My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 55.2

We’ve now reached the stage where we can be certain. So, the Chimeraz’s goal from now on has been set.

“We have no choice but to ask him directly. No, we have to kill him and pull out his brain to look into all his memories.”

That’s the way to find out the truth.


➖Yes. . . . master. . . .

‘Gather the children I’ve spread throughout the galaxy.’

A wave full of affection flowed from Ludwig.

➖. . . I will gather all the leaders. . . .

Originally, I was going to weaken the human forces as much as possible and then attack the solar system that was the hub of the dimensional passageway first. I was going to do that in the far future when I was sufficiently prepared.

However, it’s dangerous to stay still in this star system. Humans will have more Planet Weapons. If we stay like this, the planet could suddenly turn to dust by the attack of a Planet Weapon.

The more time passes, the more the children will increase and the stronger the Chimeraz will become, but it also means giving humans time to prepare.

Therefore, it’s a strategic choice to take action and clash with them right away rather than taking the risk of time passing. I decided to believe that.

And above all, I have an unpleasant feeling that all the children, including myself, are playing around in the palm of someone’s hand right now. That’s why it can’t be like this.

It seems like the key is in the brain of a certain man.

I don’t know right now whether that key will be the truth, freedom, another trial, or destruction.

Because I don’t know anything, it can’t be like this.

➖Is it finally time. . .?

‘It’s time.’

➖. . . Ah. . . . I have only dreamed of this day ever since I escaped that horrible facility. . . .

➖Now. . . . 21 leaders have responded to master’s call. . . . There are really. . . . really a lot of children in this universe. . . .

I’ll finish creating new individuals before the leaders gather. And when the gathering of leaders is over. . . .

‘We will invade the Drake star system with all our might.’

Then, I’ll see how the situation unfolds and how he reacts.


Tarantula Nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

It’s the Craclot star system where the flames of war are slowly dying down.

➖My body is getting bigger. I have more children.

Gorgo’s Star.

The Gorgo that Anima named came from the 1 million tons of subconscious protein that Kreion provided to the Aooa fleet.

Gorgo faithfully evolved on its own according to the instincts and orders inherent in it, and silently endured the abuse of the Crolr and the loneliness of being isolated from its race.

➖Where next? I want to get bigger.

In the end, Gorgo accepted Anima’s new rule and ‘devoured’ the three planets of the Craclot star system. And it absorbed the remaining two protein satellites into its body.

The sphere-shaped Gorgo, which looks like a black planet, is approaching about 4620 km in radius. Gorgo, which was originally the size of a satellite, grew to this size by devouring three planets and two protein satellites.

On the surface, which can be considered Gorgo’s skin, there are countless Chimeraz structures. Such a living world is endlessly spread over the seas and swamps of Xenotera.

The Chimeraz structures consist of egg cells, colonies, ground-to-air Organic Accelerator Cannons, giant Organic Accelerator Cannons, continent-sized propellers, and so on, and they literally seem to represent the world of the Chimeraz.

Anima, who landed on Gorgo’s skin (surface), looks up at the dark sky with her red eyes.

The Mind Repeaters recovered from the battle in the Craclot star system and various Chimeraz spacecrafts are floating in the sky as they surrender to Gorgo’s gravity.

Gorgo stores most of the gas as a solid to prevent the gas it absorbs from being lost during movement. Therefore, the atmosphere here is very thin.

So, the Chimeraz spacecrafts’ shadows float like countless clouds in the sky that’s really dark like space.

In addition, the huge tentacles that rise beyond the shadows of those spacecrafts rise like orbital towers, piercing the planet far away, filling the upper field of vision.

“Have you taken care of the Crolr’s guardian fleet?”

➖They weren’t even my match. Their fleet is being absorbed from the opposite side of the skin where you are.

Kuaaaagh. . . .

The huge tentacles connecting Gorgo’s Star and the planet make a storm-like sound.

What Gorgo is currently devouring is the capital planet of the Craclot star system.

Their capital planet is being pierced by Gorgo’s huge tentacles, and the continents pierced by the tentacles are turning black.

The remaining Crolr on the surface of the capital planet are probably being eaten by the living tissue surging like a disastrous wave, before they can even see the Chimeraz’s ground forces.

