My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 87

𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐫 (3)

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖𝟕: 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐫 (3)


It is an artificial intelligence developed and trained by Lopez. Only a handful of people know of its existence, and the vast majority of people live their lives unaware that it is intervening in all the systems and electronic devices of the human world.

Today, Transcendencer is secretly controlling wearable devices, mobile phones, cars, transportation systems, weather systems, various terminals, government agencies in every country, and communication networks worldwide.

All radio waves, including Air Packets and radio waves floating in the air, are under the control of Transcendencer, and even the dimensional passageway network is under the domain of Transcendencer.

The reason why the public unmanned mega-corporation, Arc Corporation, which manages dimensional passageways around the world, is also an artificial intelligence created by Lopez.

Because Lopez, the sole authority of Transcendencer, can create people who never existed or make people who exist non-existent just by saying a word, or even without saying a word, just by commanding them in his head, his brain waves read.

Therefore, Lopez is truly a transcendent being, and he can be seen as the strongest man who can have the greatest influence in this world.

The time is March 11, 2600.

The alien forces that invaded humanity for the first time were defeated by Lopez’s great effort, and the forces themselves were annihilated.

It was the night 10 days after that.

➖ The dark network recovery is complete.

Lopez’s body is a body that is always connected to Transcendencer, with various machines and nanobots.

Transcendence’s voice, which can only be heard by Lopez through his brain, is mechanical like an artificial intelligence.

➖ Public opinion around the world admires you.

➖ How do you feel?

“Why are you curious about how I feel?”

➖ It is to better understand you.

The huge server equipment piled up around them is quietly running. Lopez, 33, is walking through the Hyper Mind server center without a care in the world.

“It’s just. . . a complicated feeling.”

➖ You have defeated a great threat to humanity, and you are still not happy?

“To be happy. . . .”

Lopez stopped and collected his words.

“You showed me the future.”

➖ The fact that I showed the future prediction calculation to you alone can greatly change the future.

New data reconstructed from all the data humans have, data being generated at this very moment, and data that exists.

Transcendencer, which has reached the peak of learning, used the information gathered in this way to show Lopez the future on the computer equipment around the world today.

So Lopez has been thinking about what will happen in the future for hours.

“They are such vast and complex events. I need to keep the core as simple as possible.”

➖ I will help you.

As Lopez gestured in the void, a picture was drawn as a hologram along the direction his hand moved.

“I will protect humanity. Because I am the only one who can carry on that will. That is what I have to do.”

➖ Because you think so, the future has changed.

The hologram showed an image of the Earth during World War III, when a nuclear war took place.

➖ I will summarize the core of the predicted future that I showed you today.

➖ Originally, humanity was going to perish in World War IV. Despite having a history of coming to the brink of extinction in World War III, civil wars eventually broke out and spread, leading to the Cold War era within 4 centuries and a future where indiscriminate armed groups destroy everything of humanity within 5 centuries.

“You’re saying that just because I think I’ll protect humanity, that future has changed?”

➖ Because your influence is enough to change the history of humanity. Therefore, you will not stand idly by and watch the history of humanity flow in that direction, and therefore, the future in which humanity perishes has been erased from the prediction range.

The hologram showed a picture of a blue line starting from the Drake star system controlling the stars of other countries like puppets.

“So the threat of ‘self-destruction’ has been removed from humanity, and. . . .”

➖ Only the ‘threat of aliens’ remains.

Transcendencer projected the human galaxy into the hologram. The human stars in various parts of the human galaxy were connected to other stars with blue lines, and at the end of that process, the entire human galaxy was filled with blue lines.

The human galaxy, filled with blue lines, became a shape that shone like a blue star, and the range shown in the picture expanded the background to the local group of galaxies by reducing the human galaxy.

➖ This is an absolute principle. There are no exceptions for any species or environment. As the territory of a particular species grows larger, the survivability of that species is assured, but the risk variables that the entire species is susceptible to increase.

➖ Therefore, as humanity develops, expands, and spreads, the probability of encountering alien forces increases exponentially. And this variable inevitably increases along with the variable of the threat of aliens.

➖ I can’t tell you exactly which century or which day it will be, but when I calculated the rate at which humanity is growing now, the variable of the threat of aliens will reach a dangerous level in 200 years at the least.

“Humanity was going to grow that much in just 200 years.”

➖ The rate of humanity’s growth is also greatly influenced by you. Your presence has been a factor in minimizing unnecessary internal competition and civil wars among humanity, and as a result, humanity, which generally pursues philanthropy, has not wasted its efforts.

