My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 65

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔𝟓: 𝐓𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐥𝐞𝐝 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐓𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐑𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩𝐬 (5)

At the climax of the story, she finally voiced a question that had been bothering her.

“By the way, why are the Vehlpciaarct not present here?”

The emperor Aooa replied.

【The Vehlpciaarct declined my request for their presence here. They did not provide any reasons.】

This was a great opportunity for species under the influence of the Crolr.

The Vehlpciaarct were not a species oppressed by the Crolr, but they were still a species under the influence of the Crolr.

So why did the Vehlpciaarct refuse to come here?

So she asked everyone.

“Any idea why they chose not to come?”

Then Queen Hyraguroa, who had developed a deep affection for the Chimeraz, stepped forward.

She revealed her speculation without hesitation.

【The Vehlpciaarct are a species that rapidly established a space civilization based on extreme mechanization. They are indifferent to all species made of cells. However, they are very friendly to humans alone.】

If the ‘majority’ of species are under the influence of the Crolr, ‘all’ species are also under the influence of humans. Indirectly or directly.

“Do you have any idea, Your Majesty?”

【the Chimeraz are at war with humans. And the Vehlpciaarct have a close bond with humans. So I think that’s why they refused to come here.】

Ririm, who was in an alliance with Hyraguroa, added a word to that.

【It’s anyone’s guess. The Vehlpciaarct probably hate the Chimeraz. Because the Chimeraz and humans are enemies.】

“Hmm. . .”

【We don’t like the Vehlpciaarct either. They are known to have severed ties with all species except humans. Also, it seems that they look down on species made of cells, except for humans.】

Then Queen Hyraguroa expressed her genuine concern.

【In the past, some militant class of the Crolr and a human corporation had a minor armed conflict. At that time, the Vehlpciaarct also intervened and fought on the side of the humans.】

【So, I think it would be better for the Chimeraz to be wary of the Vehlpciaarct. To humans, humans are not everything. A species war is intricately connected to various species.】

It was a meeting where many things were promised and serious warnings were given.

After that, the Chimeraz army led by Anima continued to drive the Crolr into a corner.

The Crolr, who recklessly sent the main force of the species to the Human Galaxy, helplessly fell to the ever-increasing number of Chimeraz.

➖I had a child. Such a lovely child.

Gorgo’s Star had grown to the size of a decent gas planet. And after reaching its gravitational limit, Gorgo gave birth to a satellite colony, and started carrying it around in its geostationary orbit.

Koo-koo-koo-koo. . .!

Gorgo fought the Crolr army with an immeasurable number of colonies in its arms.

➖Anima-nim, is that the Crolr’s home planet?

“That’s what they say.”

The place where the headquarters and capital of the Crolr are located. It is in a certain star system in the Tarantula Nebula.

A binary star system where two stars orbit each other at a great distance. One of the stars is covered by a huge structure of the Crolr, which has become a semi-permanent power source.

It was a structure that housed numerous armament factories and orbital shipyards of the Crolr, as well as the largest city of the Crolr. It was shaped like a hexagonal honeycomb, wrapping one star like an eggshell.

➖Anima Selas. I am the supreme lord Carrd, the ruling class and leader of the Crolr.

Eventually, even the leader of the Crolr side showed up. He was 155 years old, and he was said to be a tenacious leader who had survived more than 60 years in the Crolr’s radical totalitarian monarchy.

➖We have repeatedly expressed our intention to surrender. However, you and Gorgo’s Star killed our warriors. And you have invaded about 20 of our colony planets.

➖If you come any closer, our magnificent armada will show you our last spark.

“They still had an armada of that size.”

A total of 140 fleet-level fleets. The largest fleet that Anima had ever seen from the Crolr fleet was lined up in the space ahead.

➖Are you going to keep fighting?

“I was just about to stop, but if you show me that kind of fleet again, I can’t help it.”

➖What do you mean?

“It could be a problem later.”

➖What. . .

That was the moment when Supreme Lord Carrd understood the meaning of those words.

‘Wipe them out. Gorgo.’

➖Yes, Anima.

Gorgo, who was accelerating towards the Crolr capital structure, unleashed the Chimeraz fleet. The 40 Euryales that had been visible in front of the Lord’s fleet were already threatening, but more than 50 Euryales appeared, and even more Lemegetons and Chimeraz aircraft than the Lemegeton swarm started a fleet battle.

Faced with the violent numbers of the Chimeraz, the Lord’s fleet countered with an unimaginable amount of antimatter weaponry. The long flames that erupted between the two fleets and swept away the Chimeraz fleet stimulated Anima’s mind.

