My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 118

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟏𝟖: 𝐒𝐮𝐧𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐕𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 (4)

➖How was it?

➖They really judged the Teterek. Thanks to them, the sacred pits of Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy will be able to maintain their nobility.

➖Was the Chimeraz such a powerful race?

➖They are true collective consciousness transcendents. They’re on a different level than the Ririm or the Parahtoria.

➖Wasn’t the one who judged the Teterek this time just a member of that race?

➖He was Nazar, the group’s third-ranked leader. He wasn’t someone who could be evaluated as just a leader. He had the pure curiosity and strength of a transcendent. He seemed to be trying to use us, but the result was a fair deal.

➖And the reason the Teterek ran wild this time was because the Vehlpciaarct, an old machine transcendent, intervened.

➖The Vehlpciaarct?

➖They’re said to be the dominant species in the Sculptor Dwarf Constellation.

➖To think that a transcendent species could emerge even in such a dangerous galaxy filled with the death of stars and high-energy particles, they must have pursued complete mechanization to some extent.

➖That’s probably why the Vehlpciaarct chose machine transcendence. The important thing is that they provoked the Teterek, and they might soon go to war with the Chimeraz. That’s because Nazar defeated the fleet they sent to Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy.

➖I heard the Chimeraz are the ones who support the Parahtoria. The machine transcendents won’t just stand by and watch Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy fall into the hands of a transcendent species.

➖There are also sacred pits in the Sculptor Dwarf Constellation. We should also keep an eye on the Vehlpciaarct’s movements there.

➖Why is that necessary?

➖The Vehlpciaarct has been experimenting on many stars and has shown an intention to defile the ‘sanctuaries’ as their ‘weapons.’

➖Sacred pits are not weapons!

➖Calm down.

➖The power of a sanctuary is the most fundamental act of a sacred pit and the design of the Creator. It’s unacceptable that those sanctuaries are being desecrated by machines.

➖That’s right. If the Vehlpciaarct goes to war with the Chimeraz soon, those machines will definitely try to kill the Chimeraz, even if it means desecrating the sanctuaries.

the Believer exist in many black holes in the Local Group of Galaxies.

the Believer in the Sculptor Dwarf Constellation kept an eye on the Vehlpciaarct after the deal with Nazar.

When was it?

As they were watching, the Vehlpciaarct suddenly gathered toward an old star. They were dismantling all the civilizations they had built on planets and in space and gathering.

➖The preparations for war by the machine transcendents are ruthless. At that level, they might even be able to fight humans.

➖I agree. Maybe the Chimeraz will be wiped out.

➖It would be a shame if Nazar died. Even though he’s a transcendent species, he was like a primitive being with great curiosity.

➖Isn’t it difficult to find such purity in beings who have achieved transcendence these days? Even the most powerful humans have lost that purity.

➖Even if it’s a shame that the Chimeraz are suffering, it’s not our place to get involved. This is also the providence of the cosmic races. They have no choice but to kill each other until they realize that all that fighting and competition is pointless.

➖It is truly regrettable.

➖Let’s keep watching.

the Believer watched as all the Vehlpciaarct in the Sculptor Dwarf Constellation slowly released the energy of the old star.

➖What do they gain by doing that. . . .

➖All that can be gained from war is violence and madness.

Countless Vehlpciaarct, enveloping the star system like an electron cloud, completely absorbed the energy released from the old star.

That’s how they prepared for war, even if it meant killing the star that gave birth to them.

the Believer watched with regret.

Soon after, only a pitch-black dead black dwarf star remained. The many Vehlpciaarct scattered like pollen or clouds toward the Milky Way.

The area where the star had died was empty. The only light to rely on was what the dead star 27 light-years away had emitted in the past.

The space, from which energy had almost disappeared, seemed frozen, as if everything had stopped.

➖We will track the Vehlpciaarct. Let’s leave only the minimum number of Believers here.

A few more days passed. The concept of a few days was meaningless to the Believer, though. It was a very short time for them.

the Believer left in the dead star system saw a wondrous life form approaching.