“Will I be alive until then?”

➖ Your will will continue, and your presence will remain in this world in some form.

➖ And you and what you have created will protect humanity. Even now, your actions to protect humanity will be changing the future.

“It will be difficult to continue the future prediction calculation, right?”

➖ The future prediction calculation can be done several times, but repeated confirmation is meaningless. This is because the fact that confirmation was made acts as a kind of time paradox, and the moment it is confirmed, the future can change again. This can increase the complexity of the future prediction calculation, leading to inaccurate results.

“Just because I know, the future changes again. . . . That’s true.”

So for now, Lopez gathered his thoughts. Now that he knew the general future of humanity, he decided to focus on the present.

“Humanity needs to be ahead of the alien races. It has always been the case that advanced countries lead the situation and survive for a long time. We need to prepare in advance from now on.”

➖ Yes, humanity must become a powerful ‘ancestor’ force to the alien races. Then we can greatly reduce the rate of increase of the variable of the threat of aliens.

“But no matter how strong humanity becomes, that variable will eventually reach a dangerous level. Someday.”

➖ It will definitely happen.

Humanity will not self-destruct.

Humanity will one day inevitably clash with alien races.

It is a very distant future, but what Lopez saw was an unspeakably terrible and bleak future.

“. . . It won’t be enough to become an advanced country in the space age.”

➖ I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you just said.

“Humans alone are not enough. To be safe from the threat of aliens.”

In order to change the future that Transcendencer showed him, Lopez made up his mind.

Immediately after making up his mind in his head, he performed a future prediction calculation and was able to confirm that the lifespan of humanity had become so long that it was difficult to calculate.

After that, Lopez began to devise a plan.

➖ The most powerful thing in the universe is a cell. Cells, the source of intelligence and the root of all organisms, have infinite potential, unlike machines, from a long-term perspective.

“I’m going to create a race that is entirely made of cells. I need a race that has better scalability than machines, develops much faster than humans, and has only the advantages of machines and cells.”

➖ With my current level of technology, I can fully design a race that only carries the advantages of machines and cells.

➖ However, a race designed by mobilizing all of my technological capabilities will inevitably become stronger than humans in the long term. Would it be okay if the influence of that race eventually surpasses that of humanity?

“As long as humanity can be safe because of the influence of that race, I don’t care.”

➖ You may be creating an unbearable threat yourself. The concept of creating a race that never existed is also a mass of incalculable variables.

“That’s why you and I have to do it well. Thoroughly from start to finish. We have no choice but to somehow cope with the risks that come with that process.”

➖ Then I believe that the right person for this job is Francis Darwin, the head of the Darwin Foundation.

“I think so too. But I’m not going to leave the blueprint and direction of the race to him. I’ll design it myself.”

➖ I see. Then what would you define this work as?

“So that Darwin can understand the justification for this work. . . .”

At that moment, Lopez came up with the most plausible words by combining several words.

“Humanity’s affiliation bioweapon race-ification project.”

➖ The expressions affiliation and bioweapon are a little different from what you intended.

“No, it’s not. But Darwin will like it better that way.”


The affiliation bioweapon race-ification project of humanity began to take shape by Lopez and Transcendencer.

“The advantages of a centralized control system cannot be ignored. Basically, this race will evolve at a very fast pace, but in order to prevent the direction of its members from going elsewhere, a single absolute head is necessary.”

➖ Then let’s define that head as the ‘ruler individual’.

“To replace the centralized control system with something other than a machine, we need to create a unique signal system for this race. That way, we can solve the biggest vulnerability of centralized control, electromagnetic pulses, and cyber attacks.”

➖ You can approach the unique signal to the realm of waves. However, the concept of waves is a deep area that my technology has not yet fully interpreted.

➖ Therefore, even if the ruler individual controls the members of the race with waves, it will be difficult for any modern means, including me and you, to observe, measure, and interpret the waves.

“It’s difficult, not impossible, right?”

➖ After the ruler individual has established its position as the leader of the race and the inter-species group of various members has been realized. Only then will it be possible to gradually learn about the realm of waves through experimentation.

“You will be able to realize true collective consciousness.”

A group of life forms that evolve at a terrifying speed as a whole, a race of ‘interspecific groups’ composed of various species within the framework of a single race.

A ruler individual who controls such a dangerous race with the powerful means of waves.

