My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 86

𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐫 (2)

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖𝟔: 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐫 (2)

The flames of war have been extinguished from the solar system.

Earth has become a planet whose entire surface is burned red-hot. The dust that was scattered by the collision of the moon, which soared beyond the stratosphere, is gradually obscuring the surface of Earth, which is engulfed in flames and lava.

That one fierce flame extinguished the flames of war.

In Earth’s orbit, there was only the Crolr mothership along with the wreckage of numerous fleet battles. And the Solar System Union forces had the mothership surrounded.


【Clorta warrior. I have received the Defaulstellay’s subjugation army was defeated as the dimensional passageway was restored.】

The Clorta subjugation army commander-in-chief hung his head in his private room.

【The Nanozator fleet has been reduced in number from the battles on the planets. However, the Solar System Union fleet is intact. And the Dimensional passageway’s communication network has been restored first, and all of humanity can move.】

【Leave me alone. I want to be alone.】

【Yes. Warrior.】

Clorta was left alone in the private room, looking out the window.

Human aircraft and some Nanozator aircraft are attached to the broken dimensional passageway and are in the process of repairing it.

And it is said that the communication network function of the dimensional passageway has already been restored. The whole of humanity has learned of the news of the war in Defaulstellay and the solar system, and as a result, other countries have ample opportunity to send fleets to the solar system.

Furthermore, the Solar System Union fleet, whose dimensional passageway communication network has been restored, went so far as to inform them that the Crolr subjugation army of Defaulstellay had surrendered, and there was news that the fleet of the sovereign from the Large Magellanic Cloud had surrendered to the invasion of the Chimeraz.

It was a complete defeat that could not be denied.

【The solar system is the Vehlpciaarct. . . . Defaulstellay and the Large Magellanic Cloud are the Chimeraz. . . . Who would have known.】

【That humanity would have such strong allied races. . . . 】

Clorta picked up the large-caliber pistol that was on the mechanical table.

【I wanted to be a sovereign someday.】

If he loses this war and returns to the Large Magellanic Cloud, he will be apprehended by the ruling class and thrown into the star inside the capital structure and executed.

It is an old tradition and culture that the defeated warrior class, with their minds and souls thus tempered into the stars, make the Crolr stronger based on the lessons of defeat. Of course the warrior class resent such a culture.

In any case, Clorta has never been defeated once in his career of subjugation activities. That is why he has been able to survive until now, and that is why he was able to climb to the position of supreme.

【I have devoted my life as a warrior to the power struggles of the ruling class and to the subjugation activities. Did you throw my army at humanity, who have the Vehlpciaarct and the Chimeraz?】

Clorta, who lost all the troops he had raised for over 100 years, desperately searched for the reason for his defeat, then stopped thinking.

To the Crolr who had lost their ambition, life was soon death.

【. . . I’m sick of it all now.】

Clorta aimed the large-caliber pistol at his head.

“Carrdrarrk Crola.”

【The Crolr shall reign supreme.】



Anima’s swarm and Gorgo’s Star are scouring the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Thanks to Anima’s quick decision, her swarm maintained its presence in the Large Magellanic Cloud even though the Nanozator fleet intervened.

The Crolr officially expressed their surrender to the Chimeraz, and the Vehlpciaarct’s Nanozator fleet, which had been on guard, suddenly disappeared.

➖The wave from the Mind Repeater deployed on the Hyraguroa side has arrived. Would you like to check it?


Gorgo sent the queen’s voice, translated into human language, into Anima’s head.

➖The sovereign Carrd of the Crolr has apologized to us. While doing so, he sent our children who had been raised as livestock.

➖Anima-nim. I really don’t know how to repay this favor.

➖As promised, we will send you the data of our artificial synthesis chitin exoskeleton technology in binary format, so please confirm it.

➖Our Hyraguroa race has decided to trust the Chimeraz completely. So if you need anything, anything at all, please just let us know.

➖Thank you again. Anima-nim.

Anima took in and understood the technology that the Hyraguroa queen herself had sent her in her head. The technological prowess she understood was soon absorbed into her collective consciousness, and even Gorgo could understand it.

‘We can also create new substances.’

➖Our race will be greatly strengthened.

Anima’s crimson eyes took in the planets where the colony site was spreading. The Chimeraz are preempting the abundant star systems of the Large Magellanic Cloud, and Gorgo’s Star is regaining its mass.

‘What’s the news from the Aooa and Ririm sides?’

➖The Mind Repeater deployed in the capital of the Ririm race has been assimilated by them and has become like a plant-covered child. They have produced chemicals containing hormones inside the Mind Repeater body, and I will interpret that information and convey it to you linguistically.

Gorgo then conveyed the interpreted Ririm’s voice to her.

➖We are the Ririm propagators. We are now informing you that we are rebuilding our homeland. This is all thanks to the Chimeraz. The Crolr have succumbed. And through the assimilation of the Mind Repeater, we have confirmed that the individual members of the Chimeraz are biologically compatible with our race.

