My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 78

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟕𝟖: 𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐂𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐝 (4)

The Crolr invaders, who invaded the solar system, used Earth as their forward base. However, things did not go as they had planned.

The Nanozator fleet.

The machines controlled by the Force Core of the Vehlpciaarct joined forces with the Solar System Union army and managed to stop all of the Crolr’s attacks, reaching Earth.

The fleet battle on Earth was taken care of by the Solar System Union army, and the Nanozator fleet carried out the war by deploying large troops on Earth.

➖Colossus warrior. The Vehlpciaarct are attacking the Colossus guardians.

➖Turn the earth upside down!

The ground forces deployed by the Vehlpciaarct on Earth were like strange machines running around with their metal tentacles waving like the waves.


They sped through the battlefield much faster than any anti-gravity mobile unit, firing high-powered beams. The Crolr ground forces and the Colossus unit responded by blowing up the area with powerful firepower, causing mushroom clouds to rise all day long.

The Vehlpciaarct ground forces, which were damaged beyond repair, lost power due to the powerful electromagnetic pulse generated by the explosion, but some of the Vehlpciaarct were reduced to powder on the spot and recombined repeatedly.

It was difficult to destroy the Vehlpciaarct without very powerful weapons. Fortunately for the Crolr, the Crolr race’s army itself, without exception, wielded immense firepower.

And the air battle was even more chaotic and complicated than the ground battle. The Crolr ships bombarded the Vehlpciaarct on the ground and sped through the sky at supersonic speeds, but the Vehlpciaarct scattered their members in the sky, scattering something like a moving metal cloud over the entire area.

The moving metal cloud collided with the Crolr ships in the air, causing intense frictional heat, and lightning-like beams rained down on the ground at near-catastrophic levels.

Thus, the battle between the Vehlpciaarct and the Crolr was such that the victory or defeat of every battlefield began and ended with explosions.

In the Crolr mothership, which was 15km in diameter, were Clorta, the commander-in-chief, and his staff.


【We must not lose this place. Even if there are casualties among our warriors. We must clean up the Vehlpciaarct on the ground.】

Clorta insisted on this and decided to focus on the battle within the planet for the time being.

【The Vehlpciaarct are a completely mechanical group. Therefore, they are weak to electromagnetic pulses. On the other hand, we are equipped with equipment that is highly resistant to electromagnetic pulses.】

【Cause annihilation in the sky where they swarm!】

The anti-gravity-based bombs, which were originally used in fleet battles, exploded in Earth’s atmosphere. This caused the entire area to become a vacuum for a moment, causing a tremendous storm and flash of light, and the Vehlpciaarct air force, which formed a cloud of machinery, and the Crolr ships were disintegrated into something less than dust.

In addition, the intense particle and electron movement caused by the aftermath of the explosion became a wide-ranging pulse attack, affecting all the machines on the ground.


The Vehlpciaarct ground forces, which had been swaying and raging, collapsed like a fluid that had been hit by a shock wave.

The Crolr ground forces, which were resistant to electromagnetic pulses, quickly repaired their equipment and confronted the remaining Vehlpciaarct.

The Vehlpciaarct, which basically used a centralized control method, became a disorganized mob when their connection to the Nanozator fleet was severed, and the Crolr army poured powerful firepower on them at the regional level before they could come to their senses.

The missiles, grenades, and particle weapons fired by the Colossus unit left behind large craters along with mushroom clouds, changing the terrain. The violent firepower caused the clouds to flee in surprise and the high mountains to collapse to the level of hills. In the midst of this, the Vehlpciaarct became one with the soil and died one by one.

Meanwhile, the fleet commander of the Solar System Union army is in the middle of a conversation with the Force Core of the Vehlpciaarct.

“That’s right. We have determined that they have not left a single survivor on Earth.”

➖Then is it correct to assume that Earth is completely enemy territory?

“I don’t want to admit it. . . . Yes. Earth is now the Crolr’s.”

➖In that case, there is a way to eliminate the Crolr on Earth all at once.

The fleet battle between the Crolr invaders and the Solar System Union is in full swing.

They can’t bombard the ground from orbit because we’re worried about wasting even one unit of cannon resources, so what kind of method is there? Moreover, the Nanozator fleet is unable to participate in the fleet battle because it has deployed so many of its members to Earth that its size has been drastically reduced.

The commander of the allied fleet swallowed his saliva and opened his mouth.

“Does the Nanozator fleet have any Planet Weapon-class weapons?”


“Then how do you say we can wipe out the enemies entrenched in the North American continent. . . .”

➖The Crolr fleet is facing the allied fleet, and the Crolr invaders within the planet are devoting all their efforts to our Nanozator army.