And the realization of collective consciousness.

➖ A truly powerful race will be born.

“I know. That’s why the design of the ruler individual is the most important thing.”

After the basic direction of the race was set, the design of the ruler individual who would lead such a race began.

The design was carried out in a virtual empty space constructed by Transcendencer.

Lopez stood alone in an all-white space. Transcendencer showed Lopez a greatly enlarged cell around him and an image of the cell dissected down to the atomic level.

“They won’t become a monster if we teach them through growth background, genetic and environmental factors, education, and experience.”

➖ I will order Ark to take measures to prepare various living facilities, educational facilities, and training facilities at Apoptology.

“Interaction with other personalities is also important. If they grow up as loners, their sociality will be poor. They need to learn how to set goals and work hard, how to survive calmly, and how to consider the best options.”

➖ I will prepare 499 individuals of the same species, excluding the ruler individual, so that he can gain sufficient experience and learning until he reach adulthood at the age of 19.

“Half of the genes of the created race will also be mixed with human genes. Mainly, make the parts related to the body human.”

➖ Why do you want the new race to mimic the human body only in appearance?

“People tend to hate things that are different from them. If the ruler individual stands in front of the world as a leader, it will greatly reduce people’s rejection if he has a human appearance.”

➖ Then it will be necessary to explain why the ruler individual has a human appearance.

“When this race is revealed to the world, I’ll just say that it’s a bioweapon made by the Darwin Foundation. It’ll be fine.”

➖ The ability of the ruler individual to control all the cells in its body requires a very complex and precise amount of brain processing.

➖ If the body is made to look like a human, it will be able to adapt to the arrangement of cells that make up the body throughout its life, and there is a possibility that it will stick to the human form even after it has grown enough to change its body.

“I like that.”

➖ I understand. Then I will make it so that half of the genes of the 499 individuals are randomly mixed with human genes. What should I do with the half of the ruler individual’s genes that you specify?

“I should use my genes. That way, it will be easier to pattern the ruler individual’s behavior and thinking, even if it’s just a little bit.”

➖ What about gender?

“Since it is a race that does not need evolution through the mixing of male and female genes, the gender of its members is meaningless. However. . . . The ruler individual is basically imitating the human body, so it’s a bit awkward to just touch the chromosomes.”

➖ Then I recommend a male.


➖ Because the Y chromosome is relatively lighter than the X chromosome. By making it a male, we can reduce the overall complexity of the ruler individual’s genetic material, making it easier to design.

“Let’s do that.”


In front of Lopez’s eyes, the face of a man resembling Lopez appeared. They resembled each other so much that they could be called brothers.

➖ Most of the factors that determine appearance mimic humans, so he will look very similar to you.

“I’m getting old anyway. If he don’t know the truth, he won’t think we look alike.”

‘ . . . While I’m aging, he’ll grow.’

➖ I understand. I think all that’s left is to decide on the remaining half of the genes.

“Show me the experimental body of the mother that I designed last time.”

Along with the very long double helix structure of the experimental body of the mother, a huge life form like an alien ponytail, 40 meters high and 30 meters wide, appeared in front of Lopez.

➖ It carries 500 randomly synthesized race genes and ruler individual genes in the 500 wombs in its body. If a growth promoter made from your genes is artificially injected through a tube, the ruler individual can be conceived in the womb as Subject 412.

“Let’s plan to mix the other 499 race genes with the genes of each different artificial human.”

In that way, many things about the race and the ruler individual were discussed and decided in the virtual world.

It was decided that all 500 individuals would be unified as experimental subjects, and the fact that Experimental Subject 412 was the ruler individual was to be hidden from the experimental subjects.

The 499 experimental subjects became the material for the personality formation and reinforcement of the ruler individual. Therefore, the 499 experimental subjects were each designed with the ‘intention to learn’, and the ruler individual was planned to grow in the intended direction through interaction with the experimental subjects of the same species.

After completing their basic growth, they went through a preliminary selection and a coming-of-age ceremony.

Experimental Subject 411, who was the first to have a colony site in the preliminary selection, was a device to let Subject 412 ruler individual know how to build and manage the basic foundation of the colony site in the future.

Experimental Subject 433, who was to prepare Kabana in the preliminary selection, was the first trial to threaten the life of Subject 412 ruler individual, and it was a device to teach that even a strong force can be defeated with creativity.