➖It’s the Chimeraz.

➖Such a large number.

➖What is that strange-looking celestial body?

➖It seems to be alive. The flow of energy and matter interacting inside it is similar to that of a living being.

➖Could a life form of that size exist?

➖The Chimeraz are the most superior transcendent life forms. It’s not impossible.

Anima’s swarm seemed to be briefly confused as they entered the coldly still area.

And around the same time, news spread among the Believer that Drexus’s swarm had clashed with the Vehlpciaarct in a triple star system in Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy.

➖I thought they all went to the Milky Way, but they sent some to Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy.

➖But they didn’t send many. It’s an attack to prevent the Chimeraz in Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy from going to the Milky Way.

Drexus suffered significant damage but managed to completely annihilate the Vehlpciaarct fleet that had attacked it.

At the time, the Believer still hadn’t shown themselves or made any contact. They kept an eye on both Drexus in Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy and the Nanozator fleet heading toward the Milky Way.

The Nanozator fleet entered the Milky Way and dispersed widely, but most of them entered a certain dark nebula.

In that dark and murky space was a red dwarf star, which was the capital of the Chimeraz.

After that, there were many incidents, such as the Chimeraz and the Vehlpciaarct engaging in fierce battles and a fleet presumed to be human appearing.

In the midst of all this, the Vehlpciaarct’s odds of winning seemed to be dwindling, and yet the Vehlpciaarct showed no sign of using black holes as weapons.

So the Believer thought.

➖It was definitely a war where one side would be annihilated. . . .

➖But there’s a reason why humans are called the progenitor race. I highly commend their efforts to forcibly stop the pointless fighting of the races.

➖That’s good. If so, neither the transcendent life forms nor the machine transcendents will die. I hope that both races will get sick of fighting because of this incident.

But then something unexpected happened.

➖Why are they suddenly leaving?

The human fleet, which had been caught up in the devastating war between the two races, suddenly withdrew.

With the powerful obstacle of humanity gone, the two races were once again determined to wipe each other out. And at some point, the Vehlpciaarct, who had become the underdog, ended up doing something they shouldn’t have.

➖I knew it. Didn’t I tell you before? Those machine transcendents are no different from the Teterek.

➖We shouldn’t think that way until we check it out for ourselves. The Teterek ignored our conversation, but the Vehlpciaarct hasn’t even had a conversation with us yet.

➖Anyway, now that we’ve confirmed it, that’s it.

➖If they know as much as I do about sacred pits, they’ll try to use sanctuaries like that in the future.

➖First, let’s enter that fake pit and check on the Vehlpciaarct. We’ll be able to communicate.


➖They appeared in front of me just before I entered the master’s territory. It was just as Nazar-nim said. Right before me inside Euryale, they really did appear as a form of light in an instant.

Kreion sighed in relief.

‘Yes. Drexus. So what are they trying to do now?’

➖They gave me some kind of explanation, but I don’t really understand. According to the Believer, they’re going to get rid of the sacred pit. . . . No, the fake black hole that the machines created as a weapon. . . . That’s how they explained it.

Kreion had recently received memories of the Believer from Nazar.

The sacred pit they were talking about was a black hole, and Creator’s Breath referred to a certain particle emitted from a black hole.

It was inferred that the sanctuary they were talking about was a habitable zone, and the sanctuary meant the area where the power of a black hole reached.

The black hole that the Vehlpciaarct had tried to spread death to the Hecartra star system with was growing in size, wielding an accretion disk that kept getting bigger.


Oval-shaped flying objects entered the black hole. In the process of entering, they became one with the accretion disk and were no longer oval-shaped.

We don’t know what the Believer are doing inside that black hole. However, as they are probably the ones who understand black holes the best in this Local Group of Galaxies, they might be able to do something.

‘They’re not trying to save us, but they can’t tolerate the situation where a black hole is being used as a weapon.’

That’s why they don’t seem to be trying to eliminate the Vehlpciaarct. They just want to prevent a situation where a single black hole is used as a weapon by the intention of an intelligent being.