“Gorgo. I’ve been thinking.”

➖Yes, Anima.

“Instead of developing new children, what about making weapons that existing children can use?”

➖Like the firearms used by Crolr soldiers?

“I think that’s a good way. We can make symbiotic creatures like guns or swords and attach them to children like Hounz or Kabana.”

➖Then, we can strengthen the combat power of the entire race without increasing the complexity of the race’s genes.

“Good. Retrieve the Crolr’s resources as well as their technology and weapons by type. You can control a few thousand Hydras, right?”

➖If I increase the capacity of the brain inside me, it’s definitely possible.

“Then do that.”

➖I understand.

Strictly speaking, Gorgo isn’t a planet-sized creature. This is because a considerable part of what is thought to be Gorgo’s ‘body’ is resources that are separate from Gorgo’s neural tissue.

Gorgo moves around with planet-sized resources and a group, subdues the defenders of the target planet, connects the invading tentacles of cosmic scale to the target planet, and destroys and devours the planet.

During the process of devouring, it naturally only takes in necessary materials. That’s why the planets abandoned after Gorgo’s devouring become thoroughly worthless dead planets.

➖The majority of the Crolr race’s army has gone to the human galaxy, and the guardian fleet that made the remaining Crolr army swagger so arrogantly has been defeated.

➖There seems to be no force in this galaxy that can threaten you now, Anima-nim.

“We won the battle in this galaxy. Now, all that’s left is to create more leaders and fleets and conquer the remaining Crolr territories in this galaxy one by one.”

➖Then, you’ll devour the Aooa race in the Small Magellanic Cloud as well? That innocent and weak race will do well to become my flesh.

“Are you still hungry even after eating that much? Let me give you some advice. Don’t you think you won’t be able to grow any bigger because there’s a limit to your mass and gravity?”

➖I can give birth to satellites. The satellites I give birth to become planets, and those planets give birth to more satellites. Someday, beautiful spheres that started from me will float all over the universe.

“. . . That’s a great idea. Are you going to eat me later on, too?”

➖How could that happen? Kreion-nim, who created me, and Anima-nim, who took me in, are my parents, gods, and everything to me.

Anima let out a small laugh.

Gorgo asks again because she seems to be in a good mood.

➖So, Anima-nim. Can I devour the Aooa race in the Small Magellanic Cloud after the Crolr in the Large Magellanic Cloud?

“No. I made a deal with them.”

➖Wasn’t the Small Magellanic Cloud supposed to be ruled under the name of the Chimeraz?

“The Crolr oppressed and exploited many races. The fact that we were able to deal with the Crolr this time was partly due to luck that the Crolr race’s army went to the human galaxy, but it was also thanks to diplomacy with the Aooa race.”

➖I don’t understand.

“I’ll give the races that were being exploited a little bit of the territory we took from the Crolr. I’m also thinking of making deals with them, like terraforming the way they want.”

➖What does the Chimeraz gain by giving to weak races that were being exploited by the likes of the Crolr?

“Hmm. . . . It’s a bit complicated.”

➖Pardon my rudeness, but I dare say that it’s an overly merciful decision.

“It’s not mercy.”

She stated firmly.

➖If it’s not mercy, then what is it?

“The races that receive our help will voluntarily ‘pledge allegiance.’”

➖Not submission. . . . Allegiance. . . .

“I’m going to make many races pledge allegiance. With greater influence than humans. That’s the way to see further.”

New Euryales rise in the sky and cast shadows.

➖I guess I’m still a very lacking leader, seeing that I don’t understand the future you envision, Anima-nim. . . .

“You’ll understand if you watch. Let’s clean up the Crolr first. They’re the ones who will surrender only when they’re pushed to the brink of destruction.”

➖Will you spare the Crolr if they surrender?

“I’m thinking of sparing them, but only a few.”

➖But don’t you think they’ll try to fight back someday? . . . It could be a future trouble.

“No, they won’t.”

➖Yes. . .?

“There are races that have been tormented by the Crolr for centuries now. If you’re worried about future trouble, the Crolr should be the ones worried.”

➖Ah, I see.

She was inwardly worried about Kreion in the human galaxy.

‘The real army of the Crolr must be invading the human galaxy by now. . . .’

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