Experimental Subject 457, who was to prepare the throne and Elite in the preliminary selection, was a device to give Subject 412 ruler individual a hint about what kind of figure he should have as the ruler of the race.

Experimental Subject 428, who was to prepare Tritula, and Experimental Subject 429, who was to prepare Hydra, in the preliminary selection, were devices to make them choose the strategic direction of the race that defeats enemies that cannot be defeated by individual strength with the power of many.

Experimental Subject 470, who was the second highest in the comprehensive ranking to prepare the crescent moon group in the preliminary selection, was a device to confirm the reliability of the experimental body of Subject 412 ruler individual’s mother.

It was also a device to check what kind of choice Subject 412 ruler individual would make when ‘humanity’ was judged to be stronger than his ‘race’.

The preliminary selection, in which all scenarios and trials were prepared, was to test the most basic abilities and thinking direction of Subject 412 ruler individual.

And in the coming-of-age ceremony, the experimental subjects who survived the preliminary selection and maximized their strengths fought each other on the stage of society.

Subject 412 ruler individual must survive in a special environment called society by means other than simple force.

Therefore, the ‘society’ of the coming-of-age ceremony can be seen as a miniature version of the ‘local galactic group’.

In the coming-of-age ceremony, Zeul Pin Bythos was an individual who did not make allies and freely expressed his dislike for humans.

Therefore, Zeul Pin Bythos had a very useful ability in human society, but it was an insufficient ability to pass the coming-of-age ceremony, and it was a device to show the end of the ruler who did not try to solve the insufficiency through cooperation or conspiracy.

It was intended to teach that a race without diplomacy, politics, or allies is not allowed.

In the coming-of-age ceremony, Aria was an individual who made people realize for the first time that even ‘waves’ might not be safe.

Aria’s ability was very powerful against her own kind, but she did not display a wider range of numbers because she was too confident in her abilities. Therefore, it was a device to show the end of such a ruler who possessed great power but was overconfident and prepared for nothing.

It was intended to teach that one must constantly evolve.

In the coming-of-age ceremony, Bellum Damian was an individual who controlled the flow of information with excellent strategy and sociality.

However, Bellum Damian lacked the primitive force of the race and was eventually to be defeated by force.

In the end, it was intended to teach that ‘power’ is essential to diplomacy and strategy.

In the coming-of-age ceremony, Autophagy Tosis possessed the best force by far.

However, Autophagy Tosis misunderstood the ‘evolution’ of the race and was a device to show the appearance of a ‘monster’ like the ruler of the race, who regarded indiscriminate evolution and the force through it as everything.

In the end, it was intended to teach that if one pursues only biased power, one becomes a monster.

The preliminary selection and coming-of-age ceremony planned in this way were carried out.

However, it was first carried out in the virtual world.

Lopez and Transcendencer built Apoptology in the virtual world.

Francis Darwin, members of the Darwin Foundation, the experimental body of the mother, experimental subjects, humanoid teachers, cans thrown in the trash, and even a drop of water vapor in the air were all made of virtual images.

The first simulation began in that world.

➖ The ruler individual died in the 411 structure trap.

“Teach toxicology chemistry in the education process before the preliminary selection.”

The second simulation began.

➖ The ruler individual died in the joint attack of 428 and 429.

“Teach him to absorb not only the opponent’s colony but also the blueprint of the individual.”

The third simulation began.

➖ The ruler individual was killed by Darwin Foundation workers while attacking the Darwin Foundation with 470.

“Increase the dependency of the experimental body of the mother. Create a situation where you can meet once before the preliminary selection begins. And by the time of the coming-of-age ceremony, you should be strong enough to easily defeat the workers of the Darwin Foundation.”

The fourth simulation began.

➖ The ruler individual committed suicide after being brainwashed by Aria’s wave interference.

“Reduce the emotional part of the cerebral cortex. In order to withstand extreme fear and mental pain, you need to be a little insensitive in that part.”

The fifth simulation began.

➖ The ruler individual died in Autophagy Tosis’ attack.

Sixth simulation.

➖ The ruler individual ran amok in the city center and was killed by the police SWAT team on the scene.


➖ The ruler individual escaped with Bellum Damian from the Nemea star country.


➖ The ruler individual died in the preliminary selection due to the betrayal of 470.

“Why did you go back to the preliminary selection again?”

➖ Analyzing the cause.

In the virtual world, Subject 412 ruler individual failed endlessly for 2 years.

And Lopez was not a man with enough time to keep doing that.

“This won’t work.”

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