➖Furthermore, we are from the Large Magellanic Cloud. Therefore, our race is currently recognized as a major power in the Large Magellanic Cloud, excluding the Chimeraz.

➖However, the Large Magellanic Cloud now belongs to the Chimeraz. We, the Ririm race, will provide the second ruler of the Chimeraz, Anima Selas, with the vast celestial information that our ancestors have recorded.

The Ririm was a race that possessed something like a ‘galaxy map’ of the Large Magellanic Cloud.

➖The reason we are providing you with this valuable information is as a first step toward close cooperation and progress in relations in the future.

➖We have judged that if the Chimeraz and Ririm join forces, there will be nothing to fear. That is how excellent the biological compatibility between the Chimeraz and the Ririm is.

➖We would like you to look at the celestial information we have provided and select the celestial bodies that you like. Then we will terraform those celestial bodies with a focus on organic matter and provide them to you. And if we terraform two celestial bodies, we propose a ratio where you take one and we take one.

➖The Ririm propagators will be waiting for your reply. And in order to establish diplomatic relations between the two races, we request a meeting with the first leader of the Chimeraz, a being named Kemet Agele Kreion. That is all.

‘That’s fine. I’ll convey that you said so.’

➖Next is the Aooa.

The Aooa is the race that contributed the most before the war with the Crolr. Their emperor, the Aooa, made his intentions clear.

➖The Crolr voluntarily withdrew from our Small Magellanic Cloud. While doing so, they broke the treaty they had with us.

➖We asked for the right to preempt some of the territory of the Large Magellanic Cloud, but we realized it too late.

➖We were such a weak race. That’s why, rather than preempting some of the territory of the Large Magellanic Cloud, we decided to give up our greed and solidify our territory in the Small Magellanic Cloud realistically. And thanks to the Ririm side taking the burden of terraforming, the elders judged that there was no need to borrow the hand of the Chimeraz.

➖We have been quite busy recovering and reclaiming the celestial bodies of the Small Magellanic Cloud. And as the obligation to offer food and resources to the Crolr disappeared, the problem of famine was naturally solved as well.

➖We don’t have to starve anymore.

➖Thank you very much. Selas-nim. Please let me know if you need a meeting. As emperor, I will gladly open the imperial palace and welcome you.

‘The races other than the Aooa, Hyraguroa, and Ririm can’t be considered major powers, right?’

➖That is correct. Private matters concluded with races other than the three races have not yet been completed. That’s because the matters of the three major races take priority. So I think that can be dealt with later.

‘What about your body size? Does it look like it’s mostly recovered?’

➖I have already reached my maximum size and have two satellites in orbit.

All the urgent matters had been dealt with.

The Chimeraz’s position in the Large Magellanic Cloud is solid, and many races are very friendly toward such Chimeraz.

Now there is only one task left.

‘I guess it’s okay to leave for a while now.’

➖Is it finally time?

‘Let’s go see Kreion. With your output, it will be a short trip to the human galaxy.’

➖I’ve been really, really looking forward to this. I will accelerate my body right now.


➖I secretly enjoyed it. Being able to talk to you, a Chimeraz.

➖. . . The Chimeraz were also people. I was foolish to treat you as mere weapons in the past. . . . I apologize again and again.

➖Nazar. . . . Help us.

➖Nazar. I’m really grateful that you remember the stories we shared.

➖I understand. The situation you are worried about will never happen. I promise.


➖Thank you.

➖You’re hurt. Look at this leg.

➖Oh, the vice president of the federal planet you saved asked me to convey his gratitude to you.

➖And you said you didn’t need it, but I have to say this as a commanding officer too.

➖Thank you for saving our citizens and soldiers.

➖Thank you for fighting with us to the end, even though you could have just left.

January 12, 2621.

Euryale and the Chimeraz ships are lined up in a row, advancing through the empty space. At the same time, Mind Repeaters fused with Mind Advocates for deep space use are being deployed every 400 million kilometers toward the rear of the fleet.

Nazar was in the heart of Euryale, which was in the lead.

‘It won’t be long now. Deploy them faster.’

The six leaders, including Linnea, Gorrm, Drexus, and Pyisa, are leading their herds and moving with Nazar.

The herds and resources that the six leaders spared no effort to mobilize were fully invested in the effort to deploy the Mind Repeater. And the effort invested in this way would have left the colony sites or the Hecartra star system territory of the leaders left behind virtually undefended.

Nevertheless, Nazar urged them to move. Thanks to the deployment of the Mind Repeater from Hecartra, the countless minds of the Chimeraz in the Hecartra territory can be felt.

In addition, the Mind Repeaters deployed in this way strengthened the waves in a straight line, allowing the waves to be sent much farther than the Nazar herd, which was in the lead.

‘Master. . . .’

The starlight of the Drake star system gradually approached and then split in two.

And the light sent from its past informed Nazar of the fierce and vast war in the Drake star system.

‘There was a large-scale battle. In the end. . . .’

The light of the past gradually converged into the light of the present.

In the process, the war in the Drake star system showed signs of the flames gradually dying down.