“Even if we die, we have to die firing the Organic Accelerator Cannon.”

➖Then the children at the forefront may get caught up in it.

“It’s okay. Make more than you kill.”

Koo-koong. . . Koo-koong. . .

The Crolr’s fleet focused more on offense than defense, and her Chimeraz fleet also focused more on offense than defense, following suit. As a result, it turned into a firepower battle that quickly wiped each other out.

➖Anima-nim, the Crolr fleet that bypassed the frontal fleet battle is approaching.

“Don’t we have any forces to counter them?”

➖We don’t have enough forces to counter them because we’ve put everything into the front lines. Even so, it seems that we won’t have enough time to form a surface-to-air Organic Accelerator Cannon.

➖Should we just wait for them to land on my skin and then ambush them? That number doesn’t pose any threat to me.

“. . .No. They must have come up with a strategy to destroy you. We can’t just let them land.”

Anima didn’t rule out even a slight possibility.

“Use the resources from the satellite that we’ve been saving.”

➖Wasn’t that the terraforming resource for the settlement of our colony in the future?

“We made some friends who said they would help with the terraforming of our species a while ago. Just use it.”

➖I understand.

One of the satellites orbiting Gorgo’s Star began to warp horribly. The satellite, which was about the size of a planet, formed countless surface-to-air Organic Accelerator Cannons on its surface, and each of the barrels seemed to be several kilometers high.

The small number of Crolr fleets that were trying to raid Gorgo’s Star by bypassing the main fleet battle felt a sense of crisis. So they gave up landing for the time being, distorted the space leading to the satellite with gravity, and fired a large number of antimatter missiles into the warped space.

“Antimatter missiles. That fleet came here to detonate them directly. Because it’s a weapon that you can never hit from a distance.”

➖What an unimpressive strategy.

“You fool. If you had just let them land, you might have been killed.”

Purple plasma beams extended from the gigantic barrels of the living satellite. The plasma beams fired with the output of a planet followed the distorted gravitational field, destroying the antimatter missiles and causing a large-scale explosion due to the annihilation reaction of the antimatter.

And before the explosion was over, the plasma beams once again drew countless lines, piercing through the Crolr fleet and disappearing far into space.

And it kept repeating.

The fleet battle continued.

In the end, Anima had to watch the fleet battle for two hours.

“I thought time was on our side. . .”

The fleet battle format she was aiming for was to compete with the productivity of the Chimeraz fleet, which was constantly replenished amidst the firepower battle that was reducing each other’s numbers.

➖We have to admit that the Crolr bastards are productive. They’re almost as productive as the Chimeraz.

All the facilities and resources in the Crolr capital structure were being immediately put into this war, and a huge number of fleets were being constructed at a tremendous speed in each armament factory and orbital shipyard.

It was the Crolr’s style of total war.

➖We’ve consumed a lot of the satellite’s energy resources due to the continuous surprise attacks by the Crolr. There’s a limit to this side. On the other hand, they’re using a ‘star’ as their power source.

➖From the beginning, the Crolr had the advantage in a war of attrition.

“. . .I made such a mistake.”

➖We need a way to break through. Or how about accepting the Crolr’s surrender right now?

“We need to reduce them further.”

We can’t accept their surrender now. The Lord’s fleet is still intact.

“We have to destroy even that fleet in order to bring them down so that they can never rise again.”

Anima closes her eyes and thinks. She briefly diverts her thoughts from the senses of the children who are in the middle of the fleet battle.

She thinks deeply and quickly.

Gorgo’s Star continues to consume. the Chimeraz and resources that Gorgo’s Star possesses are all directly linked to the Chimeraz influence in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

So, she tries to come up with a strategy that can resolve this situation in one go with the least amount of time and effort, and at the same time, spread the word that ‘the Chimeraz overwhelmed the Crolr’.

She has to let them know that the Chimeraz are strong.

She has to overwhelm the Crolr.

She shouldn’t invest too much in the future.

Quickly and surely.

A way to irreparably wipe out the Lord’s fleet, which the Crolr had saved until the end.

Finally, she found the closest answer.

“Throw the satellite.”

Let’s throw them one satellite. Overwhelm them with that.


The satellite that filled all directions of the surface with surface-to-air Organic Accelerator Cannons entered the fleet battle. The satellite kept heading towards the Crolr capital structure, indiscriminately firing plasma beams with the output of a planet.

