My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 64

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔𝟒: 𝐓𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐥𝐞𝐝 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐓𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐑𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩𝐬 (4)

Mind Advocate is an independent lifeform that acts as a defensive satellite or turret in space or orbit.

It looks like a suction-less octopus with an Organic Smooth-bore Cannon. Its size varies greatly, from 1 meter to 50 meters, similar to the Mind Repeater.

The Organic Smooth-bore Cannon, which fires carbon allotrope Lonsdaleite-based lifeforms, is characterized by its thick barrel. Although its range is shorter than the Fleetcupper’s bio-electromagnetic accelerator, it boasts considerable accuracy and firepower.

“Once deployed, the Mind Advocate will protect our celestial orbits and Mind Repeaters, which lack self-defense capabilities.”

After the Hecartra Fleet War ended, Kreion returned to his throne in the main colony.

Ludwig, Vatory, Addmoon, Yiel, Gats, and a group of Elites gathered in the throne room, while the other leaders returned to their colonies or were collecting the remnants of the fleet war as resources.

And the minds of all the leaders are focused on Kreion’s waves. In human terms, it’s like a remote conference.

Kreion shares the content of the conversation here with all the leaders.

“The MDD’s Descent Task Force used our waves to frenzy the children. . . . Just as we can infiltrate the human system. . . . It is proven that they can infiltrate our system as well. . . . Perhaps this is the beginning of a major conspiracy, or it could be just a small-scale experiment carried out in this Hecartra star system. . . .”

“If there is a problem with the leader’s dominance, it can also affect the entire group of subordinates. Furthermore, we need to dramatically improve the dominance of each leader’s army and devise countermeasures to ensure the stability of the wave.”

Berne speaks through the wave.

➖I think the fundamental problem is that many leaders are experiencing mental fatigue in controlling the children, unless they are leaders specializing in army dominance, like me, who have given up mobility and have a huge brain.

Then the revived Drexus speaks.

➖I heard that Linnea-nim had a hard time when she took over the control of my army when I died in the fleet war. I think we need a new dominant individual to expand the dominance of the army and ensure the safety of the wave.

Then Ludwig points out.

“If we create an individual with dominance under the leader, such a problem can be solved at once. . . . However, their minds may also cause confusion in the dominance of the superior leader. . . .”

As Ludwig points out, Phlegeth confidently suggests.

➖Can’t we just control the ‘ego’ of those individuals?

“. . . Ego?”

➖They would only be responsible for linking the leader’s wave on the battlefield and assisting in tactical command! Such individuals do not need to have a distinct ego like a leader!

If Phlegeth’s claim is feasible, it seems to be the best way.

Ludwig asks Kreion with his red single eye, as if asking if this is the best way. That intangible question was accurately conveyed to Kreion.

“We also need individuals like a captain, a lieutenant, or a Drone Hive. Gnox.”

“In fact, we didn’t feel the need because the subordinates of a leader who died could be directly controlled by another leader. . . . I guess the necessity arose because of the tactics the UNF showed this time.”

“We have interpreted the humans’ shield technology from the infected unmanned ship. We will also be able to use minute the Chimeraz as a shield by spreading them as a screen. So I would like to add such defensive capabilities to the new individual.”

“I guess we can design it as an individual that combines the ability to protect allies and the ability to command allies. Like the Drone Hive.”

“Can you make it?”

“I’ll try.”

As Kreion nods, Ludwig tactfully moves on to the next item.

“Our race has relatively poor firepower on the ground. . . . Until now, we have defeated our enemies with our relentless forces and environmental control. . . . However, the carpet bombing on the ground by some of the UNF’s landing troops as a war machine formation killed many children. . . . We’ve almost caught up to the firepower gap in the fleet war, but the firepower gap in the ground war is still weak. . . .”

“So there was one wild the Chimeraz I had in mind. . . . Jiannettera.”

➖Yes. Master.

“Your colony outside Hecartra, in a remote star system, is a huge structure floating above the storm of a gas planet, right?”

➖Yes. That’s why there are many wild individuals with developed propulsion organs.

“I saw a diverging species of Cresecter that had given up its ability to fly and an energy-symbiotic lifeform attached to it.”

➖Ah, I’ve been watching the evolution of that wild individual as well. They have the ability to swarm like ants, so they will soon be the children who will occupy my wild ecosystem.

“Jiannettera. Return to your territory immediately and capture those wild individuals. Those children will add firepower to the ground forces of the Chimeraz.”

➖I shall comply.