➖In this situation, if we forcibly drop the mass of the satellite onto the planet, the impact energy can completely eliminate an army the size of a continent.

The commander of the allied fleet could not immediately understand the Force Core’s proposal.

“You’re saying to drop the mass of the satellite onto the planet. . . ?”

➖Isn’t there an abandoned satellite of a suitable size?

Only then did the commander understand what the Force Core was saying.

The satellite where mankind’s first orbital shipyard was built and the celestial body outside Earth where mankind first set foot, a small, gray piece of land that has been preserved without development, except for minimal tourist facilities.

➖It’s the Moon.

The Crolr invaders had destroyed all the humans and their facilities on the Moon.

“The Moon. . . . To Earth. . . .”

➖If we drop the Moon on Earth, we will surely win.

“Are you sure?”

➖Our Nanozator fleet’s war protocol calculates that the expected victory value when this order is executed is a maximum of 0.93.

At that moment, the commander received a message from the leader of the Solar System Federation.

【The Moon has considerable cultural and historical value, but more important than that is the well-being of mankind. Currently, the Moon and Earth have suffered such enormous damage that there are virtually no physical objects or personnel, so the Force Core’s strategy will be permitted.】

➖What do you think, Commander? If you give us your permission, we can execute the order using all the stored energy of the Nanozator fleet.

All he had to do was say yes.

However, the commander expressed his doubts before granting permission.

“Is it okay to go this far? Force Core. . . .”

➖The Crolr invaders have destroyed all the dimensional passageways in the solar system and are simultaneously invading Defaulstellay as we speak.

➖This is a major threat to humanity. The war with the Crolr must be ended quickly because humanity cannot afford to be weakened any further.

➖Moreover, the Crolr force has also taken up positions in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Even if the invaders in the solar system and Defaulstellay are driven out, it is unknown what the Crolr race will do to humanity, which has suffered considerable damage. Additionally, there is a possibility that mankind’s position in the Local Group of Galaxies will also be jeopardized.

➖Therefore, the war protocol has determined that this is the only way to secure a sure victory with minimal damage in the current situation.

“That’s not it. . . .”

The Vehlpciaarct, who in some ways resembled humans, were fundamentally too different from humans.

That was the nature of other races.

“If you drop the Moon on Earth, the Vehlpciaarct on Earth will also be wiped out. That’s what I was asking.”

➖That’s fine.

The Force Core replied in a robotic voice.

➖Just as you saved us from extinction, we want to save you.

➖That’s all.


18 hours had passed since the invasion of Drake.

The tenacious Phlegeth did not disappoint Kreion and transformed all three of Altblubber’s satellites into colony sites by occupying them.

Jiannettera supported the main fleet battle with the Chimeraz fleet produced at Fayda’s colony site, and Equillocke infected enemy forces on Bluesteel and Fayda, literally creating an ‘infected fleet’ to support the main fleet battle.

The Chimeraz fleet sent by Jiannettera was a sufficient help in terms of scale, and the infected fleet sent by Equillocke maximized the tactical diversity of the Chimeraz fleet.

In addition, the colony sites on the three satellites occupied by Phlegeth had the advantage of being able to deploy Chimeraz fleets produced there immediately to the main fleet battle of Altblubber.

The main fleet battle in Altblubber’s orbit, which had been reducing each other’s numbers, turned to the Chimeraz side’s advantage, as Kreion had planned.

“There are now only about 26 fleets left. . . . On the other hand, our numbers remain at 230 fleets. . . .”

In a large-scale fleet battle, when one side’s numbers were drastically reduced compared to the other side’s, the tide of battle would quickly turn due to the overwhelming firepower of the fleet battle.

The main fleet battle, which had been raging with widespread flames for several hours, now lost its intensity like a dying ember.

“Distort space to restrain the remaining enemy fleets. And infect them.”

“I will convey that to Equillocke. . . .”

Equillocke’s infected fleet distorted space with the coordinates of the enemy fleet. A large number of Shockphonia jumped into the warped space.

Naturally, this time as well, Drake’s regular fleet designated Shockphonia as their top priority target and concentrated their fire. However, Kreion had emphasized to the leaders.

That against the enemies they faced this time, they needed to be creative and that the same methods would not work again.

➖Protect my Shockphonia swarm! You twisted bastards!

The infected fleet, which had absorbed enemy technology, shielded the Shockphonia with its shield.

In the end, Equillocke’s Shockphonia swarm managed to thrust their tentacles into the decks of the enemy ships.

“The master’s strategy is amazing every time I see it. . . . In the end, you have settled in colonies in four celestial bodies and achieved the evolution of our race at the same time. . . .”