The ranks of the Crolr fleet collapsed, and the Chimeraz fleet, which preferred to fight at a relatively close range, fiercely dug into the gap.

Now the speed at which the Crolr fleet died was significantly faster than the speed at which the Chimeraz fleet died. There was a difference in the speed at which they were consumed, so if their productivity was equal, the situation would quickly lean to one side.

However, what pressured the Crolr even more than that situation was definitely the presence of the satellite.

That thing approaching in the dark and vast space must have been a cosmic horror to them.

➖Please! We don’t want to fight the Chimeraz anymore!

For centuries, what species would have dared to imagine?

➖We’re defeated! Completely defeated!

The sight of the fearsome Crolr surrendering so abjectly.

➖Please end this war!

The living satellite is destroying the Lord’s fleet and approaching their capital structure. Who wouldn’t feel fear after seeing that?

➖Stop. . .! Please don’t come any closer. . .

“Send all of Hyraguroa’s children back to their star.”

➖. . .Hyraguroa?

“The ruling species of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy. The intelligent beings you use as food, calling them bugs or livestock.”

➖Oh, I see! If you just accept our surrender, we’ll do that unconditionally!

She demands more.

“Hand over all the blueprints for your fleet technology and weaponry.”

➖We’ll do that!

She demands more.

“Give up your conquering activities from now on.”

➖We’ll give them up!


“From today, the Large Magellanic Cloud is the territory of the Chimeraz. We are the ruling species.”

➖We’ll do that unconditionally. . .! Please. . .!


“And attend any diplomatic events that may arise in the future, unconditionally.”

➖Oh, I understand! I’m saying we’ll do anything if you just stop that satellite from approaching! Damn it!

The satellite that had ruthlessly destroyed the Lord’s fleet was still approaching the Crolr capital structure. Now it must be close enough to be seen with a simple telescope from the capital structure.

The Crolr had completely surrendered in front of the clear sign of imminent doom and the great fear.

“Okay. Let’s stop here.”

➖Uuuuuugh. . .

That was the moment when she accepted the Crolr’s surrender.

➖Anima-nim, an unidentified gravity wave cable signal has been detected.

She doesn’t panic and asks Supreme Lord Carrd.

“Weren’t you the leader of the Crolr?”


“Why are you connecting a new communication channel again?”

➖It’s not us! I am the Supreme Lord Carrd of the Crolr! There is no ruling class that can interfere with this conversation!

“. . . .”

Now that she was certain of something, Anima put the communication with the Crolr on hold for a while.


➖Judging from the direction of the signal, it doesn’t seem to be the Crolr.



Immediately after, what was interpreted through Euryale’s communication device was a mechanical voice.

➖I am the core that controls the Nanozator fleet of the Vehlpciaarct. I don’t have a name, but in human language, it’s called ‘Force Core’.

It was only then that the Vehlpciaarct appeared.

“I wonder when the human’s friendly species would show up.”

➖It’s not a relationship that can be defined as friends with humans.

“I’ll ask you one thing for now. What’s your purpose?”

Force Core doesn’t sound out the other party or threaten them. It just openly announces its purpose.

➖Gorgo’s Star is a dangerous celestial body. We want to destroy Gorgo’s Star before it grows any further.

The Vehlpciaarct.


the Chimeraz.

Anima knows that there is a connection between the relationships of the three species.

Even so, she can’t be pleased that they showed up right after she had accepted the Crolr’s surrender.

Perhaps they had been watching the war between the Crolr and the Chimeraz, and it seems that they intend to take some ‘diplomatic’ advantage by dealing with the Chimeraz while the Crolr is sufficiently weakened.

And it seems that they’re trying to secure military superiority by eliminating Gorgo’s Star, the main force of the Chimeraz in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

‘I guess they’ve been calculating this timing all along. Taking this war as their opportunity.’

Hundreds of thousands of Chimeraz just died, and the power of one satellite is far away.

If we fight the Nanozator fleet right now, we can’t guarantee victory.

“. . .Force Core.”


“If I just give you Gorgo’s Star, does that mean we won’t have to fight?”

➖Anima-nim. . .?

➖Yes. I advise you to rationally abandon that dangerous celestial body. Avoiding unnecessary battles can be a decision for the future of both parties.

“The future of both parties?”


She chuckled.

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

How can you say you’re gaining the future by giving up the biggest card you have in your hand?

➖Are you going to make a foolish choice like the first leader of the Chimeraz? I will give you another chance to reconsider.

“I can’t give you Gorgo.”

➖Then I will deal with it by force.

She chose to face the Nanozator fleet.

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