That’s how they decided to make up for the shortcomings of the current the Chimeraz army. Now the last thing left is to make a plan for the Drake invasion after the preparations are complete.


Yiel’s eyes, like mercury, seem to be looking into the void.

Instead, a lifeform with an eyeball slightly smaller than her head, perched on Yiel’s shoulder, is looking straight at Kreion.

It was the Chimeraz that Vatory nicknamed ‘Mini Nazar’, an individual exclusively for Yiel to help her see nearby things.

“You said you wanted to go when we invaded Drake. Has your mind changed?”

“Yes. I want to do my part too.”

Kreion confirms the intentions of those who will join the Drake invasion one by one after hearing Yiel’s affirmative answer.

“Addmoon. You have awakened in this battle. Are you sure you are no longer afraid of transformation?”

“Thanks to you, I have overcome my long-standing trauma. I will follow any order from Kreion-nim.”

“Gnox, Vatory. What about you?”

“I have to be there.”

“I’ll follow her.”


“Just because.”

Gnox and Vatory start arguing.

“Ludwig, Phlegeth, Jiannettera, Equillocke. I will include you in the Drake invasion operation.”

“. . . . Master.”

➖It is an honor!

➖I shall comply.

➖I will join you.

At this moment, the leaders pinpointed by Kreion will feel great pride and envy from the other leaders.

“Berne and the leaders of the Hecartra territory subordinate to Berne, guard this place. And the rest of the leaders with stars, led by Linnea, stay true to your role of expanding the territory.”

➖I will do my best.

Linnea rejoices inwardly.

“The purpose of your gathering was to invade Drake. However, it was delayed because the UNF fleet arrived.”

“Rather, it was an opportunity. It was an opportunity to make up for our shortcomings before the Drake invasion. At the same time, it weakened the forces that would hinder the future Drake invasion by significantly reducing the UNF’s strength.”

“When the preparations are complete, we will invade Drake.”


the Aooa unexpectedly became the linchpin of the war between the Chimeraz and the Crolr this time.

In the imperial palace finished with ocean-like blue minerals, Emperor Aooa and leaders of various races came to visit in secret.

In fact, although they came in secret, they were already mentally united, and they gathered in secret only from the Crolr.

In the war between the Chimeraz and the Crolr, the Chimeraz’s victory is almost certain.

This is because the terrifying news that the ‘living planets’ are driving out the Crolr’s territory one by one is spreading in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

In addition, the Crolr side is repeatedly expressing their intention to surrender to the Chimeraz.

It’s just that the Chimeraz has not yet accepted their intention and continues to take away the Crolr’s territory.

“The second leader of the Chimeraz, Anima Selas under Kreion.”

She, whose name is widely known in the sphere of influence of the Crolr race, also occupies a seat in this imperial palace.

Behind her, two intimidating Elites stand with their living weapons attached to their backs like personal firearms.

“If the Large Magellanic Cloud falls into the hands of the Chimeraz, I would like to trade some of the territory with you. I gathered the leaders like this because I thought we would end up fighting among ourselves even after defeating the public enemy.”

The conflict that Anima mentioned here refers to the case where the races in this place fight each other over the territory taken from the Crolr.

However, she has a different intention.

‘The Large Magellanic Cloud belongs to the Chimeraz, so don’t covet it among yourselves.’

This is to make a stand by creating such a place. the Chimeraz will have complete control over the Large Magellanic Cloud, and any activity in any territory of the Large Magellanic Cloud in the future will require a proper price to be paid to the Chimeraz.

Emperor Aooa speaks with quiet confidence. His beautiful voice is translated into human language through the central hologram, and the meaning translated into human language is translated again into the languages of each race leader.

【I will speak first. the Aooa has been subjected to the most exploitation by the Crolr, located closest to them. And we contributed the most to Selas-nim for liberation from the Crolr. Therefore, I request the right to preempt some of the territory of the Large Magellanic Cloud and the right to receive terraforming first.】

It is a fact that no leader of any race can deny. If it weren’t for the Aooa, the Chimeraz’s invasion of the Crolr by the other races present here might have turned into a stupid situation.

“Okay. I think the Aooa has the right to make such a request. That was the promise.”

【Thank you. Selas-nim.】

Next, the leader of a quiet plant race that values harmony and maintenance extended his trunk-like arm and connected it to the central hologram device.

‘That’ connects complex intentions with hormones.

It is the Ririm race of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy.

【We are originally from the Large Magellanic Cloud. Many of our people were burned by the Crolr. We fled to the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy to survive. However, the Crolr chased us there and burned and took away again. We resisted several times, but the Crolr’s destructive approach to war. We can defeat them, but we don’t have enough time.】

The Ririm race is a race that has been waging war by ecologically consuming the celestial bodies of the opposing race for centuries.

