My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 77

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟕𝟕: 𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐂𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐝 (3)

Thud. . . !

Phlegeth’s head was cut off. Immediately after that, the surrounding Elite squads frantically scanned their surroundings.

Phlegeth too was a tenacious and strong leader with great vitality. It didn’t die despite its head being cut off.


Phlegeth, whose head and body had been separated, let out a scream with the air remaining in its oral cavity. And with its still-living brain, it sent out waves.

➖ Protect me. . . !

The Elites, searching for the invisible enemy, hurriedly ran forward and picked up Phlegeth’s head.

➖ Where?!

Phlegeth’s ominous yellow eyes darted left and right. But there were no enemy soldiers in sight.


From behind Phlegeth, Mindrocker, which had been staggering about, opened its snout wide. The Elites threw Phlegeth’s head into Mindrocker’s snout, and Mindrocker snapped its snout shut, hiding Phlegeth’s head inside its body.

Gulp gulp. . . .

Phlegeth’s head melded with Mindrocker’s body and tenaciously stayed alive.


Then, an explosion occurred in front of Mindrocker’s snout. Several of its ferocious teeth were knocked out and cracked.

➖ Something is after me! Mindrocker!!!

Wooooosh. . . !

Mindrocker, its snout mangled, unleashed bio-barriers in all directions. Countless tiny living Chimeraz detected every movement in the air.

There was an object caught in the bio-barrier.

➖ It’s over there!!

The Elite squads reacted very quickly. They swung their cutters at the invisible enemy and shot the living bullets of their living weapons. At the same time, they added a bio-barrier to the surroundings with the Levitation Weapon they had deployed in the rear.

Pop pop pop!

At that moment, the invisible enemy expanded shields in all directions. The artificial particles that made up the shields explosively pushed away the air, scattering the bio-barriers far away.

The moment the bio-barrier disappeared, Asher, whose stealth function had been deactivated due to power consumption, revealed himself. He was holding an energy shotgun with a bayonet cutter in both hands, and the bayonet cutter was clearly stained with what anyone could tell was Phlegeth’s blood.

Phlegeth raged inside Mindrocker’s body.

“You dare cut off my neck, I’ll definitely burn you alive!!!”

“Shut up. Monster brat.”


The Elites, inheriting Phlegeth’s killing intent, attacked Asher all at once. The Elites with living weapons shot bullets, and the Elites armed with cutters lunged at Asher.

In response, Asher ran in one direction while firing his energy shotgun and deploying partial shields. The twin-shot explosive shells, fired by brainwaves without the need to pull the trigger, kept the Elite soldiers at bay, and the shields, also controlled by brainwaves, blocked the Elite soldiers’ living bullets.

➖ Tear that human’s limbs apart!

The Elites using ranged weapons dropped the weapons they were holding and pulled out cutters from their wrists, joining the fray. They quickly caught up to Asher, jetting flames from the thrusters equipped on their joints.

As the distance narrowed, Asher’s energy shotgun formed a barrage in the air. The explosions, which detonated as he intended, caused the Elites to falter, and the momentary hot explosion that obscured the Elite soldiers’ vision allowed Asher’s next attack to land.


A piercing bullet, fired through the explosion, pierced the heads of several Elites. Even so, the Elites didn’t stop, charging toward Asher through the explosion.

➖ Is it possible for a mere human to fight like that?

Asher, who had completely engaged in close combat, was not pushed back at all against multiple Elites.

Pop! Bzzzzt!

Rather, it was the Elites who were struggling. It was a shotgun that didn’t cut even when struck by a cutter, made of who knows what. He held that shotgun in both hands, using it like a shield at every moment, and then exploded shells toward several Elites, widening the distance again.

When the distance grew, he shot piercing bullets, and those piercing bullets always accurately hit the Elites’ leg joints, hearts, necks, eyes, and so on. Moreover, the piercing bullets that hit were also a type of explosive shell, exploding again after shallowly penetrating the Elite’s armor.

Tatatata. . . !

Phlegeth had ordered them to tear Asher’s limbs apart, but ironically, it was the Elites’ limbs that were being severed.

