My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 55.1

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓𝟓: 𝐅𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐅𝐚𝐭𝐞 (5)

➖There are traces of artificial intelligence involved in the operation of Planet Weapon.

➖If we dig a little deeper into this, we might find something.

‘I’ll go there now.’

Kreion spread his bat-like wings with propellers. Then, Gats and the Elite escort also fired their propellers and flew after Kreion.

Gats asked while flying.

“Agele-nim, do you have some urgent business? You’ve just finished modifying the wild specimens. . . .”

“It’s very important to me.”

Kreion’s eyes seemed more intense than usual.

“May I ask what it is?”

“. . . I want to face our truth.”


Kreion entered Gnox’s room.

Without Gats, the escort, Hydra, Kreion and Gnox talked while looking at the hologram command window, just the two of them.

“Babylonia Planet Weapon. It’s a weapon that boasts a range of the galaxy by loading antimatter particle pulses onto a gravitational wave cable. You could say it’s one of the most powerful firearms humans have.”

“That’s why it hasn’t been used that often.”

“Babylonia has been used against celestial bodies or extraterrestrial forces that threaten humanity. The average number of times it’s been used is about once a year. That’s why this Planet Weapon is owned by the giant corporation, Mirnyy, but it’s under strict control and surveillance by the UNF. That’s why it can legally exist.”

Kreion read the dates when the Planet Weapon was activated one by one from the hologram window.

“So, when is the strange date you mentioned?”

“20 years ago.”

When Gnox snapped his fingers, the hologram window scrolled up, highlighting a line of records in a bright color.


“On March 1, 2600, to the Drake star system. . . . According to the history that I learned, the main force of the extraterrestrial forces that threatened humanity at that time went to the Drake star system. And the main force of the extraterrestrial forces was damaged by the Planet Weapon. This is the record of that time.”

Before the political situation between the extraterrestrial forces was established in the past, there were frequent wars. The Human Galaxy, where humans existed, was an area that many extraterrestrial forces coveted at that time.

“It’s not so strange that the main force of the extraterrestrial forces went to the Drake star system at that time.”

Gnox shook his head.

“The key is somewhere else.”

“What’s the key?”

“The reason the main force of the extraterrestrial forces went to the Drake star system was because the Lopez star administrator used his artificial human to lure them.”

‘Artificial human. . . .’

It was a major incident 20 years ago when humanity first encountered the extraterrestrial forces.

At that time, due to Lopez’s artificial human decoy operation, the main force of the extraterrestrial forces disappeared in an explosion, and he saved humanity.

“But there was hidden information here.”

Gnox added another function to the hologram keyboard. Then, only the highlighted date changed.


“What is this?”

“It’s a comment. It says that only the records in this date table are false information. It never actually happened.”

“It’s a well-known fact that the main force of the extraterrestrial forces was annihilated by the operation of the Planet Weapon 20 years ago. You’re saying it never happened?”

“It’s not that what happened at that time was caused by the operation of the Babylonia Planet Weapon. However, it’s true that the extraterrestrial forces were annihilated by the attack of the Planet Weapon, so there could be another Planet Weapon somewhere.”

They destroyed the Babylonia Planet Weapon, but there was speculation that humans had more Planet Weapons.

However, in the map of the galaxy, Babylonia was the only Planet Weapon.

“This false record is a dummy input remotely by artificial intelligence. Such hidden traces remained for 20 years.”

Kreion, who had been thinking for a while, guessed something.

“If the entity that planted false records in this Planet Weapon 20 years ago was Mirnyy’s artificial intelligence, there would be no doubt. However. . . .”

“There’s also a possibility that the artificial intelligence is from the Drake star nation or Ark.”

“Is it possible for a Planet Weapon under the thorough management of the UNF to manipulate its usage record in such a way?”

“It’s possible if Hyper Mind, the official artificial intelligence executive officer of the UNF, turns a blind eye.”

The puzzle fit together again.

“Lopez said that he used his artificial human as bait. But at that time, artificial humans were absolutely taboo. As a result, technology related to artificial humans didn’t progress much.”

“But Star Administrator Lopez used it. He perfectly deceived the extraterrestrial forces that threatened humanity using his artificial human. The whole world was deceived.”

“This means that Lopez already had that level of artificial human technology 20 years ago.”

“And the test subjects related to the Darwin Foundation’s the Chimeraz project are all based on ultra-high-tech artificial human technology. The connection has been revealed again.”

“One of those human resources waited in Babylonia and fought with Vatory.”

“Asher, who uses a special shotgun.”

“. . . And the UNF suddenly led an enormous number of fleets to the uncivilized Procyon star system. As if they had predicted that we would come to Babylonia in the Procyon star system.”

“For the UNF to move that much, the decision of the leaders is important. And the artificial intelligence executive officer, Hyper Mind, can intervene there.”

All the puzzles built on speculation fit perfectly.

It’s impossible to think that a puzzle made this well was by chance. And all the puzzles led to one potential conclusion when following the connection.

“It’s Lopez.”

“I think so too. There’s no other explanation.”

“Lopez was the mastermind, the one at the very top.”

“I think we can move on to the confirmation stage now.”

Kreion looked back and thought about it.

Himself in the dark womb, his comrades absorbed in the preliminary selection, the comrades he defeated in the coming-of-age ceremony, Chief Francis Darwin and Haber who had been his secretary, his mother’s death due to a suspicious accident, the intervention of New Ark, the Nemea fleet that had been hostile from the first encounter, the UNF’s declaration of war that seemed to fall on deaf ears.

And the following fragments of doubt. Drone Hive, dimensional passageway, Arc, Drake star nation, Babylonia Planet Weapon.

There were situations where artificial intelligence intervened in all incidents.

“If our guess is true, Lopez has been harassing me for some reason. He’s trying to kill me, destroy my race, and intended for a war to break out between the Chimeraz and humanity.”

“What should we do now. . .?”

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