My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 119

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟏𝟗: 𝐒𝐮𝐧𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐕𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 (5)

The Chimeraz guards holding rifles like symbiotes fired high-powered beams and infected bullets toward the Vehlpciaarct.


The Vehlpciaarct’s entire body was whittled down as it was hit by the attacks. However, since it hadn’t received any major damage, it quickly formed an organ resembling a gun barrel and scattered a wide range of crimson-colored beams like buckshot.

I thought it was a particle weapon, but it was a physical weapon that used Vehlpciaarct members themselves as bullets.


All eight Chimeraz guards lost their heads in the blink of an eye and collapsed.


Gats was enraged at the opponent that had split his master’s upper and lower body in half. He dashed forward and fired the harpoon from his right arm.


The extremely sharp harpoon, the molecules on its tip close to one, pierced the center of the Vehlpciaarct’s body.


Then, as if it was a machine made of mud, the Vehlpciaarct absorbed the harpoon into its body. At the same time, it momentarily pulled Gats toward it with the harpoon and its tentacles.

Gats swung the pair of tentacle cutters on his back and severed the tentacle connected to the harpoon himself. Then, he increased his speed even further by emitting heat from the propulsion device on his joints.


Kreion’s upper body fell to the ground in an instant.

At that moment, Gats leaped a short distance and spread a bio-barrier in front of him. The Vehlpciaarct predicted Gats’ location and fired crimson beams at the top of the bio-barrier.


At that moment, the Vehlpciaarct must have seen Gats breaking through the bottom right corner of the bio-barrier. He had created chaos in that brief moment by changing his position.

Gats sliced at the Vehlpciaarct with the cutter on his left arm.


The Vehlpciaarct was split in two.

The severed cross-section showed intensely heated flames and clearly revealed the loss of energy within the body. He had severed the connection between the Vehlpciaarct members that made up that one body.

However, the final Vehlpciaarct’s speed of decomposition and re-integration was abnormally faster than other Vehlpciaarcts.


It released only a small piece of the area where it had been hit by Gats, the section that had made up the cross-section, and transformed into a new form.

It was the soccer ball-shaped form it had shown in space just now. Dozens of things that had changed into soccer ball shapes smaller than a fist moved as if they were ignoring Gats and headed toward Kreion, who was behind him.

Gats tried to move the bio-barrier to protect his master, whose body had yet to recover, but,


One of the soccer ball-shaped Vehlpciaarcts self-destructed behind Gats.

Thud, thud, thud. . .

The bones, flesh, internal organs, and exoskeleton that made up Gats’ body spilled out, crimson red. Then, Ludwig cried out with waves.

‘You must retreat. . .!’


Another one lunged at Drexus, who had fallen, and self-destructed.


Drexus was also crushed.

Nazar melted its tentacles on the colony floor and filled the entire space with a bio-barrier. However, how could those Vehlpciaarcts be flying with such strong power?

‘They’re passing through my bio-barrier and damaging it, Master!’

Kreion, whose half of his brain was resting, quickly regained consciousness. He didn’t die from excessive bleeding or shock.

He intuitively felt where his lower body had fallen through the sensation of the colony floor touching his skin.

He was able to find it right away. It wasn’t somewhere far away.

He used his tentacles to grab the upper body, from which intestines and blood were spilling, and what used to be the small and large intestines inside it.

Clack! Bam!

He stabbed his tentacles into the severed cross-section of his lower body that had fallen three meters away.

He pulled it toward him and reconnected it to his upper body. He propped himself up with his two hands on the ground and lifted his head while simultaneously starting the recovery process.

He tried to look inside the bio-barrier with his own eyes. It took about two seconds for this series of actions, and he calculated that it would take another 1.5 seconds before his lower and upper bodies fully connected.

However, a Vehlpciaarct broke through the bio-barrier right in front of his nose.

“. . .!”

It was the self-destructing soccer ball-shaped Vehlpciaarct that had blown the Chimeraz guards, Gats, and Drexus to smithereens. The fact that those small bodies possessed that much power, speed, and mobility meant that they must have contained a considerable amount of energy in some form.

Kreion reacted with incredible speed and moved the heavy armored bio-armor on his back.

