate on my new life in the neighboring country.

That’s why I tried to talk to him alone, but Leanhardt-sama’s apology was not at all what I expected—.”

“Charlotte, I’m sorry, I’m leaving Miri and you can marry me after all!”


I had never heard such an emphatic “Huh?” from the depths of my stomach before.

Why are you trying to get back together so quickly?

It didn’t make any sense to me at all.

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