The Elite squads quickly learned Asher’s fighting style. It was a collective analysis of what weapons he used when he approached, what weapons he used when the distance was slightly wider, and what actions he mainly took to widen the distance.

The Elite that lost its eyes had its vision replaced by another Elite with intact eyes, and the Elite that lost its arm served as a meat shield, fulfilling its role.

➖ Cresecter!!!

In the midst of fighting the Elite squads, Asher discovered a group of Cresecters approaching from the sky. If they were to launch a low-altitude bombardment with their plasma mass, no matter how excellent the shield output of the reinforced suit is, they will not be able to withstand it.

But Asher didn’t care.

Pop pop pop pop!!!

As if waiting for the Cresecter group to appear, the drone fighters fighting in the air nearby left the battlefield and intercepted the Cresecter group.

➖ There aren’t many Elite soldiers left!

Mindrocker, which had swallowed Phlegeth’s head, moved its fat body to hasten its steps toward a safer rear. Then, as if calling all the Chimeraz in the vicinity, a new group of Chimeraz swarmed in, forming a black wave on the battlefield.

Asher, who had been killing the Elite squads one by one, witnessed Mindrocker fleeing in the meantime. So he didn’t hesitate to shoot an explosive shell at his own feet.


He landed after passing over the heads of a few Elites and ran. At the same time, the Elites tenaciously chased after him. With their long strides and the power of their thrusters, the Elites seemed capable of slicing Asher’s back in 5 seconds.

At that moment, Asher threw two projectiles of unknown purpose behind Mindrocker.

. . . Crackle!

The projectiles, which looked like slightly large hand grenades, created static electricity once in the air, and then,

Pop pop pop!

Accelerating explosively several times in a very short moment, they landed exactly one on each side of Mindrocker.

➖ That tenacious bastard. . . !

They were ‘binding bombs’ with shields built into small projectiles using advanced technology. The shield’s characteristics were designed to be aggressive in blocking everything, regardless of whether it is an ally or an enemy.


Mindrocker, which had suddenly deployed the shield, bumped its head against it, and its hind legs, caught in the range of the artificial particle deployment, were cleanly severed.

And Asher, who had been running toward Mindrocker, suddenly twisted his body and threw two energy shotguns at the Elites who were following him from behind.

Asher deployed a binding bomb at his own feet at the same time and deployed a shield, and the two energy shotguns caused a tremendous explosion among the Elite group.

The air around them screamed, and there was a deafening roar that overwhelmed the din of the battlefield.

The Elite squads miserably lost their limbs and crawled on the ground, and Mindrocker, who had swallowed Phlegeth and was fleeing, had more than half of its rear body turned into tattered flesh.


The howls of the Chimeraz, swarming like waves from all directions, were deafening. Asher quickly ran to Mindrocker, took out a short cutter, and cut off the teeth blocking its snout.

Inside Mindrocker’s snout, a head, connected by something that could be a blood vessel or a tentacle, was still emitting a sinister light.

That meant it wasn’t dead yet.

Asher immediately drew his energy pistol and aimed it at the head.

“Haha! Uhahahahahaha!”

“. . .?”

Why on earth?

Phlegeth, with only its head remaining, was laughing.

“I won’t die! After everything is destroyed, it will be recreated!”


Asher had come this far to kill the leader, and now he thought he could kill it.

“This is your hell!!!”


Asher blew Phlegeth’s head off.

And he felt a sense of discomfort from his surroundings, from the entire battlefield he was currently standing on.

A huge shadow loomed over the military-industrial complex. So he turned his head to see what it was.

“Ah, damn it. . .”


The monstrous giant that he had never wanted to see again stood up in the distance.

It was a sight of horror, the giant monster spewing out black liquid like a waterfall, destroying everything. White smoke and black smoke intertwined, billowing out in huge amounts, and the howls of monsters, unknown if they were screams or wails, echoed through the hellish Meary.

“Addmoon. . . That son of a bitch. . .”

Since he had definitely destroyed the leader’s brain, Asher turned on stealth mode, having used up all the spare power he had for combat.