Thud, thud, thud!

The heavily armored bio-armor, which had been opened vertically from head to lower abdomen, lunged forward like a beast.


The heavily armored bio-armor narrowly caught the Vehlpciaarct just before it could collide with Kreion’s face. It exploded at the same time it caught it.


He had barely blocked it, but he had lost the heavily armored bio-armor, and it wasn’t over yet. The Vehlpciaarcts that had broken through the bio-barrier were swarming in. At that moment, Kreion’s lower and upper bodies had just connected, and he was about to stand up on his two legs.

Before he could even straighten his waist, dozens of Vehlpciaarcts appeared inside the bio-barrier.

They exploded again.

It was at that moment that the thought flashed through Kreion’s mind like lightning.

‘I apologize for my rudeness. . .!’


Ludwig’s tail struck Kreion. The tail, made of thousands of muscle tissues, had enough power to send Kreion flying, and Ludwig instantly predicted where Kreion would hit and opened up that wall.





Kreion was thrown through several walls and out of the colony. His field of vision was facing the ground as he fell due to gravity from the middle level of the colony.

Low-flying creatures and creatures on the ground were swarming in. The number was significantly reduced compared to what was normally seen in this colony area, but there still seemed to be at least 10,000 in his current field of vision.

‘Wings. . .’

He didn’t have enough time to spread them.

Fortunately, the Xenotera that was always spread on the ground had quickly created a puddle at the point where Kreion fell.

“Cough. . .! Cough. . . Gasp. . . Hah. . .”

It was a shallow puddle, but thanks to it, he avoided serious injury. The extent of his injuries was that the bones throughout his body were cracked and his intestines, which had just been reattached, were torn again.

Clickety-clack! Clack, clack, clack!

He fixed his arms and legs that were bent in strange directions and stood up. As he did, he checked Ludwig and Nazar’s senses in the middle level of the colony, in the throne room, with waves.

‘They’re alive.’

The Vehlpciaarcts had ignored Ludwig and Nazar, even after breaking through Nazar’s bio-barrier. Luckily, the Vehlpciaarcts had already left the throne room, ignoring the two leaders.

‘But that means. . .’


A crimson beam broke through the outer wall of the middle level of the colony. Dozens of Vehlpciaarct bodies came out of it and charged toward them at a speed much faster than free fall.

Judging from the fact that he couldn’t even hear the sound of them approaching, they must have exceeded supersonic speed. He could see the surface turning red from friction with the air in that instant.

In just one minute, hundreds of them could gather around Kreion. But they didn’t intend to give him that one minute.

‘They must have used up a lot of power after breaking through Nazar’s bio-barrier once.’

Energy was not infinite. Not to mention, their small bodies were emitting explosive power beyond common sense, so he guessed that they must be almost out of energy now.

And there was no time to dodge anyway at that speed. They would fall on his head and self-destruct in two seconds.

Whoosh. . .


Kreion used up his internal resources and emitted a bio-barrier from his entire body. A single bio-barrier required more complex mental power than handling the entire Chimeraz fleet, but he had no choice. He didn’t have time to borrow the Mindrocker’s or the leaders’ mental power, and, above all, those Vehlpciaarcts had even broken through Nazar’s bio-barrier.

One second had already passed.


The bio-barrier spread out like a dark cloud over Kreion’s head, more violently than ever. Almost at the same time, the Vehlpciaarcts fell.

A flash of light erupted.

It was an intense flash of light, as if a sun had appeared and disappeared right above his head, and it was a release of energy that scattered the darkness of the bio-barrier in an instant.

. . . . . .Zeeeep!

He had blocked the self-destruction attack.


However, he couldn’t stop the Vehlpciaarcts from landing on the ground and reintegrating into a body again.

“Velpciasaraplascaravellia. . .!”

It was a language he had never heard before.


The thing that landed on the ground with mechanical tentacles, amidst the dead Xenotera, continuously uttered a strange sound.

“Velpciasaraplascaravellia. . .!”

It sounded like the screams of souls trapped inside a machine.

Kreion, who had suffered severe burns all over his body, spoke softly, dripping blood.

“. . .Now look at your form.”