Ludwig is impressed, but Kreion shows no sign of being pleased.

Several dozen minutes passed in silence.

“Master. . . . Equillocke has infected all the enemy fleets. . . .”

Ludwig declares.

“We have won the main fleet battle in Altblubber’s orbit. . . . Now the Altblubber territory is yours. . . .”

Only then did Kreion open his narrowed eyes.



“I have some time to spare. Tell me now.”

Gnox, who had been absent-mindedly absorbed in the new technology, scratched his bushy head with a blank expression before regaining his focus.

“That guy was originally from human resources and was like an unofficial mercenary affiliated with Drake’s regular army.”

“Are you talking about Asher?”


“I wanted to revive that guy and make him one of us.”

Gnox was uncomfortable with the fact that he had accepted Asher’s death.

“I think he would rather die than be forcibly brainwashed and become a Chimeraz from his point of view. . . . He was bitten on the lips and almost died after losing his family and colleagues to a bioweapon, and then he was restored to human resources. He lived his whole life with that face, never forgetting the feelings he had at the time, and he only fought bioweapons.”

Life must have been nothing but pain for Asher.

He was alive because he didn’t commit suicide, and because he was alive, he needed a reason to live.

If such an Asher was killed by the Chimeraz and reborn as a Chimeraz, not a human, it would be something that even the devil would find surprising.

“This is better. I just wish you would make him comfortable.”

“The memories infused in Asher were too hostile to us anyway, so it would have required a deep and complex process of overwriting the memories. Asher is a desirable combatant, but I can’t afford to invest my mental energy into that right now.”

He said, reassuring Gnox.

“Yeah. Anyway, that’s why I just extracted the information that guy knew.”

“I see.”

“Remember when the Chimeraz attacked the Babylonia Planet Weapon? Before that happened, Asher’s superior strongly predicted that the Chimeraz would target the Babylonia Planet Weapon.”

“On what grounds?”

“It was also to seize the galactic map. They analyzed that if the Chimeraz obtained the galactic map, they would target Babylonia first. That’s why they calculated the travel distance and time and sent the UNF fleet to Babylonia.”

This is the moment when the past speculation is confirmed as fact.

“It is natural that the UNF fleet was able to move in that way with the intervention of Hyper Mind, the official artificial intelligence executive of the UNF and a government agency of Drake. . . . That’s what Drone Hive claimed to Asher.”

It was true that they had been analyzed by their enemies.

‘Nazar. . . .’

Kreion, who had suffered greatly from the death of his kin due to the war, became even more distressed by the guilt.

If he hadn’t been analyzed by the enemy at that time, Nazar would have been alive and would have been the leader who was still by his side.

“The Drake Star Nation was de facto the nation that was the leader of mankind.”

“Yes. . . . All the circumstances tell me that. Some of them have been proven by facts.”

“Then the Drake Star Nation’s Star Administrator. . . . Lopez is the leader of mankind. Drake’s leader and administrator of Hyper Mind, the one who created the best artificial intelligence from the past and made the leap to artificial intelligence, there is no other being who can control all the past events and the movement of mankind behind the scenes.”

What we learned from Asher’s brain about what happened in Babylonia gave us a few more certainties.

“We have 230 fleets. Obsidia Drake’s Fractal has 170 fleets.”

While the main fleet battle was taking place in Altblubber, fleets produced from each celestial body joined the capital planet.

Even so, in terms of simple numbers, it is 230 to 170. This side is 230.

“What they are waiting for now is the restoration of that dimensional passageway and external support. However, mankind is being invaded by the Crolr, so it will take time to repair the dimensional passageway. That’s why even now, they have deployed a fleet of similar size to other celestial bodies in that non-functioning dimensional passageway.”

Kreion’s voice spread with the waves.

“I want to conquer more celestial bodies, establish colonies, and make more preparations, but time is on their side.”

It will be a very difficult and dangerous fight.

We will face hardships that we have never experienced before.

But even so, we have somehow reached this point.

All that remains now is to finish it off.

“We will know the truth, and the Chimeraz will truly achieve freedom.”

Ludwig’s eyes flashed and he shivered with excitement, Phlegeth stamped the ground and stoked his spirits, Jiannettera quietly killed her emotions, and Equillocke trembled from the exhilaration boiling up from within.

It seems like just yesterday that they were envisioning such a future and scene at the facility. At that time, they didn’t even have a single child, let alone a colony site.

Now, children are swarming in space.

The Chimeraz, gathered like a black nightmare as a group of countless living beings, turned their heads in unison.

“From now on, we will invade their capital planet. Obsidia Drake.”

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