My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 57.2

Thanks to that justification being known throughout the Local Group of Galaxies, the alien races are divided in their opinions on whether the Chimeraz are right or wrong.

“Darwin. If what you’re saying is true, then the Crolr should’ve been wiped out a long time ago. The powers in the Local Group have just been turning a blind eye to the Crolr’s conquests. Nothing will change much if the Chimeraz replaces the Crolr.”

“That’s because there are the humans, who form an axis of power with the Crolr. The two races represent different tendencies, so everyone’s just watching each other and not making a move.”

“. . .?”

“This is complicated. I can’t tell you the history of humanity. . . If the Chimeraz were to take the place of the humans and the Crolr after they’re gone, and if the Chimeraz really were the only such power, with no other power to form an axis with, then the alien races wouldn’t just stand by. What would the existing races or the newly encountered races think of the Chimeraz? Wouldn’t they see them as a threat to this universe and a common enemy? In the long run.”

“. . .”

“Let’s go back to the beginning. I’ve made peace with ‘Kreion’, and we’ve come to a relationship where we’ve left a small glimmer of hope for each other. As humans and Chimeraz.”

“. . .Is that what you meant?”

Nazar already understood what Darwin meant.

“My personal desire is for the Darwin Foundation to be revived. My greater desire is for peace between the humans and the Chimeraz. And above all, what I value the most is the long-term survival of ‘us’ all.”

“In the end, that’s a future you can only consider if the Crolr invades humanity.”


Having said his piece, Darwin checked his wristwatch again.

“So Nazar. If things really come to that, I’d like you to do what you can for yourself and your race, and I’ll do the same for me and mine.”


Nazar gave a short reply and added one more thing.

“However, if master does not wish for me to be a bridge between you and them, then this is a relationship that could be betrayed at any time. You should know that.”

“I do.”

Nazar moved his tentacles, which were restrained by machinery.

Thud. . .!

The drugs and liquid nitrogen that had been pumped into him from the machinery stopped due to the power outage. Thanks to that, Nazar was able to change the shape of his tentacles and escape from the machinery’s restraints.


However, it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to escape from the transparent hexahedron prison right away.

“By the way, Darwin. Do you know what knocked me out?”

“Hm. . . The Babylonia soldiers said that a pair of their top-of-the-line stealth war machines infiltrated your Lemegeton. I don’t know the details beyond that.”

“Did they do anything to my body?”

“They injected you with a cold drug to slow down and paralyze your cellular activity. I strongly opposed it when they said they were going to insert electrodes into your brain and dissect you, because you might commit suicide.”

“The power outage stopped the drug injection. I think I’ll be able to escape if I just have a little more time. . . But I won’t. Not because I trust you, but because you really might be a chance.”

“I couldn’t help it, because the New Ark bastards told me to do it. I’m sorry.”

“Is that disgusting artificial intelligence still monitoring you and the Darwin Foundation?”

“That’s why I said there was a power outage. . . There’s about 20 seconds left until the power comes back on. New Ark is monitoring me, so I have to end our conversation here.”

Nazar felt a sense of regret that he couldn’t explain, and he fell silent.

“I actually enjoyed it. Having a conversation with you, a Chimeraz.”

Darwin turned his back on Nazar and headed towards the tightly shut bulkhead door.

“. . .The Chimeraz are also living beings. I was foolish to treat you all as mere weapons in the past. . . I apologize again and again.”

There were about 5 seconds left now.

Nazar called out to him.



“I want to see master again. So I’ll be waiting for the right time.”

“. . .Haha. I’m just as desperate as you are, even though I’ve become a criminal wanted by the fallen Darwin Foundation. Let’s not give up on each other.”

“The Chimeraz do not give up.”

Click, click, click!

And then, bright lights came on.

Screech! Screech!

The bulkhead door opened, and two humanoids rushed in from beyond it.

“Darwin-nim. Are you alright?”

Darwin chuckled and answered, in front of Nazar.

“He’s a real tough one. No matter how I tried to persuade him, he wouldn’t budge.”

“Is that so?”

“I only found out his name. The one over there, G141, his name is Nazar. He’s third in command, after Ludwig.”

“Acknowledged. Specimen G141. I will record it.”

And Nazar closed his eyes, feeling the unclean drugs entering his body once more.

He would wait quietly, until the day came when he could serve his master again.

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