‘I need to go back to the transport ship.’


The military-industrial complex of Atosey Satellite is melting in a flood of bubbling black liquid. Atosey’s regular troops were either swept away by the black liquid or met their end by the Chimeraz while trying to escape the black liquid.

Phlegeth had widely surrounded the military-industrial complex and then deployed Addmoon. Of course, the purpose was to destroy all the facilities in the military-industrial complex and annihilate the enemies as well.

It was a strategy that had been carried out as quickly as possible, so even the Chimeraz that hadn’t been able to escape in time were melting alive in the black liquid.

‘They’re dying too, so is this okay?’

Addmoon, transformed into a giant, was able to maintain its self thanks to the awakening in the previous Hecartra battle.

‘Hey, Phlegeth? Are you still alive?’

➖ I’m fine now.

➖ The friendly fire caused by Addmoon-nim’s abilities is an unavoidable sacrifice. Please continue.

The Atosey Satellite’s fleet battle ended with Phlegeth’s victory. In the sky, Phlegeth’s Euryale and Lemegeton were lowering Organic Pipes to bring in the Chimeraz on the ground.

The battlefield, which had been so noisy, became quiet in the face of death. Only the sound of the black liquid boiling and the sound of the melted structures collapsing echoed desolately.

The military-industrial complex had melted black, each military base had been occupied by Phlegeth’s forces, and various structures and fleet debris that had broken apart in orbit were falling down like the end of the world.

Atosey’s burning city was covered in the organic tissue of the Chimeraz, extinguishing the fire, and the Lemegeton that had landed all over the city sent out Hydra groups, transforming the entire city into a colony.

‘So. . . You’re saying that it doesn’t matter if a few more die because of my abilities?’

➖ Why would I censure Addmoon-nim when I’m borrowing his marvelous power? Neither I nor any other leader would say such foolish things.

‘I got it.’

➖ I will hurry to Altblubber’s second satellite, Lasey.

‘You’re really a straightforward one.’

➖ Please let me know when you’re done, Addmoon-nim. I’ll send Lemegeton.

After that, Addmoon, who had continued to act as a giant for about 40 more minutes, laid down the giant’s body on the forest that was withering away due to the absorption of resources by the colony.

The giant, which had exhausted all of its enormous energy and even the black liquid, became a dead body.

Sizzle. . .

Addmoon ripped open the skin where the giant’s heart was located. The Chimeraz material immediately stuck to his naked body, taking the form of clothing.

And he met.

“. . .”

“. . .”

After a brief silence, Addmoon spoke first.

“Asher. . . Is it you?”

The man is wearing only a reinforced suit and holding a dagger-length cutter, without his main weapon, an energy shotgun, or any of the various projectiles he always carries around his belt.

His face was covered, but the mechanical mask covering his lower face was familiar to Addmoon.

“Are you asking if it’s me?”

Addmoon took out a living weapon from the giant’s body. It was a weapon connected to Addmoon’s abdomen and tentacles that sprayed black liquid.

“It’s been a long time. Addmoon.”

It was a tired voice mixed with the mechanical sound of the mechanical mask.

Addmoon pointed the weapon he was holding at Asher for the time being.

“You were in Babylonia.”

“That was a long time ago.”

A former colleague had become a current enemy.

“Why are you here?”

“I belong to the Drake Star Nation. I’m here on a mission.”

“You were the one who failed to kill Phlegeth and ran away?”

“Ah, was that the name of that bear-like leader?”

Asher spat out, as if it were nothing major, without any sign of panic.

And Addmoon felt his resentment toward Asher squirming in his heart. Sure, they had been colleagues in the past, but that past was said to be an implanted memory.

“Phlegeth isn’t a leader who can be easily killed by you alone. Our species’ leaders are all strong.”

“You’ve been brainwashed too. Since you’re saying ‘our species’.”

“I broke free from being brainwashed. Vatory told you last time, didn’t she?”


“That it’s all implanted memories. Memories implanted by humans. My trauma with my abilities was a device to suppress my abuse of those abilities.”

