My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 60.1

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔𝟎: 𝐁𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐇𝐞𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐫𝐚 (5)

Addmoon and the Elite squad arrived at the colony. Stealth humanoids that had infiltrated the middle layer of the colony had reportedly descended to the underground area and were doing something to the deceased leader’s brain.


Bloodstains could be seen all over the passage leading to the underground area. Dismembered Hounz and Elite bodies, as if cut by something sharp, were strewn all over the place, enough to make you stumble.

Gulp. . . !

‘What’s wrong?’

The Elite squad growled at the sight of the dead Elites.

‘Were they your comrades?’

The Elites then responded with a unified wave. Though it wasn’t in human language, Addmoon could tell that it was definitely an answer.

‘Let’s avenge them and retake the colony.’

The passage to the underground area looked like a sort of throat with the epiglottis moving up and down. And the epiglottis was now motionless, dropped deep in the underground.

‘Is the leader’s body in the room we reach through here?’

Grrr. . . .

Addmoon, after hearing the Elite squad’s affirmative answer, plucked a Gloworm from a nearby wall and threw it down the underground passage.

. . . Plop.

The Gloworm, which had landed on the epiglottis, wiggled in anger at the sudden change in location.

‘Equillocke. Let me see what that Gloworm sees.’

➖I understand.

Leader Equillocke connected Addmoon to the Gloworm’s wave.

In the center of the ceiling of a humid and stomach-like space, a giant brain resembling Berne was hanging. That was the leader who once ruled the satellite colonies of this 11th gas giant planet.

➖It’s those damn machines.

A humanoid squad with electrodes plugged into the dead leader’s brain and connected to strange cables. They were equipped with sleek gauntlets, similar in height to the Elites, and held plasma cutters on both hands that resembled swords.

And there were about a dozen humanoids of the same design standing guard, seemingly protecting the humanoid connected to the deceased brain.

➖MDD’s assault force. They’re called stealth humanoid squads armed with plasma cutters.

‘You said they flew down to the colony’s middle layer and infiltrated it? They don’t seem to have any equipment that allows them to fly.’

➖They were disposable equipment. If you look closely, there are discarded equipment piled up in the corner like trash.

‘Does that mean they can’t fly anymore?’

➖That’s probably the case. But be careful of those plasma cutters. They’re weapons that can cut through even an Elite shield-bearer’s shield in one stroke.

‘What about the shields?’

➖Their shield output is estimated to be almost depleted since they infiltrated the colony and engaged in combat with the children inside the colony. But we can’t be sure. We attacked the underground with Cresecter, but the entire space was intact.

‘Two plasma cutters and shields. Any other weapons?’

➖You’ll see when you look, but I don’t think they can equip other weapons with that kind of light armor.

Light stealth armor covering the entire body, two plasma cutters, limited flight capabilities, and shield output that withstands Cresecter’s plasma attacks, all equipped on a body the size of a humanoid. What kind of technology is this?

‘. . . !’

Suddenly, the Gloworm’s wave was cut off. Addmoon felt a brief moment of pain just before the wave was cut off.

It was the first time Addmoon had felt the sensation of a being connected to his wave dying.

And the sensation following the sensation of death, was it the sense of loss of about one Gloworm?

‘The death of one Gloworm was so vivid. . . . .’

It was definitely not a good feeling.

‘Then how many of these sensations do Kreion-nim or the leaders experience at the same time. . . ?’

Creak! Creak!

The Elite squad next to him urged him to go down and start fighting right away. They said they would go down first, so he should hurry up and deal with this.

“Okay. Let’s go in.”



The Elite squad landed one after another in the room where the dead leader was. And the stealth humanoid closest to the epiglottis reacted to the noise.

As one humanoid reacted, all the humanoids in the space turned to look at the Elite squad. And they immediately engaged in combat, their plasma cutters in both hands emitting a blue light.


The Elite squad charged forward with enraged roars. At that moment, the stealth humanoids became transparent by using optical camouflage technology.

But the Elite squad shared all the information received by their sensory organs. Even in such a narrow space, they could sense the movements of their enemies through vibrations without relying on visible light.

The Elite squad detected and shared the sounds of machinery from the humanoids’ joints, the humming of the plasma cutters, the vibrations transmitted to the ground when the humanoids’ feet touched it, and so on.


The Elite squad slashed the transparent enemies with their wrist cutters. The stealth humanoids hit by the Elites’ cutters were cut with sparks and fell down, losing their optical camouflage ability.

And at the same time, the Elites hit by the stealth humanoids’ plasma cutters had their arms, legs, or heads cut off and bled profusely.

The transparent enemies became more visible as they were stained with the Elites’ blood, and it seemed like the Elites were gaining the upper hand in the fight every time their blood was spilled, but the fact that they were bleeding meant that the Elites were eventually dying, and naturally the number of Elites was decreasing much faster.


Finally, Addmoon landed on the epiglottis. He wore a bio-tissue armor similar to that of the Elites, and the living weapon in his hand that resembled a rifle was unusual.

‘Synthesis complete! Get out of the way!’

The few surviving Elites quickly moved out of the line of fire targeted by Addmoon’s living weapon. Soon, Addmoon used a compound created based on the combat information of the Elite squad.

A black liquid was sprayed on the transparent enemies covered in blood.


It happened very quickly. As the black liquid flew into the air, it met water vapor and reacted violently, creating a trail like smoke.

The stealth humanoids, collectively recognizing the danger of the liquid, used their saved output to deploy shields in front of them like a barrier.


However, the black liquid fired by Addmoon caused an even more intense reaction when it touched the translucent shields. The artificial particles that made up the shields resonated loudly, and the stealth humanoids instantly depleted their shield output and artificial particles, causing them to be doused with the black liquid without any protection.

Hiss. . . ! Sizzle!

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