However, such power of the Ririm race was useless in front of the Crolr’s belligerent mindset and destructive tactics. The Crolr’s speed of winning was much faster than the Ririm’s speed of winning, so they eventually abandoned their home planet and fled.

【But the Chimeraz appeared. the Chimeraz bravely attacked the Crolr and implemented justice. We want to reclaim our homeland through the Chimeraz.】

‘There is a race that has lost even their homeland to the Crolr.’

Anima thinks to herself, wondering where their homeland is.

“We can do a lot of terraforming with little effort. And what the Chimeraz likes is probably organic matter, celestial bodies with a lot of life. Right?”


【Remember this. The race that is the best at covering the surface of any celestial body with green life and forming a complete ecosystem there. That is, our Ririm race.】

‘If the planet is terraformed by Ririm and the terraformed planet is consumed by the Chimeraz again. . . . The energy for converting inorganic matter into organic matter will be greatly saved, and the colony site can grow very quickly.’

the Chimeraz and Ririm seem to have a lot to gain from each other. Although their appearances are completely polar opposites, the Chimeraz and Ririm have in common the fact that their entire race is a living organism.

“I’ll definitely remember that. I think we can have a good relationship with Ririm.”

Anima smiled at the Ririm race leader, who looked like a plant. At that, the leaders of the other races inwardly envied or felt impatient seeing her reaction.

As the Ririm’s statement ended, a large leader with dozens of weasel-like legs, wearing a chitinous exoskeleton like armor, stepped forward as if she had been waiting.

‘She’ is a race that can communicate with vocal cords.

She is the ‘queen’ of the Hyraguroa race.


【We coexist with Ririm in the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy.】

“Then is the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy originally the dominant race of Hyraguroa?”

【Yes. We accepted Ririm out of sympathy for Ririm’s story of being defeated by the Crolr. And like Ririm, we were also losing a lot to the Crolr.】

Queen Hyraguroa told Anima her story.

It was shocking.

【Because of the high protein content of our race, the Crolr takes our children and raises them like livestock.】

“Is that for real?”

Anima expressed her utmost displeasure at the unbelievable story.

【We live in an oxygen-rich environment. So instead of having a long lifespan, we grow fast and reproduce efficiently. That’s why a queen like me has the right to reproduce, controls the entire population, and prevents inbreeding.】

“. . . .”

【The Crolr sees my children as edible bugs or livestock.】

Anima felt a strange sense of kinship with Queen Hyraguroa.

【I don’t want anything else. But I heard that the Crolr has already surrendered to Anima-nim. Is that right?】

“Yes. They surrendered, but we haven’t accepted it yet.”

Hundreds of eyes seem to be mixed in the black eyes of Queen Hyraguroa.

【Please save as many of the children I gave birth to as possible. In return, I will give you the essence of our race’s pride, the AtomicSyntheticChitinExoskeletonTechnology (temporary translation of technology).】

Anima wanted to say that she would save them unconditionally, but she had to get what she could get.

“That atomic synthetic chitin you just mentioned. . . . That’s interesting. Can you explain it briefly?”

【Simply put, it is a technology to develop new biological materials using a new forced atomic synthesis structure utilizing the atomic filling rate. And I would like to emphasize that this technology is something that we have not shared with any other race.】

“Okay. It’ll be difficult during the war. . . . I’ll try my best to rescue the children born by the queen and send them back to their home planet.”

【Thank you for accepting the difficult request.】

‘Anyway, it’s something I can demand from the Crolr bastards as a condition of accepting their surrender.’

There is no need to work hard to rescue Hyraguroa’s children during the war.

Just accept the Crolr’s surrender and demand it from the Crolr. In return, the Chimeraz gains the rare technology of the Hyraguroa race.

In the place prepared by the Aooa, the conversation continued for several hours. In the process, Anima made sure of her influence by concluding various deals with the races within the Crolr’s sphere of influence in the Local Group of Galaxies.

‘I did well to leave the Human Galaxy.’

The Crolr, who is on the path to ruin, and the Chimeraz, who has emerged as a new powerhouse. The races that seized the opportunity for transformation were genuinely satisfied.

They laughed at each other, expressed their gratitude, and sometimes competed with each other to gain more from the Chimeraz.

As the story drew to a close, she uttered one question that had been lingering in her mind.

“But why isn’t the Vehlpciaarct race here?”

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