“Is that so?”

“Likewise, the memory of you being hurt by a bioweapon was a device to make you hostile toward us.”

They had never actually been colleagues.

Actually, this is the first time they’ve ever met.

“If those are all fake memories, kill me now. Why are you hesitating?”

‘Even if they’re fake memories. . .’

The heart is real.

He was reborn as a Chimeraz and felt resentment toward Asher, who was in front of him and had tried to kill Phlegeth. However, on the other hand, he still felt the emotion of being a colleague who had shared the battlefield in the past.

So Addmoon spoke again.

“Asher. Our species needs the information and power you have. On the other hand, humans won’t need you that much. They threw you right into the heart of this dangerous enemy territory.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Come to our side. I can put in a good word for you with Kreion-nim.”

Asher smirked at Addmoon’s offer.

“Think about what you monster guys have done so far. . . Who would accept such an offer?”

Asher said that and strode toward Addmoon.


Addmoon sprayed black liquid onto Asher’s face. Then, the mask covering Asher’s face fell off like glass shards on its own, defending against the erosion of the black liquid.


And Asher’s mechanical mask also melted and fell off.

“Please open your ears! You’re being deceived!”

“You say that, but you look like you want to take my brain out right now.”

Sizzle. . .

Along with Asher’s face, his lower face was revealed.

He had no lips.

“Stop! I’ll really kill you if you keep coming any closer! I’m warning you. . .”

“I won’t let you be used by monsters anymore.”

They spoke the same human language, but they couldn’t understand each other.

“Why didn’t you run away in the first place?! The orbit was open, so you could have escaped on any spaceship!”

“You melted my stealth transport ship. Along with the supplies that were there.”

That was why Asher’s equipment was so poor now. He had run a long distance to the outskirts of the military-industrial complex, avoiding the black liquid, but the transport ship was gone, and he had continued to flee, avoiding numerous Chimeraz groups until now.

In the meantime, he saw the giant lying down, and he found his last target in a monster world where his own death was certain.

So Asher kept walking toward Addmoon.

“Stop it, you punk! You’ve opened your eyes now!”

“You were always exhausted after using your abilities.”

“No, come on. . .!”


Asher ran. The reinforced suit could no longer perform self-repair or stealth mode, but it still had enough power left for the strength enhancement function.

His body, which had transcended human limits thanks to the reinforced suit, rushed toward Addmoon at an incredible speed, and the cutter that could easily cut through armored vehicles flew toward Addmoon’s temple.

They were monsters who wouldn’t die even if their necks were severed. He had confirmed earlier while fighting Phlegeth that there was a possibility that they could somehow escape and survive if their brains were not destroyed in one blow. That’s why he swung the cutter at Addmoon’s head.

The fact that he had suddenly started running after walking, and that he had aimed for Addmoon’s defenseless brain from the first blow after having just released his abilities.

It was a short moment in which he sought a sure victory.

Asher, who locked eyes with Addmoon up close, frowned, and Addmoon squeezed his eyes shut.

Thud. . .

At that moment, Asher’s arms, legs, and neck were cut off at the same time and floated in mid-air.

Addmoon, who had squeezed his eyes shut, couldn’t bear to watch the sight right in front of him.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!!!

Asher’s dismembered body fell, splattering blood like drizzle.

“. . .You’re not alone. . .”

Creak, creak!

Infected stealth humanoids appeared all at once.

Half-covered in the organic tissue of the Chimeraz, they didn’t have a unified appearance, but their only commonality was that they each held a sword-like cutter in their hands.

“We’re not alone. . .”

Addmoon walked a little forward and bent down.

And he picked up the head of his former colleague, who had died with his eyes open.

“. . .”

Addmoon closed his eyes.

Keying. Keying.

Infected stealth humanoids approached Addmoon.

【?Is it being gen#ated now\/-】

The guy showing a broken string of letters in his pixelated eyes extended his hand to Addmoon, asking for something.

If they were of the same species, they could understand each other without words.

“. . .Take it.”

Addmoon handed them Asher’s head.

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