“Gigigigigigigig. . .! Gugugugugig. . .! Gigugugigig. . .!”

“Now, that form is called a monster. . .”

The screaming machine created hundreds of muzzles on the front of its body and dozens of tentacle-like organs on the back of its body, spreading them out like a peac*ck.

“Gigig! Gigig!”

It was a machine, but it gave off an indescribable murderous aura. It was an unpleasant sensation that Kreion had never felt from the Vehlpciaarcts.

It was clearly a lifeless machine, so how, why, and why was it giving off such murderous intent at this particular moment?

Kreion, whose body and mind had been pushed to their limits, raised his voice.

“To us, you guys were the monsters!!!”


Hundreds of self-destructing bullets and dozens of mechanical tentacles rushed toward Kreion.

At that moment, he had a premonition of death. He couldn’t dodge or block this incoming attack. It was because his internal resources were insufficient after recovering from his injuries and spreading a very violent bio-barrier. Five seconds was not enough time here. If he only had five seconds to spare, there were countless ways he could deal with it, whether it was securing internal resources, dropping a Drop Cyst above his head, or protruding a Skeletunnel from beneath his feet.

That was why he had a premonition of death. This was nothing more than a drawn-out assassination or sniping.

‘But. . .’

At the same time, he found a single hope mixed with various grounds.

The Vehlpciaarct in front of him had used up a considerable amount of energy several times relative to its size, and it had created a body instead of self-destructing like before, even after breaking through the bio-barrier like this.

‘If I survive this, I can see the end.’

Right now, his body’s speed couldn’t keep up with his thoughts, so even if he knew it, he couldn’t avoid it. He couldn’t defend.

It was the moment that would decide between death and survival. The probability of death was higher, but he accepted and embraced this situation itself. Furthermore, if it was here, there was even the possibility of resurrection even if he died. So he could take it. He had no choice but to take it.

He made up his mind like that, and 0.1 seconds must have passed, and it seemed like mechanical tentacles and bullets were flying right up to his eyes.

It was just then.


The impact that rang out through the ground and the air made it seem like an orbital bombardment had hit.

However, when he looked through the eyes of a nearby Chimeraz, he saw that what had fallen was a single, giant tentacle.

It hadn’t fallen, it had stabbed. It had stabbed the ground between Kreion and the Vehlpciaarct.

He felt his body strangely lighten.

Shadows fell all around, and beyond the darkened sky, there was another land.

The land of another world unfolded across the entire sky. A giant tentacle, connected like an elevator from that land, had fallen in front of him and become a wall, blocking the Vehlpciaarct’s attack.

And millions of Chimeraz aircrafts seemed to be descending from that world to this one. The red eyes of the Cresecters were as numerous as the pouring starlight.

➖Gorgo’s Star has arrived!

When on earth,

How did they approach enough to cover the entire sky in that short moment? And why didn’t he, who had countless eyes in geosynchronous orbit and above, not know about it?

Amidst those rising questions, the Vehlpciaarct moved again.

Thud, thud, thud!

It ran, stomping on the ground like a metal monster. It had bypassed the giant tentacle. And as expected, it seemed to have no energy to use long-range attacks, as it rushed in with its mechanical tentacles jutting forward.

Clack, clack!

Something in the shape of a human rushed in like the wind and cut off those mechanical tentacles.

Sparks flew, and the mechanical tentacles that fell to the ground could neither decompose nor reintegrate.

➖Now! Shoot!

Her voice flowed into the wave network.

Immediately after, one of the many Euryales in the darkened sky fired an Organic Accelerator Cannon right at the ground.

‘Wait, if you fire that here at such a close range. . .’

A beam of purple plasma descended from the atmosphere, causing a thermonuclear fusion explosion, and fell right above the Vehlpciaarct’s head.

At that moment, Kreion’s vision was covered in white.


A violently exploding storm was sweeping through this area just a few steps away, beyond the white wall. However, this space seemed to be safe.

Kreion soon realized that the white wall was part of a living creature. Blood vessels could be seen on the pale color like bat wings, and following the frame of those wings with his gaze,

“You’re not late this time.”

Her face was right in front of his nose.


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