‘Has the victory or defeat already been decided. . .!’

And the wave from the Mind Repeater, which had reached ahead of the light, came into contact with the wave from the Mind Repeater deployed in the Drake star system.

Even though the flames of war had died down, does the fact that there is a Mind Repeater there mean that they have won?

Finally, the waves were connected.

‘I’m here! Master!’

The answer came right away.

➖This wave is. . . Nazar. . .?

‘Ludwig-nim! Are you safe?!’

➖How did you. . . . You were definitely thought to have died in the Battle of Babylonia Fleet. . . . Were you alive. . .?

‘Yes! I have something urgent to tell you! Master, aren’t you there too? Is Master safe? Did we win?’

➖Master has been resting for a while, having lost his mental strength due to this war.

➖And. . . . It’s hard to say that we won. . . .

Nazar felt like his mind was being struck.

If only he could have come a little sooner, if he had just come faster from Defaulstellay ignoring the humans, he might have been able to prevent this situation.

Amidst complex feelings of guilt and regret, Nazar was unable to say anything.

And Ludwig, perceiving Nazar’s such emotions, conveyed surprising news.

➖It’s okay. . . .

➖Neither side has lost or won. . . .


➖A cease-fire. . . .

➖Master has chosen a cease-fire. . . .


Lopez has his hand on Kreion’s forehead. And he is calmly closing his eyes and concentrating, his heavily armored bio-armor removed.

“How does it feel to receive information via radio waves instead of waves, Kreion?”


Kreion roughly slapped Lopez’s hand away.

“You’re trash. You’re really the worst kind of trash. This devilish bastard. . . .”

“I started this knowing I would hear such things.”

Lopez tried to put his hand on Kreion’s shoulder, and Kreion slapped his hand away again.

“Don’t pretend to be friendly by touching my body. It’s disgusting.”

“. . . .”

At this, Lopez silently returned to his seat.

“Let’s stop fighting for now. Is that okay?”

Lopez asked in that way, and it seemed that he had already given the order.

➖Master. . . . An unidentified army of machines has stopped fighting all at once. . . . How should we respond to this. . .?

Kreion didn’t want to form this conclusion into a sentence in his head.

The fact that Lopez could not be defeated even if he fought more here, the fact that Lopez had been hiding his strength from the beginning and dealing with it.

“Kreion. I want you to make a choice befitting a ruler.”

“. . . If hell exists, you will definitely fall into hell.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in that kind of thing. It is impossible to distinguish between good and evil in a context of interests. Someone’s villain can be someone else’s hero, and there are many cases where good and evil are redefined over time. . .”

“Don’t preach to me.”

“Yeah. I understand.”

Kreion chewed his teeth so that the movement of his jaw muscles could be seen on his cheeks.

‘. . . It’s a cease-fire. Ludwig.’

➖Is that really true. . .?

‘Literally. Stop all acts of war.’

➖I understand. . . .

Lopez put his fingers to his temple, and it seemed that he was confirming the situation where the war had stopped.

“After the summit meeting of the leaders of the new universe civilization, there will be a summit meeting of the leaders of the races. The Vehlpciaarct and the Crolr will also attend. Of course, you will have to attend too.”

“It’s not a peace treaty, it’s a cease-fire.”

“The relationship that you and I decided on the spot is like that. However, various decisions must be made through discussion and negotiation. You know what I mean?”

“. . . .”

“First of all, I’ll take care of things here, in the human world.”

“Do you think you can handle this big situation all by yourself?”

“I have the ability to do so.”

Kreion glared at Lopez with cold eyes for a while and then turned his back. He walks straight toward the large door.

“So talk to Nazar, Anima, and the other leaders. Decide the direction of your race and finally have a meeting.”

“I was planning to do that even if you didn’t tell me.”

“Then let’s see you in the solar system on February 1st. Is that okay?”

“Do as you please.”

Kreion only turned his head in front of the automatically opened door and glared at Lopez.


Lopez leaned his back against the back of the chair.

Kreion spat cold words at him.

It was a voice that had cooled down without any emotion or passion.

“If I ever get the chance, I will kill you without hesitation.”

Lopez remained silent.

“Don’t think of me and my children as your reliable allies or those of humanity. We are not weapons that can be used conveniently.”

After that, Kreion came out through the open outer wall of the 364th floor.

As he learned the truth about the race, he gained complete freedom. In the first place, if he didn’t know the truth, he wouldn’t be free, and from the moment he knew the truth, he could gain freedom.

And he was able to avoid the situation where relations would worsen until the outbreak of the great war. As a ruler, he had no choice but to choose that for now.

At that time, Ludwig asked Kreion.

➖Master. . . .

➖What did you learn there. . .?

Kreion, whose all questions had been resolved, moved his exhausted body into Asotus.

‘It was information delivered directly from Lopez’s brain.’

➖Did you pull out the brain of that devil?

‘No, I received it through brain waves.’

➖Then. . . . What was that information. . .?

’20 years of memories. It was a story from our origin to the present.’

The starting point of that memory was March 11, 2600.

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