‘Have all the children who approached the black hole retreat.’

The few surviving Chimeraz flying objects each turned their heads and backed away. Judging by the number, it seemed to be less than 100 fleets.

Feeling isolated and a sense of loss, since all the bio-planets and most of the Mind Repeaters had died.

Drexus moved about 40 fleets of Chimeraz flying objects to the fourth planet where Kreion was. Also, about 100 fleets that had been under the control of Ludwig, Nazar, and Berne each retreated to their own planets.

And everyone watched the scene with bated breath.

The accretion disk stopped growing.

The black hole, which kept getting bigger, also stopped growing.


In the depths unknown to the Chimeraz, in a space where even light couldn’t escape, the Believer called out to the machine transcendents.

➖Imitating sacred pits and infusing the power of it with the intention of mortals is an act of blasphemy.

➖The act of destroying a sacred pit can only be done by a sacred pit. It means that mortals like us shouldn’t misuse that power as a weapon.

➖Are you listening?

They spoke kindly in the human language, but there was no answer.

➖. . . This fake pit that you fearlessly created will be returned to a part of the universe.

Immediately after that, an astonishing change took place by the Believer. It was that the black hole, which seemed like nothing could stop it, was getting smaller and smaller.

The accretion disk, which had been wielding light, energy, and mass, gradually lost its rotation, and the roar that the black hole had been emitting also gradually faded.

Nazar, full of curiosity, looked at the information coming into his large eyes and exclaimed.

‘The black hole. . . . It seems to be evaporating.’

Nazar could sense it. It wasn’t that what made up the black hole had disappeared somewhere.

It had dispersed into some small unit that the Chimeraz couldn’t understand, not the Believer. It had slowly disintegrated and flew far away to some part of the universe.

As if the black hole that had been there just a moment ago was an illusion, it was erased at some point.

There was nothing there.

Matter, energy, heat, radio waves, waves.

It became an area of perfect emptiness with nothing.

And in the area of emptiness with nothing, various kinds of light, energy, heat, and thin gas sent by celestial bodies naturally filled it, becoming a part of the usual dark nebula.

As the roar disappeared, the entire system seemed to quiet down.

As if nothing had happened, nothing remained.

In the throne room, Ludwig’s voice broke the silence.

“We made it. . . .”

Kreion’s overworked brain was screaming for a break. Still, he was forcibly holding on to his consciousness.

This was so that he could talk to the Believer. He wanted to say at least a word of thanks, to build a foundation for a good relationship with their race, which possessed ultra-high technology.

‘Drexus. Call the Believer. I need to greet them.’


Drexus, who answered like that, sent a difficult wave after 5 seconds.

➖Th. . . . Master. . . .

‘the Believer?’

➖Definitely, the Believer who were definitely in front of me. . . .

Drexus must have been quite embarrassed at that moment.

He suddenly realized that the Believer were gone the moment the black hole disappeared.

➖They’re gone. . . . They disappeared without saying a word.


Kreion leaned his head against the throne. He closed his bloodshot eyes. His head felt like it was going to break, and his chest felt heavy with a sense of loss.

‘Do they really have no interest in anything but black holes. . . . . . . ?’

There was no black hole, no Believers, and no Vehlpciaarct. They were gone. Disappeared.

“You’ve worked hard. . . . I’ll take care of the rest for now, so you can take a break. . . .”

“I’m sorry. You must have worn yourself out controlling the children as well.”

“My brain isn’t as sophisticated as the master’s, so even if it’s a little damaged, there’s no major damage. . . . Don’t worry. . . .”

The battle at the Babylonia Planet Weapon.

The battle with the UNF fleet.

The battle at the Drake star nation.

Thinking about it, there were three such great wars that he had experienced.

However, the all-out war that he had fought with the Vehlpciaarct this time for the survival of the race was on a different level than the previous great battles.

The connection with the leaders in other star systems was cut off, three bio-planets and seven leaders died, and about 1,500 fleets and 11 colony sites of the Chimeraz died.

The wave network was broken, and two planets and one gas planet were destroyed.

