My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 59.2

A human resource member with characteristic brown curly hair. His name is Addmoon, with items listed as transformation specialization and chemical specialization.

He is on standby in the body of Euryale, the leader Berne, in orbit of the relatively safe 5th planet, from the UNF attack.

➖The leader of the 11th gas giant died, and Equillocke is temporarily ruling the six colony moons on that planet.

It’s Berne’s wave.

➖The ground battles on the five moons there and the situations of each fleet battle are going smoothly, but the situation on the largest moon is not good.

“How bad is the situation?”

➖According to the information we obtained from Shockphonia, the force attacking that colony moon is MDD’s airborne task force.

“MDD. . . . Was it an independent command under the UNF?”

➖Yes. It is ‘Mechanical Drake’s Defenders.’ Their airborne task force is said to have landed on the colony moon, expanded the front lines, broken through, and occupied the colony.

“Good. I’ll prove my ability there.”

➖The master also wants to confirm the ability of Addmoon-nim, who has been reborn as a Chimeraz. But it doesn’t have to be now.

Addmoon was reborn as a pure Chimeraz. That’s why he also wants to help his race as a member of the Chimeraz and show Kreion his abilities.

“I don’t have the skills like Gnox, and I can’t help with observation like Yiel. Since I can’t help with the fleet battle right now, I should go there and fight.”

Berne worries about him.

➖The MDD airborne task force that attacked that colony moon is a completely unmanned mechanized army, and it can be dangerous because of the lack of countermeasures. I recommend that Addmoon-nim wait in my safe colony with Vatory-nim.

“Vatory went into a dangerous enemy camp alone, captured a map of the galaxy, and proved her abilities. I won’t avoid danger here either.”

Berne was silent for a moment. Addmoon doesn’t know this, but Berne has just received Kreion’s permission.

➖I understand. Then I will prepare my fleet.

And so, some time later, a Drop Cyst landed on the colony where the battle with the MDD airborne task force was taking place.


The Drop Cyst, which landed right next to the colony, opened the rear of its body. And the Drop Cyst pushed the soles of Addmoon’s feet inside its body with tentacles and lifted him to the ground.

The Chimeraz, trying to protect the colony, ran to the battlefield, and the Hydra group moved the dead bodies scattered near the colony, and Cust was chewing on them.

Kwik. . .!

Some Custs are even eating their fellow Hydras. Cust’s Organic Pipe is stuck close to the Xenotera-covered ground and surrounding Chimeraz structures.

“It’s more serious than I thought. . . .”


‘Who is it?’

At that time, several Elites gathered around Addmoon.

➖I am Equillocke, the leader who received temporary control of the 11th gas giant.

‘Ah, you’re the Equillocke who destroyed a country that was under construction last time.’

➖Who told you that?


➖. . . Ludwig-nim. . . . I see.

‘Why? Is there a problem?’


➖First, take those Elites with you. They are pitiful children who feel vengeful because of the death of their leader.

The Elite group on this colony moon has wrist cutters that are slightly curved like the claws of a beast.

‘They said that colony was occupied, so why are the Chimeraz going to the front line?’

➖We tried several times to reclaim the colony, but we failed. So that colony moon is prioritizing frontline defense.

Addmoon ran towards the colony with the Elite group. It is a colony that resembles a 70-meter-tall cactus with many thorns, surrounded by an exoskeleton that looks like ribs.

‘If the front line didn’t reach this far, and the colony was taken away, does that mean some kind of infiltrating weapon came in?’

➖A squad of stealth humanoids infiltrated the colony through the air. We didn’t notice them because they didn’t feel the Xenotera on the ground.

Today’s stealth technology includes not only radar waves but also optical camouflage for infrared rays and visible light related to heat.

➖And the MDD stealth humanoid squad is approaching the dead leader’s brain and muttering something.

‘What. . . . They approached the brain?’

➖I don’t know what they can do with the leader’s dead brain. . . . Master, who is most wary of MDD, said that this is not easy.

‘Then shouldn’t it be dealt with right away?’

➖Currently, a fleet battle is taking place in a wide area of ​​the star system, so active fleet support is not possible on that moon.

➖And with the exception of Berne and Phlegeth, who are defending major colony planets, the leaders are fighting on each satellite colony and planetary colony, and the rest of the leaders are concentrating all their efforts on the main force’s all-out war.

➖Above all, the important thing in this battle is for the Chimeraz fleet to win against the UNF fleet.

‘Those machines are doing strange things to the dead leader’s brain. It seems dangerous to wait here until support arrives.’

➖That’s exactly what I wanted to say.

➖And above all, I can’t watch those guys desecrate the leader’s precious body. Addmoon-nim, please destroy them and, if possible, reveal their purpose.

‘Got it.’

As Addmoon and the Elite group reached the colony, Equillocke insisted subtly.

➖. . . Addmoon-nim is an extra-hierarchical being, but I would like you to prove that you deserve to be above me.

‘. . .Why?’

➖Many leaders don’t express it, but they all feel it.

➖It is a question of whether Addmoo-nimn, who was reborn from a human resource, deserves to be treated above us, and a minor complaint.

‘Even though I’m from a human resource, I’m not a human. I truly think I’m a Chimeraz.’

➖But there are leaders who have served the master before Addmoon. Including me, many leaders are skeptical about those leaders giving preferential treatment to extra-hierarchical beings like Addmoon-nim.

‘Didn’t we all start from the hands of humans?’

➖Kreion-nim, who created us, and Anima-nim, who showed us overwhelming dominance, definitely deserve to be served. Gnox-nim is also someone who joined relatively early and has made many contributions to the race, so he is generally accepted. It’s the same with Vatory-nim, who went into the enemy camp alone and captured a map of the galaxy.

➖However, there are complex issues related to the leaders’ perception of Addmoon, who joined relatively late, and those who will join later as extra-hierarchical beings.

‘I think I get the gist of it.’

➖Yes. It’s Addmoon-nim’s turn to prove himself this time.

As the leaders diversified and increased in number, a concept like public opinion arose among the Chimeraz.

And as in any group, individuals who are not recognized are always marginalized and eliminated.

‘I’ll take care of those who are doing suspicious things to the dead brain and reclaim the colony. Watch, Equillocke.’

➖I understand.

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