Maybe that’s why, even though they were victorious, none of the Chimeraz, including Kreion, were happy.

It felt like planting the flag of victory on the ruins full of corpses.

“Deploy Mind Repeaters all over this star system and repair the huge Mind Repeaters in each colony site. We need to rebuild the wave network first. We’ll take care of the rest after that.”

“Yes. . . . Leave it to me. . . .”

“Yes. . . .”

By now, half of his brain needed to sleep.

‘If I had known that I would need this level of control over the legion, I should have created more Mindrockers instead of ground forces.’

He sighed, feeling the need for more Mindrockers.

He chose some of the slightly brain hemorrhaged parts of the right brain and left brain so that only half of the entire area would sleep.

His cerebellum, which was always awake, and the remaining half of his brain would only process the simplest commands.

A hazy mind.

He started to lose track of time and felt like he was dreaming even though he was awake.

“Gorgo sent a wave using his star. . . . Without us knowing, he had already entered the dark nebula. . . . He said that the wave-related objects were badly damaged because we didn’t answer. . . .”

Ludwig’s voice sounded like an auditory hallucination, but he was aware that this was reality.

“. . . Ludwig-nim. . . . Is the master alright?”

Looks like Nazar had come.

“. . . Half of his mind is resting. . . .”

“. . . That’s a relief. . . We’ve really overcome a great ordeal. . . .”

Drexus’ voice also rang out in the same space.

“. . . He’s really an amazing person. . . Not just because he’s our creator and we instinctively do it. . . .”

“. . . Even at the moment he accepted death, the master thought of our race. . . .”

“. . . On the other hand, I. . . was afraid of the thought that I could no longer serve the master. . . I’m ashamed that I couldn’t show what a second-in-command should be. . . .”

“. . . No. . . I’m just a reconnaissance leader. . . . At first, I was afraid of the accretion disk of that black hole, so I couldn’t properly analyze it. . . . To think that they would use such a thing as a weapon. . . .”

“. . . I didn’t really do anything either. . . It wasn’t my ability that got rid of the black hole, it was the Believer’ ability. . . .”

“. . . We’ve lost so much. . . . It seems that we’ll have to stop our aggressive activities until the power of our race returns. . . .”

“. . . Certainly. . . For the time being, we’ll have to be careful. . . We’ll have to keep quiet. . . .”

“. . . Still, the Vehlpciaarct, which was our greatest threat, has collapsed. . . Now, there’s no race that can block the path of our legion. . . .”

“. . . That’s true. . . Our race has overcome the ordeal this time too. . . and we’ll become even stronger. . . .”

“. . . Yes. . . Now it’s really. . . .”


The terrible roar directly,

At the same moment it hit his eardrums in the same space,


It felt like time had stopped.

【━Annihilator[email protected]##[email protected]!!Member???!#%】




【Eliminate.】 【Eliminate.】【Eliminate.】【Eliminate.】 【Eliminate.】 【Eliminate.】【Eliminate.】【Eliminate.】 【Eliminate.】【Eliminate.】

“Kyakgakgakgak!!!! Velpciaarappurafurapuragaraberiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!”

It was metal dust.

No, it was the Vehlpciaarct.

They recombined in the void, and with a body like a mechanical sea urchin, they stretched out their machines like tentacles and charged at near-supersonic speeds.


With just that excessively fast movement, the air inside the room exploded, and the Vehlpciaarct’s murderous mechanical tentacles flew horizontally at Kreion’s head.

“No way!”

At that moment, it seemed like Drexus threw his body to block the mechanical tentacles, but

Swish. . .

Drexus’ upper body was cut off, and Kreion’s vision turned upside down.

Thanks to Drexus, the line of sight of the mechanical tentacles was misaligned. Kreion’s waist, not his head, was cut off. So his upper body and lower body fell to the floor separately.

In that short amount of time, the heavily armored bio-armor that had been hiding behind the throne ran to Kreion, Nazar stood next to Kreion, and in front of him, Gats and the Elite Guard charged at the Vehlpciaarct, which had become a single body.

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